Monday, March 25, 2013

Couple's Flash Report! D&B @ The Barnett Ave. Superstore in San Diego (w/5 Exclusive Pics!)

Doc here with yet another terrific Couple's Flash Report, this time from the awesome D&B.  Regular readers will remember my House Call Report from their visit to 15th Avenue Adult Theater in Chicago during the holidays.
In this report, D&B made a daytime visit to San Diego's Barnett Avenue Superstore (address in the Journal's Database), to see what kind of trouble they could find or get into.
Here is their report and account of their theater experience, and 5 new exclusive pics of the gorgeous B!
Enjoy the report and new pics, kids! And remember to click the pics to ENLARGE them!
Hi Doc,
How have you been?  Good, we hope.  Here is our report from March 21st:
We showed up at the Barnett Superstore in San Diego around 10:45am and the parking lot had a decent amount of cars (maybe 10 in the front) and 3 in the back where we parked, so we had high hopes.  I was in jeans, a t-shirt, and jacket.  She was in a skirt, thigh-high stockings, a vest, a thin white top with no bra, and her sexy heels (see pics). 
B at the Barnett Ave Superstore
San Diego, CA

We walked around the store for about 30 minutes or so to peruse the outfits, costumes, toys, and party favors.  We saw one old guy walk out of the theater as we made our way around the store.  2 women, maybe mid-late 30s came in and looked around at the toys for about 10 minutes or so while they joked and were shocked at all of the anal toys.  1 older guy, maybe mid 30s or so and a bit on the heavy side had went in the theater while we and the 2 women were walking around the store.  Right as the 2 women were leaving, the guy we mentioned before came to tell the clerk that one movie was frozen and then he headed back into the theater.  We had finished up our shopping and headed into the theater not even a minute after him. 

We're not gonna bother with the theater layout since it has been described before. 
Anyway, we went into the far theater and sat in the back.  One screen was frozen (had to be the straight movie too.haha) and the other screen was playing a gay movie.  We sat there for about 5-10 minutes before moving to the other theater.  When we got to the other theater, the guy that we mentioned before was in the back (on the love seat alone for some reason) playing with himself, so we went to the middle row and sat near the wall.  B was inside while I (D) was closest to the wall.  We sat there and for some reason, this theater also had 1 straight and 1 gay movie playing.  Not to be rude or anything, but we wished at least 1 theater was playing both straight movies...or at least a lesbian movie instead of a gay one, but it wasn't the end of the world or anything.
B @ the Back of the
Barnett Avenue Superstore
Anyway, as we watched the movie as well as laughed and joked about the surprise gay gloryhole vid going on in the other theater (guys thought it was a girl sucking, but it was actually guys doing it), the guy behind us put it way and then went to look in the other theater.  Then he left the other theater to tell the clerk that the movie was still frozen on the other side.  What he didn't know was that B had really been enjoying seeing the sexy woman get fucked in the movie on our side and had pulled her tits out and she was sitting there with her legs spread wide, panties to the side, and she was rubbing her tight, wet, Asian pussy.  He caught a nice glimpse of it as he came back in and made his way to his seat.  He sat back down and instantly started jerking off again as B rubbed her pussy and moaned until she came.
The Lovely B
B then sqauted in front of me and started sucking me like there was no tomorrow.  She left her tits out and would make eye-contact every minute or so with the guy sometimes as she rubbed her tits to let him enjoy the view as well.  This went on for about 10 minutes before she turned around, lifted up her skirt, and started bouncing on my hard cock and moaning with enjoyment.  She had continued this reverse cowgirl ride for about 5 minutes before she then turned around to suck me to completion.
She continued that amazing blowjob like before and I heard the man behind me cum as she sucked me and looked into his eyes with a mouthful of my cock. I came shortly after and she swallowed it all.
We fixed our clothes a little, went to the front to get a few tissues to clean up a little more, and then made our way out of the theater.  That was about how it went.  We wished more couples (or any other people) were there, but they were probably in the arcade or something.  Either way, it was still an ok time.  Thanks for your time Doc and we'll let you know whenever we make our next trip to a theater here.
Bonus Pics!

Doc here again... many thanks to D and the sensational B for this great report, and brand new pics!  Keep up the great work!

Couple's Flash Report! March Madness at The Paris Theater in Portland with Gemini (w/A New Pic)

Doc here with an absolutely fantastic Couple's Flash Report from the awesome Gemini.

This past Friday night at Portland's legendary Paris Theatre, Gemini, along other Paris legends such as Koral and Ms. Fullswing, put on a display and show for the troops of Portlandia. It sounds like it was one of those "nights for the ages" we come across every so often within this thing of ours.

Gemini was kind enough to write a great report about the evening, and also include an exclusive new pic for us to drool over.

So kids, I suggest you sit back and soak this report in, as it's pretty fucking amazing. 

Take it away, Gemini!

March Madness at The Paris Theatre

After being absent from the Paris for some time, I received a personal invitation to join Ms. Fullswing and KC in an exciting evening.  Without much hesitation, Jordan and I decided to go.  We were thrilled when Koral texted us to say she and Sam would be joining in as well. 
The Lovely Gemini
As I prepared for the evening, I decided to forgo the usual low cut shirt, black jeans and boots for something a little more “Parisian”.   I dug deep into my lingerie drawer and pulled out a black and gold corset reserved for special occasions.  I added a black skirt, thigh high fishnets with garters, topped off with classy black high heels.    A long black overcoat was thrown on to get in and out of the theater.

