Monday, May 13, 2013

Flash Report! The Cunning Linguist @ Talk of the Town in Niagara Falls

Doc here with a tale from my old stomping grounds... New reporter The Cunning Linguist has filed a report from Talk of the Town in Niagara Falls, NY.
If the story sounds familiar, it should.  The lady TCL ran into was the same lady The Oral Reporter ran into during his report last week.
Please welcome The Cunning Linguist...
Hello Doc,
My handle is The Cunning Linguist...
I have read your Journal for some time, and have been involved in this thing of ours since the mid-80's; as a mid-teen sneaking away to both the Niagara Falls Cinema and Good Time Charlie's (GTCs).  I have reports to give, but have hesitated in the past, but The Oral Reporter's recent report compelled my to write.
His encounter with the 50-something lady was very similar to mine in February. I usually cannot play in the evening, especially a Friday evening, but on this particular night I squired away from the function I was attending for some free time-me time.
First stop was Video Liquidators on Elmwood in Buffalo - which was disappointing.
Talk of the Town
Niagara Falls, NY
Next stop was Talk of the Town - and it was a target rich environment all night. Lots of couples stopping in the ABS part but no one to play; and then this particular couple came in walked around a bit and then left; in about 30 minutes they came back and both went into the arcade; I stayed back, counted to 60, then went to the arcade. 
Hubby passed me on the way out; and then I turned to the left once you enter the arcade and she was in a booth with the door open watching porn. I asked if she would like some company and she affirmed; then we switched spots so she was at the door "so my husband can see". 
I had taken out my cock and she liked it (it is nice cock I've been told a lot).  She then says something like "well lets get started", and takes off her coat and squats down.  Next thing I know she is rolling a condom over my cock with her mouth (which is how I knew the Oral Reporter and I met the same lady) and proceeded to give me the most loving blow job.  Deep, well paced, perfect.  I lasted a while but then announced to her I was ready, and she moaned with approval, and I unloaded deeply into the condom as she deep throated me.  She then kissed the tip of my cock, and wished me a good night.
I've got more stories to share over time (although most of my ventures have been more miss than hit)
Yours truly,
Doc here again... I tried e-mailing you, TCL, but it bounced back as undeliverable.  Please e-mail with a good address, as I have some questions for you.
Great job on the report, sir.

Couple's Flash Report: Central MA Fun Couple @ The Art Cinema in Hartford (w/6 HOT PICS!)

Doc here with a fantastic first time Couple's Flash Report from new contributors Central MA Fun Couple.

They visited the awesome Art Cinema in Hartford, CT on Friday 5/3, and they were prepared for a fun time with a sexy outfit for Brenda, and a digital camera for capturing the festivities.

Here we go...


Hartford, CT – 5/3/13 - The Art Cinema

Last Friday night, my wife and I decided to head to the Art Cinema in Hartford, CT so she could have some fun with several men at the same time. We have been there several times over the past five years and usually had a good time each time we went. We hoped that this time was going to be even more exciting, because this time we were going to take some photos of our visit!

When we first arrived, we took a few minutes to let our eyes get adjusted to the dark and to see how many men were there that night.

For those of you who haven’t visited this theater, there is a downstairs main auditorium split into three sections: middle, left and right. By our count there were about 15 men scattered throughout the theater. We made our way down the outside left aisle and slid into two seats near the middle of the rows. Sometimes the men act like vultures, and it didn’t take too long for some of them to move to open seats to each side of us and in front and in back of us as well. Because of that, we normally wait about 15-20 minutes before we start playing with each other so that they don’t get the idea that something is going to happen right off the bat.

After awhile, we asked the man sitting next to Brenda to let us by him so we could take the first photo of the night. Brenda stood up against the wall and took off the raincoat she wore into the theater to reveal the all-black lingerie she picked out for her fun that evening.
The Real Brenda
@ The Art Cinema
Several men got closer to see what was happening and when she removed her raincoat, some of them complimented her on her sexy outfit. A few of them even asked if they could get a copy of that photo! We smiled and I gathered the men around me and told them what our plans were for the evening.

