Monday, August 8, 2016

Flash Report! The Return of Joe the Cabdriver (and the Michigan Adult Theater Scene)

Doc here, a man who some say once bounced on a pogo stick for 14 hours straight before being spooked by a large bug.

At last month's Beach Blanket Bango Party at 15th Ave. in Chicago, I met for the first time regular contributor Joe the Cabdriver.  Joe had the look of a starving man at a buffet, with so much going on around him, he had his choice of dishes to savor.

Joe also could not have been any nicer a guy. We had a great conversation about the Michigan adult theater scene before I had to prepare to MC the sexy outfit contest at the event.

With that being said, let's welcome back to The Journal Joe the Cabdriver!


Hi Doc,

It's Joe The Cabdriver with a long over due update from Grand Rapids, Michigan and West Michigan scene in general. 

Goddamn! I've been on a porn theater tear as of a late, having extra money and extra time to take up one of my favorite hobbies once again. I've definately been making up for lost time.

Nothing new to report from Grand Rapids itself. The Cini-Mini on Plainfield and Adult XXX Superstore on Division are still devoid of couples, still pathetic, at least if you're looking for This Thing Of Ours. The Cini-Mini is actually a nice place, remodeled, and doesn't smell like pee anymore. Most shenanigans happen in the bathroom, which has porn playing in the stalls. The Division XXX has a small store, no booths, a lounge, and a back area for shenanigans. I did happen to see a really old man bring a really methed-out woman in there. Other than that, no action. Sad sad sad.

I have been making ventures to the Odyssey in Muskegon. Attached to a small all nude strip club with very friendly dancers, the theater is a clean, nice facility; with a straight and gay theater, booths with gloryholes, a lounge with many couches, and two TV's playing straight porn above a stage (I'm assuming the room is used as a secondary strip club of sorts). It also features a small private room for couples; with TV, couch, and glass window with curtain. I did not see any couple's action in the theater the few times I visited, though it does cater to and attract them. Hopefully my luck will change this weekend.