Friday, August 12, 2011

Flash Report: New Featured Journal Reporter - "It's Liz" @ 15th Ave in Melrose Park 8/11/11

Doc here with the debut of a new feature reporter here at The Journal of Adult Theaters, Liz.  Liz is a frequent patron of one of The Good Doctor's favorite adult theaters/ABS/spas, 15th Avenue Adult Theater, 2125 North 15th Avenue in Melrose Park, IL.  The Good Doctor is always looking for more female perspectives in regard to this thing of ours, and I like how Liz lays it out for us. 

In her inaugural report, Liz visits 15th Avenue solo, and by the sound of her report she must have downed a 5-Hour Energy before going in.  Kudos to you for being the Energizer Bunny.

This is a good one folks (one look at her opening line says it all)...So hunker down, cinch them up, and get ready, because "It's Liz"!


Hi Doc,

So normally I visit the 15th Avenue Adult Books and Theater with a "play" partner, but he is out of town this week and frankly my week has sucked so I figured I would suck.
So being the first on my own adventure I was a little nervous, but as usual felt very comfortable the moment I arrived.  The thing I love about the 15th is that you are treated like an old friend when you go in.  Imagine a porn version of "Cheers"!  So I enter and am immediately greeted with a smile and hi, I tell management to send out through the mass notification system that I was in the building and of course they obliged.  I take care of my entry and off to the spa I go.  It is included in your admission before 6pm on Thursdays, so I knew that the guys would be all over the place.  And of course I was not disappointed. 

Upon my arrival I immediately knew at least one guy (R) and we went back to the spa area and into my private room.  Oh, I always get a private room because sometimes you just want one-on-one time with certain people (men, women or couples), and it's nice to be away from eyes and hands sometimes.  Anyways "R" and I go into spa and of course there are about 5 men in the spa already as there was a couple about an hour and half before my arrival. 

"R" and I get undressed in the room and head to the showers, a clean body is a fuckable/suckable body!  I am not in the shower 3 minutes when the 5 men from locker room are undressed, in the shower and stroking their hard cocks.  Of course since I know "R" he gets my attention first but then I have hands and mouths on my breasts, fingers and tongues on my pussy and I have a cock in each hand and one in my mouth.  At this time I am loving being the center of the men's attention and the attention of these hard cocks knowing what is to cum....and sure enough "R" lets his appreciation known all over my tits. 

Private Rooms
15th Avenue
This obviously gets the other men all going and soon enough I am so very wet, and 3 of the men have come on my tits or ass. At that point told the men that I really needed to shower and did so. I went back to the room, to be greeted with a line of men outside the door waiting for their chance to experience something with me. Now, here is where I will say that I am not a snob when it comes to the men I will pleasure but at the same time there are certain turn ons for me.
Once back in the room, toweled off and then decided that I wanted to suck some nice I did just that.  Took about 5 more men in the room sucking and jacking them off, having them cum on my tits (which for me is my biggest turn on).  Took a quick shower and took a peek in theater, nothing/nobody.  Went back to the lounge area and sat down.  While yes I will agree having CNN on in an ABS is out of the ordinary, it does make for some interesting and leading conversations.  (Ed note: The Lido Adult Theater in Dallas has a similar set-up... A lounge area playing non-porn).

Some men asked if they could touch and of course they could, so took down my halter and had two men at my feet jacking and one on each side of me with cocks in hands.  There was a handsome man to my left and he had a cock I definitely wanted so I started sucking him, and had another in my hand.  the one came down my thigh/leg and left then another just wanted to see my wet pussy and moved dress up.  Revealing my shaved wetness he came on my other thigh, and while I was still sucking the man had thighs full of cum.  Another was about to explode and did so without any help from me on my tit. 

Finally the many I had been sucking came hard and A LOT on my other tit.  Obviously at this point I had to take another shower where I was pleasantly surprised by another woman who was in there.  Her man had semi-played with me earlier, so he was telling her about me as 2 men fondled my body and came quickly after I sucked one off (hey what can I say when you are good you are good). When I was in lounge on of the men I have played with during a previous visit was there, so after my shower I took him privately into the room (remember what I said about how nice it was).

Theater Entrance

Well "K" and I went right to action, I sucked him for a bit and he told me he wanted to eat me. So as I laid down and he ate and fingered me into the most intense orgasm that I have had in weeks. We fucked and sucked for a good 15 minutes until he exploded all over my tits. Showered and then HAD to take a break. The men in line, disappointed but were polite for most part.  Dying of thirst I grabbed a coke and was going to sit in the TV area when another regular that I know came in the door. Greeted him with a kiss and discussed various things, then we went into the lounge/TV area.

The other woman and her man were already in the TV room and she was sitting with him standing and she was sucking his cock nicely. I asked if I could sit closer and they obliged my offer, asking if I was Bi. I answered yes.....a huge moan from the now approximately 10 men that were in the room.