I said that some of them might recognize us from our visits there in the past, but this time things were going to be different. I explained that we wanted to take several photos of our fun that night and asked them if they had any problems with that. I assured them that I would not show any of their faces because that would not be where the action would be happening. I told them that I wanted a few shots of ssfd performing her oral skills with several men during the evening. I also said that it would be nice if several of them could exercise good control and save their loads to cum on her chest all around the same time. They all agreed and we went back to our seats.

Again, we waited awhile to let things settle down and now several more men moved from their seats to site near the large group that had formed around us. Eventually I undid my pants and asked Brenda to go down on me to get things rolling. As her head bobbed up and down on my cock, the men sitting near us leaned to get a better view of the action in the shadows.

I looked at the man sitting beside Brenda and the man sitting directly behind her and I nodded in Brenda’s direction as the sign for them to join the action. They wasted no time reaching for her tits and each of them started massaging one of her 38D’s hiding behind her sheer top. I let Brenda suck me for a few minutes and then I told her to sit up to give the men better access to her and to let some of the other men play with her as well.

After a few minutes, she asked a couple of the men if they wanted some of the same fun she had just given me. A couple of them jumped at the chance and they moved into our row and stood in front of her with their pants undone and their cocks begging for attention. I moved off to the side with my camera ready to catch all the erotic action as it unfolded in front of me.

The first man she went down on was a white man and he had an average cock – about 6 inches long and not too thick. She spent some good time with him stroking his shaft with her hand as she worked her mouth up and down his cock. After several minutes she took his cock out of her mouth and looked up at him and smiled. She told him she wished she could give him some more, but she wanted to move on to the next man. He said that was okay and stepped aside.

The second man she sucked on was a black man, and his cock was just a little bit longer and thicker than the first man. Not be intimidated, she wasted no time wrapping her lips around his cock and proceeded to work on his brown shaft with all the enthusiasm he expected.

As she sucked his cock, I heard her moan and my own dick got harder as I knew exactly what was happening. When a man starts to leak his pre-cum, she loves that taste and shows her approval by letting out a moan of pleasure.

She continued to suck his cock as he gently cradled the back of her head with his hand, and guided it back and forth as she sucked on him. Again, after awhile with him, she stopped and said it was time for the next man’s turn. He leaned over and gave her affectionate kiss on her cheek and said thank-you.

One by one the men positioned themselves in front of her for their turn. Some of them were young, some of them were older. Some of them were white; some of them were Hispanic and black. But it didn’t make a difference at all. As long as they were polite and didn’t treat her rudely, she welcomed all their cocks that evening! One by one she took their cocks into her mouth and gave each of them several minutes of good old-fashioned cock sucking.

While this was going on, I looked around us and watched a lot of the other men stroking their cocks waiting for their turn. For the next 30-45 minutes she took turns sucking on several more men. By this time I think she gave blow jobs to about 10 men. When she pulled her lips off the last man, nobody moved forward so I asked if there was anybody else who didn’t have a turn yet, they all said no. Then I told them it was time for the group money shot. Several men who were standing close by maneuvered so they could stand next to her and beat their meat until they were ready to shoot their loads.

The first man shot a very nice load on her sheer top over her left tit. He was followed by another man who shot his creamy cum in the same area. The next man got on her right side and started stroking his hard cock as he prepared to shoot his load as well.

Some of the men who had been watching the action couldn’t control the feelings that were raging through their cocks as they were watching her suck those cocks. They jerked off where they were standing and shot their loads onto the theater floor.

Others had better control, and one by one six more men stood over her and stroked their cocks until they shot their loads onto her chest, covering her sheer black top with gobs and gobs of their thick, white cum. It was so erotic to see the cum build up and stream down until it dropped onto the garters and stockings on her thighs!

Like anything else, all good things come to an end. After the last man milked the last drop of pearly cum out of his cock, Brenda sat back and said “I’m exhausted!” I had a shit-eating grin from ear to ear and said that was the most erotic sight I had ever seen. The men all agreed and I thanked them for a very enjoyable and erotic evening. Brenda got up and we gathered our belongings so she could clean up in the ladies room before we left the theater. I don’t know when we’ll be back, but we know we will, and we surely hope the next time we can add something new to our next visit to share with you!


Doc here again... Many thanks to the Central MA Fun Couple for an excellent report and the HOT pics of Brenda getting freaky on the main floor of The Art Cinema in Hartford. I hope this is the first of many great reports from this great couple.

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