We arrived at the Paris right behind Ms. Fullswing and KC, with Koral and Sam not far behind.  Everyone  headed  into the Oasis.  Within moments, the crowd of eager onlookers surrounded the rail.  I requested a pillow and towel to the general population, who responded promptly.  Koral sat next to me on the towel, with Sam on my other side.  I placed a hand on each of their thighs.  Like a kid in a candy store, I didn’t know where to put my attention.  Koral has the longest, most beautiful legs which were dressed in black thigh highs.  However, having waited for too long to wrap my lips around Sam’s cock again, I began my focus there. 

Kneeling on the pillow, I helped him out of his jeans.  Having never encountered mens’ porn underwear, I smiled at the full access they offered.  They allowed me to reach my tongue all the way to the base of his balls. I absolutely love licking the balls of a squeaky clean man.  And the look on his face is always priceless.   His cock grew in my mouth as I continued to suck.  I could have stayed there all night, but temptation was all around me.  I refocused on Koral as Sam untied her halter dress so I could lick and fondle her breasts. Sam reached over and began sucking one of mine and Koral joined in on the other.  Pure ecstasy came over me with these two devouring my ladies and I leaned my head back and moaned.  KC buried his face between Koral’s soft creamy thighs.  Sam then sat me down next to Koral and offered the same enjoyment for me.  He slid a finger, then two, into my wetness, which drove me wild. 
The Paris Theatre
Portland, OR
I could see Ms. Fullswing in front of me and again temptation could not be withheld.  I had to bury my face in her beautiful soft round breasts.  They are truly amazing.  KC laid her back on the bench for me to enjoy them as he pleased her below.   I went back to sitting by Koral.  KC came over and began to fuck her doggie style as I tried to reach her clit with my fingers, and then fondled his balls as he continued to fuck her from behind.  “Fuck her harder.”  I told him.  He began to slam into her.  “That’s it.  Now faster.  Fuck her faster.” His rhythm increased to top speed as he plowed into her, breaking into a sweat.  He then flipped her onto her back.  Somehow I ended up over the top of her as she asked to have my pussy over her face.  It was so erotic to know Korals sweet face was below me and feel her tongue struggling to taste me. 
So much of this time is a blur… I have never interacted with couples like this before.  Ms. Fullswing was on her knees sucking on Sam, and I came over to join.   We double teamed his cock, taking turns licking his balls and sucking his cock.  Then I stood up and whispered in his ear, describing what Fullswing was doing to his member.  At some point, KC laid his BBC into me as I had one high heel straight up in the air against the wall and the other being held up by an unknown hand.   Sam, Koral, KC and Fullswing all ended up on the floor intertwined in a scene of lust and sweat.  This was my time to excuse myself for some freshening up.
After cleaning up to lady-like status, I sat in the lobby with Jordan and his friend to rehydrate.  I caught a glimpse of a man who entered and walked past me into the theater doors.  Is this who I think it is?  After another minute or two, Jordan and I headed back to the theater door.  He said, “Did you see R come in?”  My face brightened as I realized that indeed one of my favorite gents had shown up. 

We entered the door and I wasted no time finding him.  I took his hand and led him into the annex, excusing the men who were huddled around in there.  They were more than welcome to watch at the rail, but I wanted to take my time pleasing R with no distractions.  We got him stripped down and laid back on the towel covered bench.  His cock is so beautiful and always so clean.  I absolutely adore teasing it with my tongue.  Just barely touching the tip then swirling down and around to his perfect balls. Back up to the head where I gently wrapped my lips around and ran my tongue over it.  I could feel it getting ultra hard. 

I began to suck and stroke him at the same time, trying to get his very large cock as deep into my throat as I could manage.  R was obviously enjoying it, but it’s possible that I was enjoying it even more.  I ran my tongue down his shaft and began sucking on his balls, still stroking his cock with my hand, then back up for full on sucking.  He looked down at me with a look of pure amazement as I could tell he was near exploding.  My pace increased as I desired to taste his cum.  He began shooting his load down my throat and on my face as I kept the rhythm steady.  Not wanting it to end, I continued to gently suck him and clean up his cock with my tongue.  It was still as hard as when we began.  I wanted to do it all over again, but I knew he would need a little recovery time.  I begrudgingly let him get up from the bench as I once again excused myself for some freshening up and hydration in the lobby with Jordan.

Returning into the theater, we found the couples heading down to the Arena Table.  Ms. Fullswing and Koral climbed up as the men circled ‘round.  Sam and KC vocalized the rules and the festivities commenced.  There was only room for two on the table, so I settled into a front row seat to view the action.  Koral took on all cummers.  Everyone knows she can never get enough of a man’s white gold.  Ms. Fullswing had a steady stream of men drilling her - knees pressed up against her chest.  I continued to take in the display as Jordan assisted with crowd control. It was essential that the ladies had enough air coming through to them.  Eventually the numbers began to dwindle as one after another satisfied man left the building.
By this time I knew I would not play any more due to a flare up with my ulcer and we left shortly after.  All and all a most memorable evening at the Paris.  Thanks to all who participated – and especially to Ray for having such a wonderful environment for fantasy fulfillment.
With wettest memories,
P.S. I am attaching a little pic of myself for anyone who may wish to view.  Not quite as daring as other gals, but something none the less.


Doc here again... I will give you a moment to gather yourselves.


Gemini, not only are you a terrific writer, you are a rock star within this thing of ours.  Thank you again for the great report and the classy yet sexy pic of the "ladies" and your corset. Keep up the fantastic work!