Friday, December 10, 2010

Flash Report! Last Weekend at The Paris in Portland - "Rolling Thunder" by Brent

As promised, Doc here with Brent in Portland's Flash Report of last weekend's fun at The Paris Theater in Portland, OR.

"Rolling Thunder"

When I walked into The Paris Theater Saturday I noticed the boys were already riled up." Where is the couple?" I asked. "They were walking out one door while you came in through the other", I was told. "They were in and out in 30 minutes or less. They fucked and sucked and put on a good show. She was a good looking woman."
I was mad that I missed her . I felt like Maxwell Smart- "missed her by that much."

I decided to stay anyway. About an hour later two couples came in. I recognized one of the guys a big guy like Kevin James. He used to bring in this hot 19 year old brunette who loved to fuck guys in the theater especially after church on Sundays. I heard she was a Mormon, well a Jack Mormon. He was with a different girl this time. I thought she looked mid twenties. She had blond hair that she wore styled medium thick. Her body was just right. She took off her jeans and her shirt became a short dress. She took off her panties. She saw a guy she liked. He had on a cowboy hat. Her Daddy motioned the guy over "she wants to fuck you." " I'm just watching", he told them. "How about this guy? He has a big dick." Cowboy hat motioned to a tall lumberjack type who was stroking his cucumber . The girl wasn't interested. I think she was a little deflated. Just because a guy wears a cowboy hat in an adult theater doesn't necessarily mean he's a real cowboy.

 They went into the couples annex .He told the guys to stay back. She was standing near the railing and I could see her naked ass. One of the regulars asked her if he could join her and to his delight she said "Yes." So he jumped up. She took off her dress and lay back on the exam table. He took off his shirt, pulled down his pants, stoked his dick until it was hard, put on a condom and started to fuck her. She was wet and tight and he didn't hold back. She was moaning and her eyes were smiling like she was thinking " finally, I'm getting fucked . It's about time."

He really slammed it to her and came inside her. It lasted about five minutes. He pulled out his condom, slipped it off and threw it in the waste basket. He was spent. She was spent. She and her old man went back into the couples section where she had left her clothes.

Before she fucked the guy in the annex, the blond and her man had played a little in the couples section along side two other very good looking couples. The first couple was a young clean cut guy. His girl was a beautiful brunette with long hair and a sexy body- great legs small tits with big sensitive nipples. At first I wasn't sure if they were going to play. We tried not to scare them off. This was when it was just them and the blond with the big guy, the third couple hadn't shown up yet. When they did that's when things started to rock at The Paris.

  This third couple has been playing at The Paris all Autumn and summer. He is a good looking guy who wears his hair in a pony tail. She is a tall, sexy sweet strawberry blond who looks like the girl next door but likes to be fucked by the boys in the alley and made to do nasty things that would shock her hoity toity girl friends and she does all these guys at The Paris and still looks as fresh and whole some as a spring morning but covered with jizz instead of morning dew. She looks like Leslie Mann, the lady from "The Forty Year Old Virgin."

Saturday they got naked in the couples section and started fucking and sucking each other. The young couple was watching them and finally they started playing. Before long the brunette was topless and her man was sucking hard on her tits and she was stroking his cock. She got on her knees and started sucking him. The strawberry blond was also on her knees sucking off her man.It was early evening and three attractive couples were already playing in the couples section at The Paris Theater in Portland, Oregon.

It wasn't long before couple number one decided to take a break and leave for a while. Kevin James and his girl left shortly after she had fucked that guy so hard in the annex. That left Ponytail guy and his hot girl, Leslie Mann. They walked naked to the bedroom and she let the boys feel her up as she came through the crowd. They left the bedroom door open. He controlled the action. While the guys at the door waited, he fucked her and she sucked off three or four guys through the glory hole. She sucked and jacked each guy to completion and they either came down her throat or shot their loads on her sweet sunny face.

