Thursday, September 26, 2013

Flash Report! One Shot @ 15th Avenue Adult Theater & Spa in Chicago on 9/21

Doc here with a terrific Flash Report from an adult theater near and dear to your old friend's heart: 15th Avenue Adult Theater & Spa in Chicago's western suburbs (address in the database).  Regular contributor One Shot has stepped up to the free throw line, with a 3 to make 2.
Take it away, sir!
Hi Doc,
I’m older and I’ve been in this thing for a while. It takes a lot to blow me away. But Saturday afternoon (9/21) was that kind of day.
I heard there was a pickup game over at 15th Ave Bookstore & Theater. So, old One Shot headed out to join the fun. The lot was full of cars. That, however, isn’t always the perfect indicator but it usually portends good things to come. I step into the theater, let my eyes adjust – aka scan the couples section—and there was no one there. But behold the familiar sounds of my kind of game. The live moans drifted upward, floating in the air with the sounds on the screen. In this thing of ours it’s the call of the wild.
For those who don’t know, the movie screen at 15th is, well, like being at the movies. And the room behind the screen is a dimly lit play box. It’s not tiny but it can fill up quite quickly when things get cooking. I walked in and the game was in progress. A bbw and another sexy chick with tats were on the massage table. The bbw was sitting on the edge of it sucking cock like a hoover. Good lord that woman had focus! The sexy chick was taking her man’s cock from behind and waiting for cock in her mouth. Believe me she didn’t have to wait long.
15th Avenue Adult Theater & Spa
Now the guys at 15th are well behaved for the most part. But they have a tendency to gawk like stalkers. They crowd around, which is great for women who like to be watched by the wolf pack, as they are endearingly referred to, but guys standing there jacking it with a glazed look in their eyes can be off-putting to some.
In this instance there was a huddle in the corner of the room. The pack was staring, the dull glow in their eyes letting me know they were more into watching than touching. So I cut into the line of self-serve cocks and oh my God!!!!!! Two gorgeous women were making out in the corner. One had on heels and a black top and dress. The other beauty had on a blazer and jeans, a playful scarf wrapped around her neck. They delicately exchanged tits and tongues in mouths. One of the milf’s husbands eventually joined in. He, a handsome black guy, moved her scarf to the side and nibbled her neck. He looked like a vampire toying with his prey, while she caressed his wife’s face as the wife nuzzled her breasts.
Don’t want to lose my man card here, but the energy between them was awesome. It wasn’t just theater fun, Doc., it was magic. They looked like they were ready to make love. And I gotta’ tell you, nothing says lovin’ like beautiful lips on tits. Imagine a high school make out session with the smoothness and ease of mature hands and welcoming lips. It was sensual! It was utterly Roman!
You didn’t want to touch. You didn’t want to bother them at all. You just couldn’t penetrate the magic. So I stood there with the pack. I don’t know how long, maybe a minute maybe an hour, that glazed look finally overtaking me. My zipper at some point opened, and I took my one shot, right in my hand.
You know what? That day I understood the wolf pack. For a few moments there was nothing I could do but watch. Freakin’ beautiful, really it was….
One Shot

Doc here again... Many thank to One Shot for his outstanding report.  One Shot, while not contributing that often, makes it count when her does.  I like his writing style and pacing, as he transports you to the middle of the scene he is witnessing. Keep up the great work, One Shot!