Thursday, July 12, 2012

UPDATED! Couple's Flash Report! The Bayou Boudreaux Reports From Biloxi (w/4 HOT Pics!)

Doc here with a great first time report from brand new Couple's Reporting team, The Bayou Boudreaux.  The following report from The Gulf Coast Adult Theater is terrific, and the 4 photos from the actual event.  Even though Bob in Biloxi is MIA, his spirit lives on through the words here in The Journal.

Here is the report...


Hi Doc,

A quick note from the Gulf Coast Adult Theater in Biloxi. I am not trying to take over from Bob in Biloxi, as his reporting skills far exceed mine.

We are the “4-Hour” couple that was mentioned a few weeks ago.  Well, it was about time to take my slut out for a little more action and July 7th, & I turned her loose in the Adult Theater in Biloxi, MS.  It wasn’t as busy as our last visit, but it was adequate. 

We arrived and allowed things to develop while actually watching the movie.  I had her play with her pussy and the men started gathering around.  She took the first cock in her mouth and milked it dry. Then another. And another.  A few of the guys only wanted to eat her pussy, so while her jaw was resting, two different people ate her pussy.  All the while her hands are searching for cock to play with.

More cocks, and at one time there was four people lined up for blow jobs.  A couple of people fucked her and someone helped with an oral/anal DP.  

There were some slow periods, as she was ready to perform, but there were no takers.  It picked up a little later and she continued sucking cock like the little cum slut she is. At the end of the night, I bent her over where all could see and pounded her ass one more time.  What a good little slut she can be!

Two other couples showed up that night; one played a little, she was eaten out by her boyfriend, sucked his cock and another cock. They then ‘diddled’ each other and enjoyed our show and the movie.  The other two couples didn’t play, but it is my understanding they have in the past. Hopefully we can get with them and get my little slut some more girl/girl experience. 

Overall a good night, with somewhere around 12-15 cocks sucked, 2 pussy eatings, 3 fuckings and a spit roast for the slut.  We’re still hoping for another 20-25 cocks like our last trip, but we’ll just have to be persistent and keep visiting until we reach that goal!!

Attached are a few pics... They aren’t the best, but it shows her with a few of the cocks.  It seems the camera doesn’t like fast action and low light!

I'll update you when we make our next trip.  Hopefully Bob in Biloxi can be there and use his reporting skills.

The Bayou Boudreaux


Doc here again... A big thank you to The Bayou Boudreaux for a great report and some HOT pics from the actual event.  Keep up the great work from the beautiful Gulf Coast!  With Bob in Biloxi sidelined with an arrow wound to the ass, there is a void of intel coming from this theater.  Hopefully that has now changed.