Saturday, January 7, 2012

Couples Flash Report! M&S @ The Art Cinema In Hartford (with 4 NEW Pics!)

Doc here with a dynamite Couples Flash Report from senior correspondents, M&S.  The scene of this report is their usual haunt, The Art Cinema in Hartford, CT (details in the Dr. Emilio's Adult Theater Database at the top of the homepage).

Here is M&S and their outstanding account of Friday night. January 6th at The Art Cinema.


We got to the Art a few minutes before 8 last night and the owner told us there were already 3 couples up in the balcony. So up we went.

1 Couple was fucking and sucking in the lit play area where we like to also sit, the other 2 couples were in the darker seats doing the same.We grabbed a couple seats under the lights, got naked and started to play. Soon the other 2 couples came up to the lit seats also.

There was lots of ass eating,s ucking and fucking going on! 2 Couples left the theater, as a hot blonde couple we had talked to on e-mail from Boston showed up, as well as a good looking brunette couple. Those 4 joined us in the lit seats.

Soon the blonde guy was eating and fucking his lady while the brunette couple was fucking and sucking all the while I'm filling my ladies pussy.The blonde guy asked the other guy if he would like some head from the blonde gal. Then he was eating the dark haired girls ass and fingering her as her man got some great head.WOW, what a show!

Then the blonde couple went downstairs, so the blonde could get some more cock from the single guys. Meanwhile 3 other couples came upstairs but 2 of them recognized each other so they didn't play (LOL). The 3rd couple watched the fun but never got involved.

After about 45 min the 3 non-playing couples left (too bad they all were hot). By 9:30 the blondes had left the theater, so it was just us and the dark haired couple fucking upstairs - great fun. Then they took some pics for us to send in to you (ed. note: Thank you!). Not great pics, but you get the point (lol).

About 10pm the dark haired couple left and we were also calling it a night. As we were talking to the owner, a couple we later found out had driven in from Long Island showed up. They went upstairs just for a few minutes but it was now empty. So they came downstairs where he put her on her hands and knees and gave her a great fucking as she sucked other guys cocks. She was an attractive BBW and her man was tall and athletic built.We watched the show for a while and left.

Total couples last night was 9 or 10.You just can't beat The Art's balcony for couples fun! 

As always,


Doc here again... I wish some of the other remaining adult theaters had a balcony, as this type of scene would be repeated in each one of them.  Nonetheless, this is what makes The Art a go-to adult theater in this thing of ours.

Reports are still needed kids... Just e-mail me direct at I will turn it around as soon as I can.