Wednesday, May 12, 2010

A Brent Report! Hot Mid-Week Action @ The Paris in Portland, OR

Brent, circa 2010

Doc here with what is always a treat...Brent from Portland is without peer when it comes to reporting the adult theater scene.  No one else can paint a picture of the events inside a sexually charged auditorium the way he has over the years.

So, hot off the presses, is the latest from the top shelf of "this thing of our's", Brent:

 I've been catching more good theater sex action on the so called "slow nights' recently. Last Thursday at The Paris Theater, for example , Joyous was in and out a few times through the night and the old men and the boys were in and out of her. She hadn't been at The Paris in a while and it was good to see and feel her again. After she left one more couple came in about ten minutes before closing. Ever the host, Ray kept the theater open for them. She was a very cute young girl. She had a soft curvy body and real nice tits. She looked like she came from an exotic South Pacific Island, like Bali Hi. She was a little shy at first but she and her man soon got into it. He got her completely naked and laid her on the bench. She let the guys touch her breasts and skin but I think she only let her lover put his fingers in her. then she reached behind her through the slats and jacked off some of the guys that were standing near. She was so wet, her pussy sounded like someone jumping on a water bed. She soaked the bench with her pussy juices when she climaxed.

On Sunday, Mothers Day, one couple came in early in the evening. She had dark brown hair and a nice body. She reminded me of Sarah Silverman. I wasn't sure if they were going to do anything. The theater was quiet, almost like a regular movie theater. After about 40 minutes they began to make out. She stroked his cock. There is nothing sexier than a womans slender hands around a cock, preferably yours . Its even sexier when a woman's well manicured hands are wrapped around two dicks that belong to two complete strangers and she is wearing gold jewelry and an expensive wedding ring. And she has on a dress. And she has tanned bare legs and shes spread them wide open. And she is wearing open toed "come fuck me" high heels. And she's doing it in a bar, restaurant, movie theater or night club. Now thats sexier than a good girl on Quaalude.

Anyway, to get back to Sunday, the couple eventually stripped off all their clothes and put on a great show fucking and sucking in front of a group of very appreciative men. She was especially animated and a glow while they fucked and sucked, naked in front of everybody. But, If you had been impatient and left you would have missed their erotic display.

I didn't go to the Paris Theater on Monday. I was tired out from the long weekend. I heard that a man brought a young woman in to play and she eventually ended up fucking and sucking about ten Monday Men. I also heard that a very attractive black couple came in and fucked and sucked each other in the couples section while a crowd of horny yet polite gentlemen looked on.

Last night, Tuesday, was actually pretty busy. When I got there there were three couples and all of them were in the general area. One was a big couple- okay looking and very big. They ended up fucking in the bedroom. She had smooth skin and great tits. The other couple was young and kept to themselves. They left shortly after I arrived. The third couple has been coming in for years. She is a dark haired woman, with a nice face,a pretty good body, big swinging tits and a tendency to expel air. She is very horny and loves to fuck multiple numbers of men ' Last night she walked around the theater and let guys play with her titls. Then she stuck her naked ass in the air while she sucked her old man's cock and waited. The first guy to step up fucked her the longest and the hardest. he also talked dirty to her, asking her if she wanted more cocks and if she liked getting fucked by a bunch of hard dicks. She grunted affirmatively.

I've noticed that when a woman is really getting fucked it's sometimes hard for her to speak in complete sentences. Ladies, if you can carry on a complete conversation with someone on the phone while your husband or boyfriend is fucking you, then it might be time to find a new lover. Two more guys fucked K after the talker got through with her. One was a young black man with a good sized young black cock.

All in all I think she had a pretty good night.

The best action at The Paris on Tuesday caught me by surprise. A beautiful young woman, probably in her early twenties came in to the theater. She was dark haired, copper skinned, tall with great legs, a great ass and firm upstanding breasts. She had on jeans and a shirt. Her hair was medium short and curly. She was very well put together. She reminded me of Keisha Castle Hughes, the girl who starred in The Whale Rider back in 2002. Hey, maybe it was her! I'm not sure if she was with the guy she ended up with, if they met there or if it was a random encounter. My guess is they knew each other and had arranged to meet there.

They watched the movie for a couple of hours. She kept going out and coming back. They moved their seats a couple of times. The guy she was with was jacking off and a couple of guys came by and jacked off near her, including Coke Can with his big slab out. But she didn't seem to be paying attention and she definitely wasn't doing anything. Finally they ended up in the couples section and no one was paying any attention to them or at least not blatantly. Then they started making out and she started to stroke his dick. He turned towards her and started caressing her tits. I thought "Wow,I'm glad I didn't leave. From that point on it just got better and better. All of this time she had been getting more and more turned on in the atmosphere of The Paris, a little dangerous and kinky yet not overwhelming. It had finally turned her on enough to start playing. Eventually she ended up wearing nothing but a mesh dress. (I guess she had come to play after all). Her naked body under the big mesh was incredible. He finger fucked her while she tweaked her big hard nipples. She arched her back and stretched her long tanned legs like a lioness. She was as wet and horny as a marsh full of toads. She was completely into her man, oblivious to the other men in the theater yet she had to know we were there. She was vocal in her passion, instructing him in a very sexy voice to "touch me, right there. Oh it feels so good." He went down on her and ate her beautiful pussy and clit while he finger fucked her. Finally she cried "Fuck me, pleeeze uh." in a voice that trailed off in ecstasy

By this time she had the undivided attention of the entire theater. Her naked back was towards us as she rode up and down on her lovers cock- grinding into his groin. One guy was practically in the couples section trying to see better. Another couple came in and watched for a while. They ended up in the bedroom. I saw a few guys follow them but I stayed in my seat. The young couple had stopped fucking. She had gotten a little bit freaked when she realized everybody had been watching her, like she had been awakened from an erotic dream by her alarm clock. But for about twenty minutes or so she had put on one of the most exciting displays of adult theater sex passion that I had seen in a long time (at least two days). And they were still there when I left the theater just around midnight...Brown Sugar.
Doc here again... Vintage Brent.  Hope you enjoyed his report.