Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Flash Report! The Lido Adult Theater by Tom Austin

Doc here with a report originally posted on the Adult Theater Play Yahoo Group, and reposted here by request of it's author, Tom Austin.

The subject here is one of the Good Doctor's favorite adult theaters: The Lido Theater in Dallas.  This place has it all... Exceptionally clean, two theaters, couple's nights Thursday through Saturday, clean restrooms, and two nicely appointed lounges upstairs with the main theater.

Here is Tom's report...


I stopped by the Lido Adult Theater late Saturday afternoon (3/26). This long-time Dallas favorite has two screens - one showing straight videos upstairs and a smaller theater showing gay videos downstairs. And on Saturday nights, the upstairs theater is reserved for couples only (unless an Alexander Hamilton convinces the security guard to let you pass - that's another story.)

The Lido Adult Theater
7035 John W. Carpenter Freeway, Dallas
 Rather than heading upstairs and getting booted out in less than an hour, I decided to check on the gay movie room downstairs, specifically to see if what I experienced a few months ago might happen again. It seems that some bi couples like to stop by the downstairs room to start their night before heading up the stairs later to party with other couples. And this is exactly what I found again last Saturday about 6pm.

A beautiful afro-American couple walked into the gay theater and proceeded to sit on row-2 against the far wall, except for a single seat that they left open next to the wall. The woman was an ebony goddess - voluptuous body with natural 44's and a big booty to match. Beautiful face, lips, firm legs, and outfitted in a slutty dress that left little to the imagination.

After taking their seats (joined by only four of us in the back), the guy started playing with her top, and eventually freed her breasts for his enjoyment. Like most experienced guys on the DL, I always observe the rule that a single guy should not interrupt their fun unless invited, however subtle, by the couple.
After about 10 minutes of noisy tit play, the guy started looking at the back of the room; I decided to make my move and walk towards the couple, knowing that I could always walk by them and exit stage right for a soft drink, if ignored by the couple. As I approached their action, the lady turned her head and looked right into my eyes and smiled, knowing that I was seeing her large, brown breasts and long nipples at their best. This was the invitation I was hoping.

I took the vacant seat next to her and touched her beautiful left tit, which I quickly determined has not received the same attention from her man as her right tit. I decided to make up for lost time and soon was licking and sucking her magnificent left breast just as her man was devouring her right one. Soon my idle hand found her pussy and proceeded to finger her clit while the two of us made love to her bosom.
Soon I felt his hand lightly caressing my cock white I occupied myself with her charms, and then I understood - I was the warm-up act, designed to get them both hot before they headed upstairs for more extensive couples-only play. I gave her orgasm #1 for the night, and then she held me close to her bosom while her man jacked me off. I guess all the other guys in back were really gay, because they never attempted to join or watch.

I eventually blasted my seed on the floor and hadn't even stopped panting from their applied pleasure when they both got up and headed out the door, never looking back.


Doc here again... Thanks Tom for the excellent report from The Lido.  Hopefully this report will be the first of many from Tom.

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