Friday, August 5, 2011

A Few Minutes With Dr. Emilio: He Brings A Knife, You Bring A Gun Edition

When we last left The Good Doctor, he found himself in the middle of a standoff..."I'm here to chew bubblegum and kick ass, and I'm all out of bubblegum."

Good day to you, and to all the ships at sea...Welcome to the latest edition of  "A Few Minutes With Dr. Emilio."  The format remains the same...A lead story, a few adult theater related news nuggets, maybe an opinion or two, and lastly a photo of The Good Doctor in a public place.

Let's get started, shall we?

"The Chicago Way"

The Chicago metropolitan area (aka Chicagoland) is lucky enough to have two very good, yet diverse adult theaters:  15th Avenue Adult Books and Theater in Melrose Park, IL, and CTs Adult Superstore in Gary, IN.  This thing of ours is going strong in these adult theaters, yet they attract a very different clientele, and the facilities themselves are just as different.

The reason behind this profile of "The Chicago Way" theaters is that both have had a great last few weeks of adult theater-related fun.  While The Good Doctor is not omnipresent, he can monitor the activity at both locations. Both have notification systems of what is happening and/or who just came in that go out to their respective Yahoo Group lists.  And the statistics team here at The Journal (OK, me) has noticed that the activity at both theaters is growing and growing.

Let The Good Doctor give you a thumbnail of each theater/ABS:

15th Ave Adult Books, Theater, and Spa
2125 N. 15th Ave., Melrose Park, IL

  • Large 65 Seat adult theater, with plenty of open space.  Large room behind the screen.
  • Large ABS
  • Arcade with 14 booths (approx.)
  • No gloryholes
  • Spa Area: Locker room, wet sauna, 6 private rooms for rent, and a bleacher seating area
  • Very clean
CTs Adult Superstore and Theater
4620 Industrial Highway, Gary, IN

  • Smaller theater area (20 seats), with exam table
  • 4 gloryhole booths
  • CTs is hardcore, and focused on gang bangs
  • Not for the timid
  • No frills
  • Very well-behaved guys
  • Terrific owner (Pete)

This coming weekend, August 5-6-7, there have been some announced visits by couples to both locations.  Look at the Coming Attractions section on the sidebar for more details.  For example, CTs has both WisWife4use (UPDATE 12 Noon cdt: WisWife4Use just cancelled for Friday night...Too sore from last nights's GB) and 'lil Blonde as making appearances on Friday 8/5.

15th Avenue is having the last 3 days of their Couples (boy/girl), T-Girls, and Single Women FREE promotion.  This was wildly popular last month, and it's repeated this month.

The Bottom Line: No matter what your taste is in this thing of ours, Chicagoland has an answer for you.  Experience what they have to offer, and report back to your old buddy in the white suit, The Good Doctor.

