Monday, August 1, 2011

The Adult Theater Database Is Now Up!

Doc here with some sooner than expected news... The long asked for, long awaited, and much dreaded Dr. Emilio's Adult Theater Database is now up!  Located in it's own tab at the top of The Journal, many, many hours of research went into this incarnation of the database.

A few important facts about The Good Doctor's database:
  • All information is current and up to date. I verified whether the location was still open, it's hours (where available), and any changes to it's name or configuration.
  • I have only included adult theaters and adult theater/ABS locations.  ABS only locations are excluded.
  • The database is dynamic...When I make a change to the database, it is automatically updated.  So when you click the image, what you will see is the latest version.
  • If you, the good readers of The Journal, see any errors on the database, just e-mail me at
  • If you have any additional information on an existing theater in the database, or a new theater I have missed, e-mail me.
  • The database is read only.  What does that mean?  Well, it means anyone looking at the spreadsheet cannot make changes themselves.  Any changes need to be made by The Good Doctor.
I have put up a poll on the right hand side of The Journal with a "Like" or "Dislike" option on your opinion of the database.  I want to get a feel if this is a useful tool for this thing of ours.

One last note... The New Mexico adult theaters will be entered tomorrow, with information supplied by senior Journal reporter, Donny Digital.



Flash Report: The Captain On The Downtown Adult Cinema, Akron OH 7/24/11

Doc here with a quick update from that crusty old seadog himself, The Captain.  It seems that he came across some intel regarding Akron's Downtown Adult Cinema...



I hadn't seen this place mentioned before:

Downtown Adult Theater
44 S. Case Ave  
Akron, OH 44305-2410
(330) 762-7919

  • This place is open 8am to midnight, M-T-W-T. Opens Friday at 8am and stays open 24hrs until Midnight Sunday. A couple was there 7/24 (Sunday) and she blew 4 guys, she wants to go back when there are more clean smelling married guys available.
The Captain


Information is very slow from this adult theater for some reason... Any additional information would be appreciated.  Just e-mail me direct at

And don't forget the deodorant.

Thanks Cappy!


Flash Report: Gloryhole Nancy Rings In August With New Pics!

Doc here with a great way to start August... New pics of the hottest glory hole girl I know, Gloryhole Nancy.  Nancy and her guy, T, have been very gracious to provide The Journal some exclusive photos of Nancy doing what she loves best... Sucking cock at the hole. 

It's hard to concentrate on just one thing in her photos... Her BJ skills, or her fantastic tits and pierced nipples.  I can't decide.

Make sure you also check out Nancy's Yahoo Group HERE.

So happy August, and enjoy the new Gloryhole Nancy pics (remember to click the pics to ENLARGE them...They are hi-res).