Friday, February 22, 2013

Art Cinema Event Report #6: M&S Check In From The Top Row (w/PICS)

Doc here with Report #6 from The Art Cinema's Valentines Event from last Saturday, 2/16.

This report is from the couple that wetted The Good Doctor's appetite about The Art Cinema, M&S. On top of being good friends with me, they are a great couple. Fun, energetic, sexy,

So without any further delay, here is M&S and their report!

Hi Doc,

Greetings everyone from the greatest adult theater in the land - The Art Cinema in Hartford.

First of all the wife and I want to thank Ernie, his staff and of course, Doc and Ernie for out-doing themselves on putting together the Valentines Event. Never could we imagine 27 couples in the balcony and 3 couples downstairs with the 30+ or more single guys.

We arrived at 6:30, paid our admission, chatted with Tosh who said there was already 4 couples in the balcony and said Ernie and Doc were still at dinner but would be back soon. We told him we would be back down to greet them but wanted to go get our favorite seats in the balcony.

The Real "S"
Being that "S" was wearing a dress that was split all the way to her ass cheeks on both sides I was able to play with her already wet pussy as soon as we sat down. A little after 7 we went back down to the lobby to see Ernie, Doc, and numerous other arriving for an evening of fun and antics.

After a bit we headed back to the balcony, and in no time it seemed the balcony was pretty full and the blowjobs and fucking had started. We had been e-mailed by 4-5 couples asking about The Art and said they would be coming to the Event, and in fact we did meet some great people. Joe and his very hot blonde lady who when she squirts you need a life jacket, J & D, a very HOT young curvy brunette who loves more than one cock and her hubby, Sam & Dee, and of course Sweet Temptation, who was making more noise than the movie from the main floor LOL.

Watching as J was sucking D's cock as another guy was fingering her then fucked her - damn she is hot! All the while I was feeding "S" cock in both ends. Damn she looked good in that pink and white!

At one point "S" and I went down to the main floor to watch the action close up, and the guys were telling "S" how hot she looked which only gave me a hard on, so back upstairs we went to use it.

Around 10 or so we took a break and went to the lounge area and ran into J&D again. As we sat and chatted, Doc and the guy who was fucking "J" early and his lady also joined us. After a while we went back to the balcony for more fun. About 11 we wanted to say our good byes to J&D, .

I apologize to "S's" admirers, but only got 2 pics of her Saturday night. Was kinda busy, but feel free Doc to add more if you like from our previous visits. Looking forward to your next visit Doc. And to Ernie like I said you run one fine establishment, & hats off to you.

Doc, I read your posts about The Art, and can't wait for the rest of the stories from other folks that were there.



Doc here again... Many, many thanks to M&S for a great recap of the monkey business happening at The Art Cinema on Saturday night.  "S" looked great as always! I will be talking to you soon, kids!


Flash Report! Jay @ Horse Cave, KY

Doc here with a terrific Flash Report from senior reporter Jay. His port of call for this report is Horse Cave, KY.
Sit back and enjoy, folks!
I arrived Sat night at 930 PM. The two adjacent parking lot had 25 cars, trucks & semis. I walked in paid my $20 and went right into the larger theater (60 odd seats). It was empty. I went back to the smaller theater (20 odd seats) and came across a 40ish couple fucking with her riding him cowboy style. They were not really giving a show nor did they invite audience participation. 15 of us watched them until they were done. They spent the next hour bouncing between the hallway where the booths were and the large theater then they left. My impression was that they were there to meet someone who didn't show up. They definitely missed a good time with a sexy lady.

At 11 PM another couple came in. She was 20 ish , plaid skirt black top, shoulder length black hair and glasses. She had the college coed look to her. Her husband was senior in age to her. After 30 minutes or so to get in the mood she gave hubby a blowjob, with us watching. After a few minutes hands start exploring her ass and she showed and enjoyed it. She rode hubby reverse cowgirl  and gave some head to a couple of guys. At this point she stated she was 28 and innocent. She certainly had the age and innocent look down pat.  
After she un-mounted hubby, she invited guys with condoms to fuck her. Four guys fucked her in the large theater with her kneeling on the couch taking them doggy style. After a short cigarette break, she and hubby started playing again in the small theater. She invited another guy to fuck her and after a longer cigarette break they went back to the large theater where she blew several guys in a group frenzy.  About 1 AM they left with her waving goodbye to use. 
I left at 2 AM and no other couples had come in. Weather on Friday night in the area was snow and ice and that might have discouraged more players from coming out. My next night time foray there will probably be 16 Feb, where hopefully more then a few couples will have their raunchy celebrations.
Weather permitting.
Thanks Jay for a great!