Friday, October 1, 2010

Flash Report: The Hot Soccer Mom at The Summit in Warren, OH

Doc here with a flash report from a theater gang bang at The Summit Street News adult theater last weekend with the lovely Debbie.  The Good Doctor's esteemed colleague Bill (who also MC'd the event) reports from the scene.

Take it away, Bill!
Summit Street News
645 Summit St., Warren, OH
(I know the photo sucks...It's all I have)

As I entered the turn of the century hotel, I commented to my trusted bodyguard and driver Lou "This is quite the place." Lou nodded in agreement.Because of my position as Don of the most powerful gang bang group in Ohio, I rarely travel without Lou...A ruggedly handsome man. The bulge in his pants almost matches the bulge under his tailored jacket. Controlling this much of the gang bang trade makes you a marked man.

Debbie's Look-a-Like, Laura Dern
 Soon we where greeted by the guest of honor's husband, Larry.We exchanged pleasantries as he escorted us to the room. As I entered the room I was greeted by a hot soccer mom-type named Debbie. A stunning Laura Dern look-alike, she was dressed in a short leather mini, black "fuck me!" pumps, black thigh highs, and a see thru top. As we kissed the first words out of her mouth were "GANGBANG ME!!!!!". How could I refuse an offer like that?

After we had a drink or two and chatted, it was time to head to the theater. We soon arrived at the theater, and I was greeted by my consigliere, the lovely Stef. A statuesque 6 FT blonde,  she can only be described as a women that every other woman wants to be, and a woman every man wants to be with. Despite suffering a horrible injury the night before protecting the outfit's interests on the streets, she knew she couldn't stand up the boss.Some day a Discovery Channel investigation will be running a week long series on her.I'm just glad Gotti and Escobar are dead.They would surely be trying to lure her away from me.

As we entered the theater, I was greeted by a dozen or so soliders eagerly awaiting our arrival. The owner soon escorted our gang to the new private theater, built for dignitaries like us. NO mixing with the common folks.VIP's deserve the best.

After the group got settled on the couches ,I took hot soccer mom Debbie to the center of the room and stripped her down to her thigh highs and pumps. It didn't take long for an incredible gang bang to go down... Myself and the guys enjoyed Debbie's pretty mouth and tight milf pussy for two and a half hours. This beautiful soccer mom was insatiable and we did our best to cover her soccer mom's face in cum.You rarely get a women this beautiful and this willing. She did a wild circle suck and was fucked in countless ways. a truly hot GANGBANG! Debbie loved it so much that she's scheduled another gang bang with even more soldiers for an upcoming Saturday night.

Doc here again... Thanks again to Bill, who is in fact the "The Godfather" of NE Ohio gang bangs.  If you wish to contact him, just e-mail The Good Doctor and I will give him your info.The focal point of "this thing of our's" in Bill's backyard is The Summit.  Word out of Youngstown is that The Foster Theater is hitting rough times unfortunately, thus the new focus on The Summit.

Have a report of your own you would like to see on the pages of The Journal?  Please e-mail me at  I will edit, format, and drop in photos if you'd like.  It's easy... Trust me, I'm a Dr.