Thursday, July 18, 2013

Flash Report! Jay Hits DC Video in Horse Cave, KY

Doc here with a nice Flash report from senior reporter Jay, and his latest trip to Horse Cave, KY and DC Video.
This is a good one folks... Here we go!
Dear Doctor,
Its been over six weeks since I last played and I wanted to get out of the house. Am I ever glad I went last night to Horse Cave, KY and DC Video.
I drove up and the parking lit was full at 930 PM . Over 40 cars. I walked inside to find 5 couples in the theater already. One was a tall thin gal of about 50 wearing a very skimpy black bikini and a tramp stamp and nothing else . They sat all the way up front. She hung on to her guy as another guy played with her ass  and pussy. At one point the other guy was licking her pussy. After 15 minutes or so they got up and left.
Then in came Cheryl (about 40 ) and her man. She was dressed in a black skirt and top , no bra or panties. Very nice D cup boobs with nice nipples. They started playing in the theater once they sat down. She had guys eating her pussy, playing with her boobs, making out with her , getting head from her and fucking her. Hubby had bought in a small vibrating dildo and was using it on Cheryl to her  (and ours) great delight  She played for about two hours and at one point was eating the pussy of Karen a bubbly blonde in a tube top making her first ever theater visit to play.
Karen (40 ish) let the guys touch her and lick her but wasn't fucking , sucking, groping or kissing anyone. She had a great southern accent and was quite talkative in a good way.
While Cheryl was playing in the middle of the theater Dixie was warming up in the back. She was a pretty 34 year old with curly blonde hair. Her second ever theater visit ever. She wore a lace top with no  bra, short dark skirt, no panties. Pretty face, great B cup boobs with very chewable nipples.They drove over 200 miles to enjoy the night there and did she ever. Dixie got fucked by numerous guys (never enuff according to hubby) and blew quite a few. She took 5-6 loads on her face including one up her nose. Dixie enjoyed playing in the booths with hubby and us watching outside as she blew a guy through the gloryhole and got fucked  by a stud in the booth.
One all night couple did not play during my three hours there, a gal of about 45 and larger . She stated they go every other week or so but I don't recall seeing her there before. They either go on Friday nights or Sat nights depending on hubby's work schedule.  She enjoyed watching the fun but did not encourage anyone to play with her. Dixie & Cheryl were very encouraging.
Another 40ish blonde with her hubby hit the booths for a while to play. Don't know what or how many she did. The last couple I saw (#7) was about 50. She was almost 5 feet tall with long black hair, a gal we would describe as a pretty spinner. Her husband was doing all he could to heat her up and she was dressed to play but they left without playing. I suspect she might have wanted a smaller group (1-2) guys at a time to play with instead of being surrounded by guys. There was much hope and anticipation that she would play but that didn't happen.   All the regulars agreed it was quite the night at Horsecave.
One thing that upset Dixie and another woman were that Horsecave doesn't give a price break to couples. Its $20 per person to get in. Once you leave the store you have to pay to get back in. Like one guy who spent eight hours told me he was getting his money's worth. He certainly did Sat night.  The management of DC Video would do better business to do more to encourage couples to come and play. The theaters have nice comfortable faux leather couches that are great for playing on. Soda and candy machines in the theater complex, a bathroom. Bottled water, condoms and sextoys can be purchased in the store for use in the theater. Plenty of lighted parking in front and rear (its a former outlet mall). Even an area for semi's to park .
Doc here again... Many thanks to Ray and his latest report! Bravo, sir.  Great stuff!

Couple's Flash Report! Allcumnme @ The Buford Highway Twin Theaters in Atlanta

Doc here with a Couple's Flash Report from first time contributor Allcumnme.  They visited The Buford Highway Twin Theater, and this is their report.



We took my wife to the theater about 11:00pm about a year ago. When we got there we stood in the back letting our eyes adjust and almost immediately a huge black dude came up and started fondling her tits which we had pulled out. She usually goes in a really small sun dress which only hangs about 2 inches below her crotch and covers almost none of her 38D natural tits. She never wears underclothes.

He pushed her bent over the back row of seats and fucked her doggy without even asking. When he came in her he left and we couldn't see anyone else. So we walked down near the front and there were about 8-10 guys in but no other girls. We sat down and as I fondled her several came up asking for BJs but no one seemed to want to fuck her. So I went around, pulled up her skirt and fucked her. After I came in her as I pulled out I said "next" and the rush was on. Guy after guy started pumping cum in her. 

After about an hour and a half I got a call from work. She wanted to stay and continue fucking. About two hours later when I came back she was naked on the front row with about 5 guys around her and one fucking her. Several more guys came in her and I took a second round then we left. 

As we rode home, she said she had counted 14 different guys actually cumming in her pussy, several several times not counting me. It's what hooked us on the theater.  Sometimes she wants to go and stay the entire day.  She always lets everyone who wants to fuck her and always asks them to do her bareback.  She honestly feels if a guy is going to use her and fuck her then he should finish the job and cum in her.  Makes it exciting for me to see too. 



Doc here again... Many thanks for the report to Allcumnme.  We are looking forward to your next submissions!


Flash Report! Toy Loving Milf @ 15th Avenue Adult Theater (w/PIC!)

Doc here with a quick report from out good friends ToyLovingMilf and her hubby D. They attended a Couple's Party at 15th Avenue Adult Theater & Spa in Chicago's western suburbs, and this is their report.

I am a little late posting this, as I thought I had already done so. My apologies to ToyLovingMilf and D. 

So without any further delay, here is ToyLovingMilf and her hubby on their latest adult theater adventure.



We are fixin' to take off for the Badlands.  I am planning on stopping in Sioux Falls and the bookstore there is only 5 minutes from our hotel.  Since we have the kids I'm going to go over solo and see what it's like and hopefully have something to write to you about.

I thought I'd enclose a new picture... "K" wasn't the center of attention that night at 15th Avenue, but she did get a little somethin' somethin'.  It was a couples party night and there was much action. Enjoy!

Mr. ToyLovingMILF