Wednesday, January 11, 2012

First Time At An Adult Theater - Chapter 12: Darknight

Doc here with Chapter 12 of First Time At An Adult Theater, courtesy of contributing reporter Darknight.

Enjoy the report...I did!


Well here it is Doc I finally decided to tell my first experience at an adult theatre, and it happened in the late 80s. I was on my way home from school as the instructor of my class at the college had let us out early (it was our first day of the new semester).

I'd always wanted to check out the Studio Adult Theatre on Beach Blvd in Buena Park, CA. With class getting out early, this was the perfect day. I walked in, paid the girl at the counter, and took a seat in the middle about 4 rows in. I remember there were only about 8 people in the theatre. The place seemed huge - all red seats and lit figures of adult starlets on the right and left walls.

After watching the movie for about half hour, a couple came in and sat to my right in the same row I happened to be in.  He took the aisle side, and she was on the other side of him.  She was a young blond, maybe mid to late 20s (celebrity look-a-like I'd say Jessica Simpson). She had on a beige satin type top low cut displaying nice c cups and a dark knee length business type skirt and heels. The guy had on a dark suit and tie they looked like they stopped in from work.

He first placed his hand on her leg and whispered in her ear while she watched the movie. Her eyes were glued to the screen. I could later see them kissing while his hand moved up under her skirt. At this point she slouched down in her seat and spread her legs as he raised her skirt and started playing with her pussy through the leg of her white panties.

At this point, I had a raging hard on and could not stop watching them! The guy looked over and smiled and whispered and motioned me to come over and take the seat next to her. I was now nervous but I couldn't pass up a closer look! As I sat down, she closed her eyes and and he said you can touch her (as I now noticed he was much older than her).

I placed my hand on her left leg and then moved up to her pussy. I started playing with her clit, and with her eyes closed she started moaning. At this time a couple guys came and sat in the row behind us and one guy in the row in front of us. The guy then told them to come no closer. He opened her blouse, popped her tits out, and started sucking and playing with her beautiful pink long hard nipples.  He now had his dick out and she was stroking him, and told me she wants to see my cock. So I obliged the lady of course!

After struggling to get it out of my jeans, she looked in awe at my now rigid ebony shaft, then looked at him almost for approval. He smiled and she brought her beautiful lipstick covered lips down and covered the head of my cock and started sucking and licking and stroking. I tried my best to hold back, but I couldn't and blasted a huge load in her throat that caused her to gag and choke. The guy then gave her some napkins to clean up he then had bend over the seat in front as he fucked her doggie while all the guys including me stroked and watched they finish.

They thanked me and said I was her first black guy. I  went back many times after this and ran into them again (we shared a motel as well, but that story I will share another time).

Had lots of adventures following this til the Studio Theater closed. (ed. note: It closed in December of 1999).


Doc here again... Thanks to Darknight for his terrific First Time Report.  I could not find any exterior shots of The Sudio Theater for the report other than this copy of a newspaper ad.  The theater is now a skateboard shop.

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