Heard that there was couple action in the theater, so I went in there. Sure enough, in the couples only section, was a hot blonde with incredible tits dressed in the naughty school girl look you men love.  They were only playing with each other but put on quite the show!!! 

Getting me worked up once again, I proceed to suck "R" and "G" off in the theater.  An AA couple came in, you could tell they were new to the experience.   He came around to the row in front of me after a few seconds when he actually saw there was action and she still sat in the couples section.  I told her that to come up and enjoy scene and that I didn't bite. She sat 2 rows in front and didn't turn around.  He looked briefly and I was just noticing the cocks I was playing with cum on my tits.  There were several other men, probably around 5 or 6, but surprisingly well behaved even for 15th (where they usually are).

Soon "R" came again, and "G" and I went to my private room.  Upon returning to the spa we find
the original woman, her man, "B" and two other men were very much enjoying her.  I needed another shower from the theater experience, and as I passed by gave a little helping hand to one of the men, and some nice attention to her naturally huge tits.....then showered and "G" and I went to room.  While in there we could hear her very much enjoying the attention she was receiving, and left room to find everyone showering and getting dressed.

At that time I thought yeah, it's getting late its a work night and have a good drive home.  So I was in the room getting dressed - telling all the other waiting men I was leaving - when "G" entered with the AA couple.  They were nervous, had questions, & didn't know what to expect or even what they wanted to experience. 
 I asked her if she wanted to see me suck him and she said go right ahead. I took his large cock into my mouth sucking him into a very hard state, and asked if I could play with her, but she wasn't comfortable. sucked him more until I told him to take care of his woman. In the room he ate her pussy, and I could hear the moans from her, and the slopping up of her juices by him. They stopped and left, and I left approximately 4 hours after my initial arrival.
While it was fairly busy especially with some regulars there were 2 great couples there having fun.  So you never know what to expect on a Thursday night at 15th. 

NOW with Comic-Con in town and down the street, we are all hoping for a very busy weekend with perhaps more couples/women for everyone to enjoy.  LOL, we even joked on how Batman, or Superman or perhaps even Catwoman may be there this weekend......



Doc here again... Congrats to Liz for an outstanding initial report for her new series, "It's Liz".  She certainly was a busy girl at 15th Avenue on Thursday night, and just to think, that is typically a slow night at any adult theater.

Speaking for the rest of the good readers of The Journal, we cannot wait until the next report from the lovely Liz.  Well done!

Do you have an adult theater report you'd like to see on the front page of The Journal?  Just e-mail Walter Cronkite The Good Doctor at I will edit, format, and drop in a pic or two.  You get the glory.  Liz did it.  Now you can do it.


Flash Report: Brent from Portland "Off The Bike Seat and into the Stirrups"

Doc here with the poet laureate of this thing of ours, Brent in Portland. His latest essay, "Off The Bike Seat and into the Stirrups" is yet another example of why he is the high water mark in adult theater reporters. Period, end of story.

So without further delay, here is Brent and his latest report...


Hi Doc,

I  missed the always busy First Saturday Trans Gender Party at The Oregon Theater this past weekend. I heard that almost 200 theater sex partyers showed up to get their minds and other parts of their bodies blown. Any reports would be welcome.

There were  other theater sex highlights that happened in Portland this weekend. I missed this first one but I was told that a beautiful, honey-blond lady fucked sucked, and/or gave hand jobs to a few lucky fellows on Friday evening at The Paris Theater on the exam table in the annex. One amigo told me he was going to fuck her but her hand was too quick and he shot his mescal into her pretty palm instead.

Also, one Asian guy who was lucky enough to play "Enter The Dragon" with her, took such a long time fucking her  that no one else had a chance. I hope she enjoyed the long ride as much as he did. They came back around midnight but did not play. I saw her. She wore a long sheath style dress and was elegantly made-up. She was gorgeous. I was told the reason she didn't play the second time around was because a guy refused to exit the couples annex but I can't confirm this. If true, someone should have stepped up and gotten the clerk to clear out the annex so they could play. All I know is they sat quietly in The Oasis for a while and then left.

A  BBW who likes guys to talk dirty to her was in with her husband, Friday, but she didn't play as much as she usually does. She had her big round tits out. Nice. I should have said something. "Nice boobs. Can I come on them and watch you lick them off?" I need to learn to speak up. Oh and I should have told my talkative row companions to pipe down. Yak Yak Yak, all night. I yakked a little too. We were like a bunch of Yentas. Finally I changed my seat and shut my pie hole.

