Sunday, February 20, 2011

House Call: 15th Ave Adult Books and Theater in Melrose Park, IL on 2/18/10

Doc here with an interesting House Call Report from this past Friday evening.  The Good Doctor needed to cleanse his pallet after an awful week at The Practice, and what better way than to make the long drive to Melrose Park, IL from The Valley (near the small women's liberal arts college).  The stage was set for a good evening: A full moon, a spring thaw in full effect, and no competing adult oriented events or parties to the best of my knowledge.

What I didn't know at that time that at even the hottest adult theater locations across the country (that I had some intel on), it was to be a slow night.  Portland: Slow. Gary: Slow. Atlanta: Slow.

15th Avenue Adult Books and Theater
2125 N. 15th Ave, Melrose Park, IL

The evening started at 15th Avenue Adult Books and Theater (& Spa) painfully slow as well, and a bit confusing to boot.  As I pulled the Lizardo 3000 into the discreet rear parking lot of 15th Ave., the lot was 3/4 full.  A good sign normally. As I walking through the lot towards the entrance, what may have been either a) a single woman, b) an very un-flamboyant x-dresser, or c) a very effeminate dude walked past me.  I just couldn't tell what team this person played for.  Could have gone either of 3 ways. 

The Good Doctor paid his $30 bucks for both the theater and spa (cost is $20 for theater alone), and began his first inspection.  Theater had 3 guys in there (a bad sign, no matter where you are in this thing of ours'.  Next stop was the video booth area, which has a generous open space on the right side.  Sausage fest.  I traveled into the spa area, and it was nearly empty.  It was 9:30, and we were in prime time here at what may be the best adult theater, abs, and spa facility in the country, and not a creature was stirring, not even "The Farmer's Daughter".

It wasn't until 10:45pm (I had my reporters notepad with me to document the events) when couple #1 (of 3 total this night) arrived.  The guy looked like Steve Wilkos of "Jerry Springer Show" fame, but you probably don't care about him.  Who you should care about was his woman friend.

Quick aside here... The most frequent criticism I get privately in regard to The Journal is that I glorify the looks of the adult theater women I come across in my travels.  It's in my nature, ladies and gentlemen... I'm a Dr. half-full kind of guy.  When I come across women in an adult theater environment, I'm already a fan. I will point out their best features, and run with them when composing a report.  I use the tried and true celebrity look-a-like formula originated by my good friend and colleague Brent from Portland in my reports. My job here is to take you to the scene, and make you feel part of it.  Not become Mr. Blackwell.

The real Drea DeMatteo

OK, back to SW's woman friend... At first blush, when the couple first arrived inside the theater, I gave them 5 minutes tops before she had enough.  Based on her wide-eyed looks around the theater (and later the video booth area and spa), it had to be her first time there.
This girl was maybe late 20's or early 30's tops... Picture a shorter, blonder Drea DeMatteo from The Sopranos, long wavy hair, tight jeans, and a pair of leopard print pumps.  She was layered up, and it was difficult to see her body.
For now.

15 Minutes after they arrived, they got up and headed back to the video booth area for a look-see.  If the light of a darkened adult theater, unless you have a hump on your back or a gamy arm, you will probably look decent.  But get that person into the light of the real world, opinions may change in a hurry.

This was not the case with "Drea".  As good as she looked in the theater, she was even better looking in the light.  My gut instinct (and I have quite the gut) told me they would probably head for the hills shortly.  She was clinging onto "SW" in a big way, giggling nervously.

Not being a big one to lurk, I headed back to the theater.  As I entered the theater, I could tell that someone was behind me, so being the good Italian boy that I am, I held the door.  Grabbing the door from me was the female half of another couple who just popped into 15th Ave. The evening was starting to finally shape up.
The real Mimi Rogers

Couple #2 was comprised of an older guy (picture the dad in "ALF"), and his lady friend (who did not look like ALF).  Her celebrity look-a-like was a bit more difficult to pin down, but I'd say she was in the Mimi Rogers area code.  About 5'4" in heels, long straight dark hair, and a mischievous smile that I caught a glimpse of when I held the door for her.  This woman was adult theater material (she had the "look" if you will). They settled into their seats in the couples section, and I was across the aisle in the cat bird's seat. She was at ease it this environment, and she was enjoying the eyes of the other men mentally undressing her. 

