Friday, September 13, 2013

Flash Report! Bad Ass Biker on Adult World in Pioneer, TN

Doc here with a first time report from our newest contributor here at The Journal, Bad Ass Biker.

He visited Adult World in Pioneer, TN on a recent Saturday night, and the following is his report.

Take it away, sir.



I'm a new operative. My name is Bad Ass Biker . Here is my report from Adult World in Pioneer, TN.
I went to Adult World just north of Knoxville Tn on I-75 in Pioneer , Tn. I went on a Saturday night. The theatre has under gone a change recently. The theatre and arcade area have been combined into one. I walked into the arcade as I got into the middle of the arcade there was a curtained off theatre area. The theatre was brightly lit for a theatre. Too brightly lit for my taste.

Adult World
Pioneer, TN
I was there maybe 20 mins when a saw a younger couple go into the theatre and turn and walk out very quickly. They went into an arcade booth and after a little while left.

Shortly after another middle aged couple came in went into a booth. I went in to the next to theirs. Once they knew I was watching she started playing with her pussy and titties. She kept trying to pull out the guys cock but I think he was too shy to be watched.

She put her mouth down by the gloryhole as I was watching them through and licked her lips. So I stuck my cock through the hole and she sucked me off. Over the next 30 to 45 mins I watched four other guys walk in and out of the adjacent booth. By the time they left it was almost 11:30pm and Adult World closes at midnight so I left.

All in all a good visit. However the new set up isn't as play friendly, and the theatre itself isn't play friendly at all anymore.

Your newest reporter,

Bad Ass Biker


Doc here again... Many thanks and a hearty welcome to Bad Ass Biker for his initial report.  Nicely done! Keep them coming, sir.