Thursday, December 6, 2012

UPDATED! Breaking News! The Forum Theater Bites The Dust in Philly

Doc here with breaking news... Philly's Forum adult theater on Market Street closed this week without warning.

Thursday evening I promised you more information on the closing.  Being a man of my word, please find following a link to a full story at regarding the closing, and what the future use may be for this former adult theater.

The Forum Theater - 2010
The Forum Theater - December 2012

RIP Forum Theater... We hardly knew ye...

Flash Report! CK on Call Hits The Midwest Fantasy Adventures Party

Doc here with a party report from senior reporter, CK On Call.  I think I need to get to one of these partys!

Take it away, CK...


What's up Doc,

I went to my third MFA party Sat night.  The second party I attended in November wasn't as hot as the first one.  So I didn't send you a report.  Of  the 5 women at November, only 2 were head turners. 

Well, they returned Saturday night:  1.  insatiable petite spinner in her late 40's, no holds barred and a squirter.   2. late 30's petite Asian.  the others:   3. mid 30's thin blonde MILF attending her first gang bang.  4. proportioned mid 40's BBW with huge monster tits, also a squirter.   5. late 20s with monster tits   And an assortment of 30 guys, of all shape, sizes and colors.
Picture a water fountain, that's how the petite spinner squirts. She left a puddle on the protective sheet placed under her LOL   Of all 5 women, she's the one that plays and cums the most, She could probably take on all 30 guys on her own. 

The newbie MILF came so much, she could barely walk afterwards. She had lots of screaming O's  She took breaks to recharge. She finally threw in the towel, when she came so hard, she got emotional and started crying.  MILF had to be helped out of the play area. (I thought I had seen it all.)

The Asian chick can also handle alot of cock, but she take more breaks.  It was an amazing 4hrs of fun with these incredible women.
Insatiable spinner, the newbie MILF and monster tits are returning for the Jan party.  

As am I.



Doc here again... Thanks to CK On Call for his wet and wild report.  Keep up the great work, sir.


Couple's Flash Report! M&S @ The Art Cinema in Hartford

Doc here with a nice Couple's Flash Report from our good friends, M&S.  As usual, they visited Hartford's awesome Art Cinema, and had some fun in it's couple's balcony.

Also included are a few pics of the lovely S!

Take it away, M&S!


Hi Doc,

M&S coming to you from chilly New England.We went to the Art Cinema last Saurday night the 1st. As we entered the theater about 7:30pm, there was a nice looking couple looking at the posters. We paid our admission and asked if any couples were in the balcony yet,the counter guy said he believed 2 couples were up there. So up we went...

The Art Cinema
Hartford, CT
When we got up there, we found 1 couple sitting under the lights and 1 couple in the lower dark seats.The couple under the lights we recognized,he is a regular that sometimes hangs out front at the counter until a couple enters the lower theater area then he joins the wolfpack or as last night brings his wife upstairs. Neither get undressed, she blows him a little, he plays with her tits and maybe fingers her, not much to watch. She is very cute but he is more interested in the other folks.

As the night progressed we realized the poster couple had left the building.We took our usual seats way back up under the lights, S stripped down to her famous crotchless fishnet bodysuit and I got naked. She got busy sucking my cock as a couple more couples entered the balcony and went down into the dark seats. This seemed to be the plan for all the couples that came up to the balcony on Sat.

During the night 7-8 couples came and played, and we saw lots of sucking and fucking but all in the shadows. Around 8:30-9pm the regular guy (R & his wife) left the balcony. Soon after one of the couples from the dark seat came up under the lights,she was a very hot curvy, I believe Latino girl,with huge tits and a to die for nice round ass.She sucked his cock for a while then they both got naked from the waist down and she mounted his cock facing him.

About 10 pm we decided no more action was going to happen under the lights so we got dressed and went down stairs and bid farewell to Tosh.We are planning our next visit on 22 or 29 Dec. Sorry no pics from Sat. but here is a few of S waiting for Santa,lol.

Hope you and all your readers had a Great Thanksgiving and a Merry Christmas.



Doc here again... Many thanks to M&S for another great report from under the lights in Hartford's Art Cinema.  Great job guys!