Friday, July 30, 2010

I-Team Report: "Tales of Nina the Bakery Slut, Part 4

Doc here with Part 4 of Tales of Nina the Bakery Slut.  When it comes to adult theater women, there is no denying that Nina is in a special class altogether.

In this chapter, it looks like Nina has made a very special friend...
We have a young lady friend who is a Nina wannabe, and has requested a trip to the Jefferson with us. Our friend is a 22 year old buxom gal that likes the same things as Nina. Of course Nina had her dressed in some of her finest sexy clothes short skirt, no panties, in this case a see through blouse, garter belt and stockings. Both girls looked very hot and very fuckable.

As usual we got a late start and didn’t get to the theater until about 2 AM. We entered the theater and the girls ran the gauntlet of horny, penis waving perverts who always lurk at the theater side of the curtain. Our friend was briefed of the usual goings on in the theater so it was no shock to her. She is a flagger on a construction crew and is not afraid to let you know if something bothers her. We sat in the couples section where she watched Nina suck off a couple of her favorites. She let me know she wanted a piece of the action so I suggested we head for the stage.
After getting comfortable on the couch on the stage the girls took out their tits spread their legs to let everyone know the no panties flag was flying. I invited two guys up and they wasted no time eating pussy and getting their dicks sucked. This went on for a couple of hours. The girls even fucked a couple of guys side by side. It was a memorable sight and a memorable night or should I say morning.
By this time it was getting late and as we were packing up to leave a lone straggler who we know came in to the theater came up and pleaded for a opportunity to eat our friends pussy before we left. I know this guy and I know he likes to eat pussy and is very good at it. I told our friend you might want to do this because the guy really knows what he is doing. She agreed and laid back down and spread her legs in a wanton way. I whispered in his ear as he prepared to do the dirty deed and warned him she is a famous squirter where she comes from. He thanked me for the warning and proceeded to perform sodomy on our friend.
He sloshed around in her beautiful pussy making her moan and howl for quite a while, finally she warned him she was about to come. He barely got his head out from between her legs when she squirted a wad of goo that would have took his head off if it was in the way. The massive wad traveled across the stage with the velocity of a shotgun blast hitting one of the penis wavers in the chest who was sitting in the front row of the stage. He thought somebody hit him with a water balloon.
Just another joyous day at the Jeff.
End of Part 4
A special thanks to "B" for the photos of the lovely Nina that accompanies this series. Part 5 is right around the corner!