  • Per my good friend and colleague, Major Voyeur, there may have been LE activity at The Hustler Club and Adult Theater in Washington Park, IL (STL area) last weekend.  Can anyone confirm or deny?  If it did occur, details would be appreciated. Thanks.
  • Speaking of Major Voyeur, no one works his Twitter harder than he does (interpret any way you wish, then discuss).  Check out his Twitter feed HERE.
  • Remember to check out the new Dr. Emilio Adult Theater Database at the top of The Journal.  Click on the tab, then click on the image. You will be taken to the most current and up-to-date adult theater database on the net (please note: The database is adult theater centric. ABS only locations are not included).  I update it daily, and the database automatically updates itself as soon as I make a change or add a theater.  A reader (thank you to the lovely "J") suggested that everyone should print this out and keep it in their car's glove box. I couldn't agree more.  When was the last time your insurance card got you laid? A show of hands?  Thought so.
  • Speaking of the database, remember to vote on the right hand side of The Journal on whether it is a useful tool in this thing of ours. Thanks.
  • Reports. I need them. Bad.  Please e-mail me at Flash Reports (recent visits), Couple's Flash Reports, Field Reports (an overview of an adult theater, plus any action encountered), and Blasts From The Past (remembrances of outstanding times at an adult theater in the past).  The good readers of The Journal are hungry for your reports, as the pageview numbers illustrate.  Plus, I do the hard part...Editing, formatting, inserting photos.  All you have to do is type up what you saw, did, or both, provide a pen name, and we are off to the races.  Every week we add new contributors to the ranks of senior reporters like Brent in Portland, Bob in Biloxi, The Captain, Tomkat, and the list goes on... You are next.  Be large. Be a reporter at The Journal. Thanks again.
  • Since the last "Few Minutes" report, The Journal has surpassed half a million page views! Last month alone saw a 22% increase in traffic!  So thank you to all the good readers of The Journal!
  • The Good Doctor will be gassing up the Lizardo 3000 and heading to an adult theater this weekend.  If you see a guy that resembles The Good Doctor with a notebook in hand, introduce yourself. It may just be your old buddy in the white suit.
  • Gloryhole Nancy hits Adult Pleasures in Toledo tonight.  Please be nice and courteous to the other guys in attendance, and to Nancy.
  • The Summit News Adult Theater in Warren, OH continues to amaze me with the action it is seeing.  It rivals CTs in the hardcore adult theater category. Any theater that has a regular female attendee named Turboslut is good by me.
  • Coming soon to The Journal: Field Report on The Playhouse in Tampa, a new By the Numbers with the Good Doctor, Bob in Biloxi's weekly update, a tale of dogging at an adult theater parking lot, and a classic Brent in Portland report.
That's it kids...The Good Doctor needs to get to the dry cleaners and pick up next week's white suits.  Have a great weekend, play safe, and pretty please, submit a report.


PS. The first person to correctly guess the origin of this week's "When we last left The Good Doctor" situation via Twitter gets a shout out/RT.  No fair Googling it.

Coming Attraction: More Fun @ CTs in Gary On The Way Friday Night 8/5/11

Doc here with another advance notice from a couple that will be visiting CTs Adult Theater in Gary, IN on Friday 8/5/11.

Here are the details:

Who:    "Little Hot Blonde" - 5'2", 118 lbs.

What:   Gang Bang

Where: CTs Adult Theater, 4620 Industrial Highway, Gary, IN

When:  Around 9PM

Quote from the Couple: "My wife will be there Friday night.  5'2" 118 lbs sweet and petite. Ask Pete  we were there July 23rd and she loved it!  We plan to be there about 9 pm.  She wants to be gang banged and then everybody try to cover her tits with cum. She is a hot lil blonde with a tight pussy. She also wants me to bend her over the table and fuck her while she sucks another. I think we will all fuck her awhile like that." 

Field Report: Romantix After Dark, Council Bluffs, IA by ITravel69

Doc here with an informative Field Report from Journal reader, ITravel69. He wrote The Good Doctor with an adult theater missing from the Dr. Emilio Adult Theater Database, and it was so detailed, it deserved it's own Field Report.

Kudos sir!

Here is his Field Report:


Hey Doc,
Wanted to have you add a theater to your database in Iowa. Here is the information for you.

Name: Romantix After Dark
Address: 50662 189th ST
City: Council Bluffs
State: IA
Type: Both
Couple: Yes
Section: No
Hours: 24/7
Report: Yes

My notes: Theater is a 16 seat theater with a small booth area in the back for multiple people to play. Is mostly used right now by gays to jerk their buddies off. Cost of the theater is $7 for singles, $10 for couples. The ABS also has a private viewing booths for couples to sit and watch a video of their choice from the selection of videos throughout the store that is separate from the Arcade. These booths are big enough to have a small threesome in.

Enclosed is a diagram of the theater and here is a good Yahoo! group for local members can join to help with the theater.


Doc here again... A huge thank you to ITravel69 and his update for the database.  If you have an adult theater I have missed, PLEASE email me at Follow ITravel69's example, and you will be golden.

Thanks again!