Monday, January 30, 2012

Flash Report! Bob in Biloxi's Double-Header Weekend (featuring Maya)

Doc here with a great "two-fer" report from our good friend, Bob in Biloxi.  This Friday/Saturday double-header is the stuff of legendary weekends, and it once looks like Bob struck gold.

First, a quick back story...

Among other things, The Good Doctor has helped connect interested parties at various adult theaters and ABSs across the country since The Journal started in 2009.  And why not?  The Good Doctor sees himself as the flight control tower in this thing of ours, where I can help open a dialog between interested parties who want to party at adult theaters or ABSs across the USA and Canada.

This was the case with the star of Bob in Biloxi's Friday Report... Maya, who is now a contributing reporter here at The Journal, had some questions for Bob.  I put these two crazy kids in contact with each other, and presto-chango, they met Friday night in Biloxi.

Here is Bob and his recap of this past Friday and Saturday night in Biloxi...


Hi Doc,

I must have soloed under a lucky star... Friday night I got to meet Ms. Maya, who will from now on be known as Princess Maya. ZZ Top has a song that describes her to a T: She’s hot as pepper, smooth as a Mexican brew!

Princess Maya showed up at our little ABS in Biloxi on her way to points unknown and a cruise. She was dressed in a short white shirt, black stretch top and high heels that said "I will fuck your brains out and leave you begging for more."

The Real Maya
Upon entering, believe me as all eyes were on her. That distinctive click of her high heels and away to the booths she went. Yours truly was lucky enough to get a booth next to her, after salutations were exchanged, she showed off her lithe little body to me. She is 5’6 or so, maybe 110lbs, with perky tits and smooth little bubble ass!! Princess Maya has dark hair cut in the Betty Boop style but longer, and everything about her drips sex. She has a erotic accent that I cannot place now.

Now down to business... I passed her a condom and she proceeded to suck my cock until it was nice and hard. I didn’t even feel her put on the condom but after she was satisfied I was nice and hard, she took it off and put another one on (this one however was latex, and yours truly is highly allergic to latex). That’s why I always use polyurethane condoms, however she didn’t know that because I failed to tell her.

With the latex in place she backed that beautiful ass up to the hole and let me tell you Doc, Princess Maya has the tightest little pussy on the planet. In fact, I really thought it was her ass! Her pussy made a distinctive pop when she pushed back, it was an OMG moment: hot, tight and she was really pushing the wall with her ass! Princess Maya is one vocal woman too! I did get to cum before all hell broke loose with my cock. When I noticed that it was a latex condom, I made a bee line for the restroom to wash but it was too late. He was all red and swollen and in dire pain.

Was it worth it to meet Princess Maya? You bet your ass it was. She did two other guys before leaving, and even gave me a hug before speeding off into the night. Thank you Princess!!

On Saturday, our theater had one couple - They are regulars, so no action that I’m aware of there. Different story at the ABS, as there were three couples that showed there.

One couple came in, and again I was lucky to get the booth next to them on the first try. The lady was blonde, about 5’4 and maybe 100lbs, short blonde hair, she was wearing a black cat suit (google it) with high heels. Medium size boobs and a killer ass that begged you to fuck it. Turns out, that’s exactly what she wanted too, a good ole fashioned ass fucking.

This one however wasn’t into sucking, she simply stroked and caressed you hard then with a tap made you pull it back and sheath up and return to the hole. Upon which she would guide my hard cock into her very tight asshole. I could hear her moaning on the other side of the wall, and she would slowly move off my cock, then slam her ass hard back down it hitting the wall with her cheeks.

I tried to think of baseball, football, or  anything that would make this experience last longer, but to no avail. I unloaded while trying to hang on to the top of the wall or I would have fallen right to the floor since my knees were shaking so bad.

This lady sure liked being banged in the ass, and she had already took on two more guys by the time I got out of the restroom. I don’t know how long they stayed, and I was whipped and its still a two hour drive home, so I left at 11 pm.

Two excellent nights on the coast Doc, thanks in part to Princess Maya and an ass fucking Blonde !!! Can’t wait until next weekend!!



Doc here again... Thanks again to senior reporter Bob in Biloxi, and to the beautiful Maya for stopping by Biloxi and being the subject of Bob's report.  I think all parties will view this as a win/win, including you, the good readers of The Journal.

I am still in critical need of adult theater reports.  Just send your reports to Peter Venkman The Good Doctor at I will edit, format, and drop in a few photos for you.  You supply the report and a pen name. 

Try it!