Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Couples Flash Report! Bambi & Thumper Hit The Fox Cinema in Vancouver (w/HOT Pics!)

Doc here with a fantastic, hot, funny, and unique report from now senior reporters here at The Journal, Bambi & Thumper.
This report on their visit to Vancouver's Fox Cinema is a good one, for a lot of reasons.  And the pics illustrating this report are top shelf!
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Hey Doc,
Just a brief report on our recent visit to the Fox Cinema (Vancouver B.C. on Main Street - address in the database). Being a Friday before New Year's Eve we did not expect much. We got there after dinner and found the place busier then most other weekend nights.

Fox Cinema
Vancouver, BC
We settled into the old and worn out seats, and the masses mobilized and Bambi was soon surrounded on all sides. We started off by kissing and she crossed her legs and hiked her skirt, always on of my favorites. The uniform of the night was new, leather skirt and brand new pumps, with the always present see through top (picture attached).
Within minutes she counted five different hands, a couple on her legs and thighs and a couple on her top. It went on like this for several minutes, and the crowd grew in numbers. I believe at one point we had at least ten zombies shuffling around us. At this time the requests started coming in, and Bambi did her best to accommodate as many as she could. One guy wanted to suck her nylon covered toes, that was a new one that's for sure.

Then things took an even stranger turn. The gentleman at her left, a volunteer knight of sorts, started barking at a guy standing behind Bambi as she was seated. It would appear that this guy was concerned that the other guy was too close to Bambi's golden locks and some of his porridge was going to get into her hair. It got very heated at one point and words were exchanged. This interloper had also upset Bambi because of the force at which he was using on her breasts. One of the highlights for Bambi was when the knight said to the other guy, and I quote "For a guy with a small dick you sure have a lot to say"!  Bambi burst out in laughter, and smiled as public sexual humiliation is a favorite of hers.

Bambi Starting Her Evening
The would be knight and the other guy got up and moved to the back of the theater and the yelling continued. We tried our best to ignore them. Soon things returned to as normal as they could be. One guy had been busy rubbing his unit on Bambi's arm, which she liked. As she was seated she reached over, and with a lot of dexterity, she started to give him a hand job. After a while she had to move her arm and began to stroke in earnest, further exciting the crowd. As his breathing started to get heavy, she began with the dirty talk. Soon it was all over the chair I was seated in. Glad I had leaned forward at that time. Then out of no where, napkins and Kleenex appeared for Bambi, a nice touch. 

Tired of all the demands and hands, we adjourned to the private balcony upstairs. One gentleman asked to join us, and Bambi agreed. I have reported on this balcony on an earlier post, describing it as a balcony is a stretch, more of an alcove of which management charges a few dollars extra to enter. The only benefit is the privacy as entry is controlled by the manager.
Bambi sat in one old chair, and our guest in another. Happy for the smaller crowd, Bambi put her warm mouth to work on my hard dick. Our guest sat and stroked. As I did not want to end the party, I pulled out and removed Bambi's bra and top. Sensing the night was almost over Bambi offered the visitor his choice, tits or legs. He took both, sucking her tits and stroking all over her legs. (pictures attached).

Once he was finished Bambi went back to me and with seconds the evening was over. I pulled out the wet wipes (of which I never forget now) and she spruced up. We went down the stairs to leave, only to have to run a gauntlet of zombies at the base of the balcony stairs, a group of which appeared to follow us out the main theater. As we walked out the interloper started to follow us. I glared at him and he quickly turned around. We then made our way back to the hotel room.

All in all, a different night with some highs and lows.


Doc here again... A huge thank you to the always entertaining Bambi and Thumper for this Couples Flash Report!  I am a big fan of their reports and pics, so it always warms The Good Doctor's heart when they pop up in his in-box.  Keep the reports coming!


Flash Video! The Red Headed Goddess Video #2 from Bob in Biloxi

Happy New Year everyone! Doc here with exactly what you need to start your 2013 on the right foot.  That is unless you want to watch another one of those crappy parades on network television.

Our good friend Bob in Biloxi submitted the mother of all BnB reports earlier this week, detailing his evening with The Red Headed Goddess at Biloxi's ABS.  Besides the pics of the glory hole encounters, he also provided a video of the RHG being banged through the glory hole. Good times!

Well, today The Good Doctor brings you part 2 of the video, in which The Red Headed Goddess is finger fucked through hole by another woman! Better times!

So kids, pour yourself a fresh Bloody Mary, and enjoy 2013's first adult theater video on The Journal.