Around 3am, Friday/Saturday, 2 hot girls came in with a young,long-haired ,black guy. One of the ladies was coed cute, dark haired, with long legs, prominent nipples and a fuckably round ass. The other was a sexy,curvy,reddish-blond haired great legged big breasted southern belle who not only sucked and played but engaged the audience with stories about her life and sexual desires. That is, when she didn't have a cock in her mouth. The three of them gave us a great show. The two girls took turns making out with their guy and playing "batter up" with his hard dick. Sometimes they took turns sucking it; sometimes they sucked on it at the same time. At one point the cute dark haired coed was bent over licking the other girls pussy. The guy got behind and pulled her tights down so that her bare ass and pussy was exposed. He stepped up behind her and started to put his penis into her vagina when, suddenly she changed her mind and gently pushed him away. Still, it was a very hot scene; little sharing of the chocolate, a little girl on girl, a display of ample wench-like breasts, and a lot of nasty spread eagle poses.

They took a break and, when they returned to The Paris, the line-up had changed. The blond was now with two men that she had invited into the couples section, a young man who had engaged her in conversation and the infamous Coke Can . For all her talking about southern charm and gentlemen with etiquette, it was apparent by the way this Ellen Barkin look-a-like sucked and stroked CC's massive penis that she was cock crazy. She made out open tongue kissing both men. She sucked both of them  although she sucked and stroked Coke Can more.

Her dark haired friend came back into the theater with another young black man. The guy with the dread locks had left by this time. I'm not sure if she picked the guy up off the street or called him on her naughty girl phone but the result was, they fucked in the couples oasis. It was getting late and I was getting tired so I don't know if the southern blond got fucked by Coke Can or the new guy, but things were heading in that direction.

Saturday things were mellow at The Paris. One man brought in a super thin  submissive. He fingered her and spanked her and made her thank us for staring at and lusting after her naked ass and  stocking ed legs. As the swats landed on her tight little ass she said " Thank you, Daddy." It was stern stylized S and M theater sex and she had come dressed for the occasion.

There were also a couple of attractive couples that relaxed in the couples oasis and played discreetly. One tall friendly looking woman with short dark hair gave her man a blow job. This was after he fingered her to an orgasm. It was all very R Rated. Another woman who wore a short skirt spread her legs so that her man could finger her pussy while they watched the movie. He took his dick out and she stroked it while he was fingering her. She was a beautiful lady and I wish they would have done more.

I was also fortunate enough to catch some great hard core action at The Paris this weekend. One older lady with short blond hair sucked off a small army of troopers Saturday. She played in the front row of the theater. She even let a guy bareback her while she sucked and gave hand jobs. Then she and her voyeur hubby went into the couples section where she met a horny and talkative woman. This woman was very sexy in  a loud and brash way. She had a va va voom body , heavy and sexy. She was very much into getting gang banged but first she and the lady with short blond hair had a little girl on girl fun. They kissed each other and explored each others tingling bodies. The older lady went down on the VA VA Voom girl and licked her steamy poo nani. They even did a girl on girl 69. Their escorts watched along with the rest of us. Then Va Va asked the older lady's husband to gamahuche her twat. It took a little persuasion, but soon he was face first tasting her pink wet pie and she was loving it.

The Va Va Voom girl enjoyed coming up to the rail so that the horny Paris crowd could grope between her legs and suck on her big voluptuous breasts. She was a very wanton and demanding woman. During her visit, she pleased a lot of men and pissed off a lot of men, too. I'm trying to think who she looked like? She was MILF like, hot sexy neighbor with full body. Paula Deen, maybe. 

After the older couple left, She and her man came out of The Oasis . She started fucking and sucking guys on The Arena Table. If a guy tried to fuck her unwrapped and soft she would kick him away and yell for the next guy. She really liked one man in particular. Not only did they have theater sex, they also talked like they were on a date. The two of them, along with her original escort, ended up back in the couple section where she continued to kiss, fuck and suck her new beau, while her old escort (husband?) watched approvingly.

It was strange, yet erotic Sunday...A couple that was travelling through town came to The Paris. They reminded me of old athletic type hippies. She had a thin body and a great ass. She resembled an older slightly weathered Alanis Morrisette.. She was already naked on the exam table with her ass up  when I arrived. she sucked off four or five guys. At least five guys fucked her. Some of them fucked her bareback. One or two guys gave it to her big and hard and that made her twist and moan and have  jagged little orgasms.

At one point, this sexy lady was on her knees surrounded by guys, in The Penis Gallery of all places. She was sucking, jacking and taking loads right on her sun tanned face and small hard tits.
I'm not sure where they were travelling next, but watch for them in an adult theater,soon, near you.

They weren't the only couple that came to The Paris Theater, Sunday. A thin young woman with desert brown skin and a perfect 90 pound body, fucked and sucked her young boyfriend in the bedroom, Sunday. They looked beautiful together and they put on a great show, tender , slow and full of naked motion.

A few couples were there to watch the Anime. One young couple even played a little while the characters cavorted on the screen. I still haven't figured out the appeal of Anime porn but if it brings women into the theater and they return another time to play and watch real porn, then I am all for it.



Doc here again... And that is the reason why Brent is top dog when it comes to adult theater reports.  We are lucky to have him provide the commentary on the action at The Paris Theatre on SW3rd in Portland.

Thanks Brent!