Monday, January 28, 2013

Couple's Flash Report! The Bayou Boudreaux at Biloxi's Gulf Coast Theater (w/19 PICS!)

Doc here with another fantastic Couple's Flash report from that southern rascal, The Bayou Boudreaux. His latest visit to Biloxi's Gulf Coast Theater sounds like it was wild, and you have a front row seat.
If you like your reports with filthy detail and tons of pics from the actual event, you are in luck.  This report has both in spades.
Good Morning Doctor,
As promised, I took the lil slut to the Adult Theater in Biloxi, MS Saturday night.  We arrived, the parking lot was overflowing into neighboring business.  It was a good sign the lil slut was going to get a belly full of cum and a nice workout!

As usual, we entered and found a place to sit.  It wasn’t where we wanted so we watched some of the movie until ‘our spot’ became available.  It is interesting to watch the people preposition themselves for either a good view or to get in line quickly once the action starts.  And any regular there knows that it isn’t long before the lil slut begins her tasks of taking all the cum she can. 
Gulf Coast Adult Theater
Biloxi, MS

Once settled in I began to play with the lil sluts cunt and it was getting a bit wet.  A gentleman you may know Doc, The Oral Reporter, asked if he could taste the lil sluts pussy.  Well, who am I to deny a gentleman his nourishment!  Oral Reporter dove into that pussy like he hadn’t eaten in days.  And from the reaction of lil slut, the moans and hip twitching, I’d say he was doing a great job.  Lil slut, being the cum eater she is, started reaching for cock and there were plenty to oblige.  OR was eating her cunt, she had one cock in her mouth and was reaching for another.  It looked like the Oral Reporter wasn’t the only hungry person there.  Lil slut took one load, gulped it down.  She was stood up, spun around and getting fucked from behind, a cock in her mouth.  I could hear muffled groans as the guy behind her pounded her cunt.  He came, pulled out and another took his place.  The cock in her mouth fed her the sticky goo lil slut loves to eat. 

Lil slut sat back down and the cocks lined up, one after another lil slut milked them of there seed and gulped every bit down.  One heavy set gentleman spewed such a large load, even lil sluts trained gulp didn’t contain all his cum, what a wonderful sight!  He actually came back two other times and she sucked his cock and took his gooey donate like the greedy lil slut she is.  She said his is a double cummer, he would cum a heavy load, keep fucking her mouth and about a minute later shoot another large load down her slut throat.  Between blowjobs from this gentleman, he got a friend with a nice size cock and brought him to the theater.  He fed the lil slut cock, spun her around and banged her cunt from behind, before spinning her back around, laying her back and power fucking her until he came.
The line continued for about 2 hours, lil slut taking gooey load after load, sucking the cum out of all cocks that wanted it. 

Like usual, one most of the cocks were satisfied, the action slowed way down.  Lil slut and I watched some of the movie and an occasional cock would wonder up, little slut would milk the cum from his nutsack and continue on.

We were about to leave, actually getting a little bored since she had taken care of all the cock in the theater, when a couple came in.  Doc, let me tell you, she was a hottie, a blonde bombshell.  Great tits, nice sexy ass and a great set of legs, pure eye candy!  Well, it appeared she was quite the shy type, I mean her man sat down beside lil slut, she wiggled that sexy blonde bombshell ass between lil slut and her man, and she was on his cock in no time at all!  I was quite impressed and pleased.  And Doc, it just got better, lil slut and blonde bombshell started working her man’s cock. 
After a few minutes, blonde bombshell sat up, leaned back towards me, I grabbed a handful of those sweet tits and it was on!  She sucked my cock, lil slut was riding her man and we were all just having a great time.  I dropped a hand to blonde bombshell’s pussy and it was soaked.  I had to have some of that!  She mounted me and we rocked together for a bit before I want more.  I spun her around, took her from behind and she worked my cock with her pussy like there was no tomorrow.  I shot my load deep inside her and looked to lil slut, cleanup time. 
 Lil slut, just climbing off the cock she was riding dove between blonde bombshell’s legs and worked her pussy over.  From the sounds she did a great pussy cleaning job.  Lil slut laid back and blonde bombshell went to work on her pussy, then we showed them the mini vibrator lil slut keeps in her slut purse.  They had fun with that, lil slut laid back over blonde bombshell’s man, they were both working her pussy over.  Blonde bombshell took another cock from behind, sucked a couple of cocks, and may I say, she is quite the cock sucker, and the fun continued. 
All of a sudden, the lights flashed and it was closing time!  Where the heck did the time go?  I don’t know, but we had a great time, met a really cool couple and we’re already talking about our next trip.

Doc, if I may take a minute of your time.
This was blonde bombshell’s first time to actually play, and there were a couple of fairly ‘aggressive’ guys.  It was a real turnoff for her.  She was not against pleasing them but there were just too aggressive.  Luckily that was handled.

One other thing Doc.  Lil slut was sucking a guys cock, his phone rang and he took the call!!!  Well, needless to say, he was booted to the back of the line.  If your life is so busy you can’t silence your phone during a blow job, don’t get in line.
Over all, with the exception of a few, the Biloxi Adult Theater is a great place, the regulars try to help when some get overly aggressive and it is overall a very friendly, accepting atmosphere.

This is Bayou Boudreaux signing out, until next time Doc!
Photo Gallery (click the thumbnails to ENLARGE the pics)

Doc here again... Many thanks to The Bayou Boudreaux for another terrific report and the accompanying pics from the event!  Keep up the great work, sir!