Monday, August 5, 2013

Couple's Flash Report! Moaning Lisa @ 15th Ave Adult Theater & Spa in Chicago on Saturday 8/3

Doc here with a treat... For the first time in a very long time, my good friend Moaning Lisa is back with an outstanding Couple's Flash Report.  Lisa and her hubby ventured out to 15th Avenue Adult Theater & Spa in Chicago's western burbs, and ran into quite the scene.
However, in true Moaning Lisa style, she was the catalyst to get things really rocking and rolling in the theater and behind the screen.  And you have no idea how much I would have loved to been there!
Those of you that have never seen Moaning Lisa in action are missing out on something very special. Don't let her innocent looks deceive you!
Here we go with the very naughty Moaning Lisa and her great report.
Dear Doc,
Just dropping in for a quickie (report, that is)...
My hubby and I spent some time at the local hookah lounge, and decided to swing by 15th Avenue to see what was cooking.  It was midnight when we arrived, and the lot was full.  We had received several messages that couples were in the house.  It has been a while since we were there, so it was really nice to see the smiling faces of the front desk staff.
15th Avenue Adult Theater & Spa
Melrose Park, IL
After we stashed our belongings, we headed to the theater. There were 6 couples in the "couples section", and another couple further down front.  A few of the couples were fondling and groping one another, as the two couples behind us enjoyed some very noisy blowjobs. 
Between the noises behind me and the double penetration film on the big screen, I could feel myself getting juicy.  I slid my hand up my denim skirt, and began to rub my clit.  I pulled my shirt down so I could pinch my nipples.  By now there  were about 15 single men standing around watching.  I put my foot up on the chair in front of me, and brought myself to a strong, loud orgasm (yes, I know you're shocked, Doc). 
The couple immediately behind us seemed very turned on and inspired by my performance.  She was a tan, vivacious redhead with large pendulous breasts.  "Red" began sucking some of the many hard cocks that were available to her.  It was quickly decided that this party should be moved to the room behind the screen.
Theater Entrance
15th Avenue Adult Theater
Red was on all fours on the padded table (which is new and AWESOME).  A handsome man was pounding her from behind as she engulfed several different cocks in her mouth.  She was enjoying this indulgence immensely. Her partner motioned for me to come closer, so I maneuvered myself through the throng. I laid down on the table, positioning my mouth under those gorgeous breasts, to increase her pleasure.  She laughed as she warned me that the men were told to spray her with cum, so I may want to stay out of the line of fire!  I reassured Red that I was just fine where I was... with my face buried happily in her incredibly soft breasts.
After that beautiful hard cock came inside her, I moved so she could relax.  Red started sucking more hard cocks, allowing them to cum all over her pretty face.  She was smiling as she took more and more.  I repositioned myself, so I could finger her pussy.  She was soft and wet, and I stroked her G-spot with my fingers.  Red's partner, a tall good looking black man slid his hand under my skirt and began to finger my pussy.  First two fingers, then three... and I knew what was about to unfold... the dam opened and the juices began to flow like a river.  Down my legs, onto my shoes...I couldn't stop it if I wanted to.  Red's partner announced loudly that he LOVED girls that squirt- and from the look of his rock hard dick, he was truthful.
He eased his cock into me from behind, as Red now sucked my nipples, and about 10 men (including my husband) watched as I was taken throughly and expertly from behind.   I moaned with every deep thrust, and soon Red's guy came deep inside me.  It was closing time, and I was lucky enough to leave the building with a very satisfied smile on my face.  We exchanged  phone numbers, and agreed we would meet again at 15th for more sexy adventures.  It was a  very intense, unexpected and pleasurable night with our new playmates.  Can't wait to see them again!
Lustily Yours,
Moaning Lisa
Doc here again... A huge thank you goes out to the lovely Moaning Lisa and her terrific Couple's Flash Report.  What I would have given to be there...