Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Flash Report: The Big Shield Protects Mrs. Claus at Summit News in Warren, OH

Doc here with a report that somehow slipped through the editing que from regular contributor, The Big Shield.

TBS hit the Summit Street News in Warren, OH, and celebrated the holidays in grand fashion.

Take it away, The Big Shield!


Hey Doc,

The week before Christmas I found myself in Cleveland for business. Somewhat bored and as usual horny, I decided to look through the Good Doctor's database for an entertainment spot and lo and behold I saw the Summit News Agency in Warren listed which is about 35 miles from where I was staying. I had the misfortune of checking out the place on a Tuesday evening which happens to be the one day in the week that is dedicated to fellahs that like fellahs. Nevertheless, the manager greeted me, showed me around the establishment, took time to gauge my interests (women) and told me to return on Wednesday.

Turned away horny as a toad, I decided that the staff and the setup was nice enough to give Wednesday a try. When I walked through the door Wednesday evening I was told that 2 couples were in the theater. I paid my admission ($10) and went in and at the door I was greeted with sweet music to my ears.

One couple sitting up front were getting ready to get busy. The guy was playing with her ample tits and rubbing her pantiless pussy; she was moaning and rubbing his cock through his I said - getting ready to get busy. They were in their late 40's, maybe a little heavier than some would prefer to play with, but pretty much everywhere that I've been if someone is playing there is bound to be several fans watching the action. But to my surprise in a packed mini-theater there was only one guy checking them out up close and personal but at a respectful distance.

A quick look around the room told me exactly why. Sitting in the back corner was none other than a smoking hot Mrs. Santa Claus. All done up in red and white from the Santa hat on her head to the pumps on her toes with arguably the nicest set of tits! Her guy, we will call him Santa even though he was not in X-mas gear nor was he at all fat, was giving the room a nice teaser of a early Christmas present. Rubbing her all over and exposing her beautiful breast for the crowd to ogle clearly got her hot and horny to the point that she whips out Santa's cock she started stroking and being just a bit of a tease, she put her face right at Santa's engorged cock and doesn't give him head. Oh my, by this time many of the guys are crowding the walls and stroking their cock hard. Playing it cool, I leaned up against the wall and enjoyed the show but unlike a couple of jerks, kept my distance respectful as no one had been invited to touch.

After about a 20 minute tease show, both couples left the theater. The older couple apparently left all together but not the 30-40ish Santa and Mrs. Claus, they simply retired to one of the private rooms. I was told that this couple often plays alone but occasionally picks 1-2 guys to join them and they would send a messenger for the lucky guys. A few guys came and went into the adjoining private room then I was told that Mrs. Claus had never played with a black guy at Summit......thinking OK, to each his own, I was prepared to just hang out and see what the night had in store for The Big Shield.

But 5 minutes later, I was summoned to the private room by the lovey and very sex-sational Mrs. Claus whom apparently got a good glimpse of The Big Shield under my active wear. I paid my supplemental entrance fee and was allowed back; upon entering the room, I was given the go ahead by ole St Nick and the Shield went to work! After enjoying about 5 minutes of head, Mrs. C wanted to enjoy a good stretching by the Shield, so I suited up and told her to touch her toes. Standing in at 6'5" I had no problem mounting the 6' in heels Mrs. C and driving her like Santa's sleigh on Xmas eve. Mrs. C was being parted well by the Shield as I drove her like I was late for an appointment by a couple of days. The Shield usually has the control and stamina to control the release of the protective juices for hours, but the silky skin and earlier tease show put on by Mrs. C was simply too much and after about 10 minutes the Big Shield emptied nearly half of his juices right in the condom. DAMN! Mrs. C craved protection on her tits so the juices that I had left after ripping off the rubber was deposited right on her tits.

I stuck around for about 20 minutes after being spent and watched a bit more of the show of Mr and Mrs C and a college student - then I thanked them and she thanked me for the protection and The Big Shield was on his way.

Well Doc, that's all I have for this flash report. Until next time, may The Big Shield be with her.....whomever she may be.


Doc here again... A big thank you goes out to The Big Shield for this great report from one of the top adult theaters in the country, Summit Street News in Warren, OH. Eric and his crew run a great place, and it should be on your adult theater bucket list.

A little birdie just told me that The Big Shield may be making an appearance next Monday at the Summit Street News.  I wonder if Mrs. Claus will pull her husband's sleigh into there as well?