Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Update! The Paris Cinema in Worcester, MA from Tomkat

Doc here with an update from the long-closed Paris Cinema in downtown Worcester, MA.  Our man on the ground, senior Journal scribe Tomkat, has been covering developments with this theater as it nears the next stage of it's existence.

Here is Tomkat with the latest...


Hey Doc,

The current owners of the former Paris Cinema in Worcester are having an erection (the first one in quite some time).  Specifically, they are building this faux facade in front if the building.  I have no information about who, if anyone, bought the sign.  Just thought you'd like to know.


Paris Cinema
April 2012

Paris Cinema


Doc here again... This report from Tomkat gave your old friend with the white suit an idea.  I think we need to have an adult theater related photo contest.  Stay tuned for details...


House Call! The Good Doctor Visits 15th Avenue on Friday the 13th

Friday the 13th: 4 Hours in 3D

Doc here with a rare House Call Report… A late meeting put me in the vicinity of 15thAvenue Adult Books & Theater in Melrose Park, IL on Friday the 13th around 7pm.  After changing out of my scrubs and into my civilian gear, I drove into the lot, finding it about half full. 

Venturing into the theater, I found a gaggle of gropers congregated near the front (always a good sign).  Having never been mistaken for a basketball player, my height did not afford me a POV initially.  Eventually, I was rewarded with a visual, and I was not disappointed in the least.

Our guest of honor was about 5’5” in heels, long wavy brown hair, slender athletic body, small B’s, perfect nipples, toned legs, and wearing a sheer print nightie… She looked like a shorter mid to late 30’s Jennifer Garner (with a bit of Kate Walsh thrown in the mix). It turns out this couple ventures in from Michigan, and by the looks of things have visited a couple times before.

From 7pm until 11pm, this incredible couple explored just about every inch of what 15th Avenuehas to offer… The theater, “behind the screen door”, the private rooms inside the spa area, the shower room, the sauna, and even the locker room.  The gentleman escorting her was in control, my friends… Yes, “Jennifer” was very submissive. 

And at times, blindfolded.

Jennifer, when playing in the private rooms, had a type.  Younger guys, black or Hispanic.  The last time I looked, I’m neither black, Hispanic, nor young.  Thus, no private sexy time for The Good Doctor.

Outside the private room was a different story… At one point just outside the locker room area, Hubby said, and I quote, “Have at her boys”. Jennifer was leaning her back against hubby, while he slipped her sheer nightie off her shoulders.  Hands and mouths were soon on her firm natural boobs, and hands were soon exploring deep inside her.  She was putty in the hands of this confidant yet well behaved crowd.

Jennifer next moved down to the bench in the locker room, where she reclined length-wise… This time, she took a cock in each hand, while she was fingered to at least two intense orgasms.  Just to be fair, she took at least two rounds from the cocks she was stroking on her torso.  Luckily, they were only flesh wounds.

Jennifer also took full advantage of the shower room and the spa.  And by take advantage, I mean she was taken advantage of (with her permission).  Word had it that all 3 ports of call were in play, and I heard nothing to dispute that notion.

My favorite part of the evening played out late into their visit.  Jennifer and hubby ventured back into the theater.  They sat in the front row, relaxing and watching the movie.  It didn’t long for Jennifer to start squirming, and not before long, her nightie had slipped back down.  Hubby stood her up, and walked her to the semi-hidden side wall of the theater.  In what resembled a magic trick, her blindfold magically appeared and was placed around her eyes. 

Jennifer was bent over, and hubby fucked her from behind. Jennifer was leaning forward, cocks in each hand, and one firmly implanted in her mouth.  If theater sex wasn’t anonymous enough, this made it even more so.  She then was led back over to the seats in the theater, and the blindfold was slipped off her eyes. For the next 20 minutes, she worked on several stiff cocks, most of them erupting all over her firm boobs.

At this point, the Good Doctor needed to get back to The Park near the giant super highway, since he had an early call in the morning.  I heard after the fact they stayed for another 45 minutes, and kept playing until they left the parking lot that night.

Jennifer put on a virtuoso  performance, and couple that with the fact she was not just adult theater hot, but real world hot, made this a great night in the burbs of Chicago.


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