One guy with a dick the size of a tall boy beer can was invited in to fuck her. He went out to the lobby and got a magnum. When he got back to the bedroom , she was already kneeling on the bed with her lips around her man's cock and her ass up in the air. Magnum aka Coke Can got his slab hard and slipped it slowly into her wet tight pussy. She was moaning with pain and pleasure. She started sucking another guy through the glory hole so now she had dicks sliding in and out from either end. Finally she had to stop sucking the guys dick through the glory hole so she could concentrate on getting fucked. The sounds coming out of her were a mingle of deep pleasure, exquisite pain and rolling continuous orgasm.

The young dark haired couple had returned and were in the annex watching the strawberry blond getting fucked by CC . The scene made the girl so horny that she started to stoke her man. Guys started showing up inside of the annex, closing in on her. She and her man decided to move back to the couples section where they immediately started playing along side Seattle Exhibitionist couple.

Seattle Exhibitionist Couple had been in the couple section for awhile, playing naked , to the delight of the crowd. They had also been in Friday and a few times during the day. She has short styled hair, great legs, and a sweet natural pussy. She is lovely and sexy and gets more beautiful, the longer she plays in the theater . I think that getting naked, showing off and fucking a few guys who really turn her on is very good for her health. And his, too.

Friday, I watched her fuck a lucky good natured and very polite fellow in the bedroom. Afterwards her husband took out a flashlight and flashed it on to his wife's dripping wet pussy. Saturday night they were more into playing with the couples in the couples section and putting on a spotlight show. At one point, Saturday , there were three hot couples going at it in The Paris Couples Oasis.

The pretty young dark haired girl was getting her pussy eaten by Leslie Mann aka Strawberry Blond while she stroked and sucked her man's and the other guys dicks. The two couples did a complete switch and the girls sucked and got fucked side by side by each other's husbands. The young dark haired girl was really into it. She had so many hands fingers tongues and dicks on her that it was like a whirl wind. Actually it was just the one hot couple.

 Leslie Mann, aka Stawberry Blond, aka Sunday Girl, fresh from getting fucked in the bed room, was now playing with pretty dark haired girl, sucking her mans cock and dark haired girl's man's cock. She also got fucked hard and heavy by the young man. Each sexual encounter through out the evening made her more incoherent with lust. Towards the end they were playing with Seattle Exhibitionist couple. Her man was fucking her and SEC was playing with her. Leslie's man came inside of her and immediately Seattle Guy got between her legs and slipped his tongue into her come filled pussy. She was having orgasm on top of orgasm. I could see face contorted with unsustainable pleasure. Her final orgasm was like the high note in "The Star Spangled Banner." It was great theater sex.
Other scenes through out the night:
  • A woman who looked like a combination of Bristol Palin and Courtney Cox got completely naked and fucked her man in the couples section.
  • A single black lady, Tracy Chapman type came in and watched the movie. She didn't play while I was there but may have after I left. She had on tight blue jeans She had a nice round ass.
  • A group of three girls and two guys came in while the action was going full bore. Later two of them, a tall Tommy Lee type and a horny petitie blond with glasses , came back and played in the couples section. She had a sweet wet pussy and a gaping ass hole for such a tiny girl. Oh and she had a sexy, nasty look about her.
  • A young beautiful big big girl in a short black dress, sucked off and jacked off a whole bunch of ready fellows in The Paris Annex while her husband fingered her wet pussy. She was on her back on one of the benches with her tits out getting face fucked by cock after cock. She had a dick in each hand. Guys were coming on her milky breasts or into her pretty mouth. She was big, she was sexy and she was loving it.
The last two couples that I saw Friday missed each other by about five minutes. One was a hot Latina in a short skirt and her man and the other was a tall sexy Ann Coulter type blond with a dominant black gentleman. I've seen both couples play before but only when there are other couples present. Unfortunately Saturday, they came in after all the action had taken place and missed the other one's visit by a few unlucky minutes.
All in all it was a good Saturday at The Paris. Interestingly, there weren't a lot of the regulars in, and the crowd, for the most part, was very well behaved. The regular couples had a good time. The new couples had a good time. Hopefully the late night couples will give The Paris another try and get luckier on their next visit.
Now that is more like it, Portland.  This is the type of night that is expected by the 2009 reigning heavyweight champ of all adult theaters.  Hot action, well behaved patrons, and the top adult theater reporter in the country on the scene covering this thing of ours'.
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You will glad you did.