A few minutes later, SW and "Drea" re-entered the theater, and took a pair of seats in the row in front of Couple #2.  This is when things got interesting...

"Mimi" had unbuttoned her top, and exposed a pair a full C's to the masses.  She was slowly rubbing and caressing them along with help from "AD".  Drea took notice of the show going on behind her, and was starting to feel playful herself.  Mimi had eventually removed her top entirely, and one by one the penis gallery moved up to the edge of the couples area for a better view. 

Mimi's breasts were all sorts of awesome...Small hard nipples on her full C's.  She was also dipping her fingers inside her jeans during her exhibition.  While this was happening, Drea peeled off her sweater and was just now wearing a very light white top. She reached inside and performed the bra removal trick while keeping her flimsy top in place.  She looked back often as Mimi was now in full masturbation mode, grinding her hips into her hand.  Drea was now leaning way back in her chair, almost to the point of being horizontal.  SW reached over a few times and pulled up Drea's top, exposing a perfect set of enhanced yet smallish breast for the boys to gaze at. 

We were now at the tipping point.  Would the two couples somehow merge?  Would Drea or Mimi play with the troops?

Neither I'm afraid.  But what we did get was Mimi, totally nude, with the exception of some very nice black heels.  She was leaning back while AD was talking dirty to her and fingering her very wet and swollen pussy.  Luckily, it seemed that tonight was "Free Flashlight Night" at the 15th Avenue Ballpark.  Flashlights were out from 2 different angles, giving a great view of Mimi's wet pussy being finger fucked, her hard clit being stroked, and her breasts being rubbed and squeezed.  After 2 or 3 orgasms, Mimi (by that point Drea and SW were gone) was done and getting dressed.  The view I had of Mimi, naked with the exception of the black heels and her navel piercing, masturbating for us was an awfully nice one.

It was getting late at this point, and The Good Doctor had an appointment early in the morning.  Soon after leaving 15th Avenue and heading back in the direction of The Valley, my smartphone binged at me.  You guessed it...Another couple had arrived within 10 minutes of my departure.   The drag chute was deployed on the Lizardo 3000 and I was soon pointed back in the direction of 15th Avenue. 

I discovered Couple #3 to be a Hispanic couple, with him older than her.  She was a small BBW, and she was nestled in her guys arms when I got back to the theater.  Within a few minutes, they got up and went to the video area.  Booth play?  Spa play?

Neither...They were getting their game plan straight. 

They ended up going into the spa area, and they got their own private room.  15th Avenue has 6 private rooms in the spa area, that can provide a) as much privacy as they would want, or b) a controlled public experience. 

If you had "b", you would be correct.

15th Avenue
Private rooms in Spa area

The door to their private room was cracked open, and the guy in front of me opened it slowly revealing this brunette haired BBW on her knees loudly sucking the cock of her guy.  The slurps and sucks were very coming fast and furious at this point, and the guy in front moved alongside her. What ensued has the equivalent of cramming as many people into a phone booth as you can. 

Our brunette senorita (who was wearing some nice black lingerie) ended up stroking a hard cock that was next to her while she was still sucking her guy.  She then moved over to the other guy, had him put on a condom, and started aggressively sucking his cock. Her guy then moved behind her and started to fuck his best girl.  She was on fire, since while she was originally sucking her guy's cock, she was being tongue lashed from behind. 

A Robert DeNiro-looking guy then moved up on the other side of the couple, which got the attention of the senorita.  She then began stroking his cock while keeping busy with her guy's dick.  At one point she reached over and began sucking RDN's cock (sans condom) in a similar loud and enthusiastic way.  Within a minute or so of this attention, he came as well.

This repeated itself a few more times until  the temperature in the room was hotter than the nearby wet sauna in the spa area.  The couple was spent, and The Good Doctor was done being squished in the crowd.  Exit stage right.

So, what was looking to be a Hindenburg of an evening ended up being pretty good.  A brunette exhibitionist, a pretty blonde, and a curvy senorita (sounds like the beginning of a joke) threw us a life jacket on Free Flashlight Night.