Sunday, May 5, 2013

The Big Shield's "To Protect and To Serve Tour": Stop 1 - Dallas

Doc here with the first stop in The Big Shield's "To Protect and To Serve Tour". 

This first stop was in Dallas, home to The Lido Adult Theater and the new Xposed Adult Theater.

Take it away, sir.


Hey Doc,

The Big Shield conducted recon visits to Dallas' Lido and Xposed Theaters on Thursday, May 2nd and there were some things to report out to the loyal readers.

I touched down at DFW airport in the mid afternoon and was very shocked to learn that it was as cold as a witch's tit in the big D. The wind was strong and temperature hovered in the upper 40' much for ladies in next to nothing coming to play that night - or so I thought. I finished my business engagements in the early evening then after a quick shower I headed over to the theater area. The theaters are close together - one might say that they are within a nice strolls distance.

The Lido Adult Theater
Dallas, TX
Previous reports here suggested that The Lido would be the more likely of the two places to find experienced/less shy couples and single women so I went there first. Lido may be feeling the pinch of the infinitely nicer and more posh Xposed on their traffic because they seem to be undergoing a remodel.

Thursday nights ladies get in free after 6pm and single guys are $11 I'm unsure of the price for couples - they are posted but since it didn't apply to me, I simply did not think to look down or up on the price board. The down sides - there is no in and out privileges so if you need to eat do so before you go - or be prepared to pay another $11 to get in and the clerks while not unfriendly did not seem to want to tell me if there were any ladies or couples inside. So because this visit was truly supposed to be a recon I paid my $11 and made my way up to the straight theater on the second floor.

There were guys kind of hanging out in the private viewing rooms and there was a lady and what I assumed a newly found friend talking on one of the couches outside of the theater door. As I approached the door, the lady tugged at her friend's crotch and off to a private room they went. There was no indication that others looming in the hall were going to be a part of that party I kept it moving into the theater.

Inside the theater there was 1) a corny plotted movie playing, a group of guys in the back flogging each others dolphins, and an older (60's) threesome (2 men and a women) sitting in the middle row on the right. The two guys were playing with her pussy and making her come over and over again. With each orgasm, the lady screamed louder and louder. I, like several others that were not a part of the flog the dolphin crew, just watched as there was not much else to do other than watch the corny film.

After having cum several times, the lady who was less than 5 feet tall and all of about 100 pounds stood up with her mate and they left the theater and went back to hang out in the hallway.

Deciding that the film didn't interest me much and tired of hearing slurping sounds from the back I went to see what the video setup was like in the private rooms. I enter the room and go to close the door behind me only to notice that the older couple have followed me and are at the door. The lady turns out to be a SJWTF which was cool. I exposed the Big Shield for her to talk to for a bit and the man says she only sucks and fucks with a condom. I'm totally cool with that and only fuck that way myself, but seeing as to how this was a recon visit, I had to run downstairs to get some rubbers...

I returned with the rubbers and she proceeds to nibble on the Big Shield as she had a very small mouth. Wanting to fuck, I tried to split her doggie style and missionary but sometimes the 60 year old kitten simply isn't ready to fuck a mid 40 year old horse if you get my drift... So I thanked her for trying and the Big Shield was on his way to Xposed.

Now Xposed is a very clean and nice establishment. The staff seems very friendly and informed that there was a couple in the back when I arrived. It is quite pricey on the weekends $30-40, but on a weeknight it is $12 for single guys and it has in and out privileges just hold onto your receipt which is good for 8 hours.

I made my way into the larger (straight) theater but all I saw was a single dude pleasing himself to the beat of the movie on the screen. The movie was actually ok and the set up is very nice with couches situated in a square so that people can play and watch without having to strain their necks.

After watching about 5 minutes of the movie a threesome with a 6 foot MILF from an adjoining sitting area that I did not know existed. The lady was a 40ish long haired brunette with next to nothing on under a black jacket, and her mate was a little older and a little shorter. The 3rd wheel was a tall dark skinned guy. As they passed me, the lady of the outfit winked and smiled at me. Not wanting to appear as the horny guy from theater, I gave them a second to leave the theater area, but upon my casual pursuit it appeared as I was too late as there was no sign of the threesome nor sounds coming from the private rooms that were just outside of the main theater doors. But hey, it was a recon visit so I decided to grab a bite to eat and report back to the good Doc as to what I found.

I grabbed a bite and remembered that Doc was in need of a picture of Xposed so I doubled back to take a picture, but due to electronic issues I was unable to get the pictures. I noticed that in the car next to me was a couple so I figure the hell with it, I have in and out privileges, so I exit my car and so too does the couple whom are the couple with the MILF from the threesome that had earlier vanished in thin air like a fart in the wind.

I made my way to the theater as did the couple and several other guys that just seemed to appear out of thin air, and before I know it the mate has the MILF spread eagle on the couch devouring her nicely shaven pussy and clit. Then there are like 14 hands rubbing all over her body and (while I did not hear a single person ask) all 14 hands had a piece of skin and she was enjoying every second of every minute of it.

So she is spread eagle being eaten, there are 14 hands on her body and there are 7 cocks out. And wouldn't you know she goes after the BIG SHIELD with her right hand and she is beating it for like 10 minutes. At some point during this 10 minute period, another hard cock ends up in her left hand and her mate stops eating her to give another guy a taste of her pussy. Enjoying the hand job but wanting her lips on the Shield after she had spend time sucking on my thumb, I moved one part of the sectional out of my way so that I could give her better access. She told her mate that she wanted to suck my dick but for some reason or other he apparently told her no via a whisper in the ear.

He then lifts her leg for all to get a great look at her tantalizing pussy but more so that I would be between her legs. We spent a couple of minutes deciding if she was going to suck me first of fuck me. Finally her mate helps her up off of the couch and she turns her back to me and bends over. I slapped her ass with my cock several times, put a condom on and absolutely split her in half in a very pleasurable way. With all of the pre-activities it would not be long before I exploded but I wanted to make sure that she got a full feel of the depth and breadth of the Shield so I stopped and pulled out a few times. I was hopeful that she would tell me that she wanted the protective juices of the Shield on her body or in her mouth but other than the grasps and shrieks of my thrust, I heard nothing more from her.....condom off And not having permission I did what any gentleman would do I turned and hit the wall several feet away instead on her without her permission.

After I was done, the cock that was in her left hand was allowed to fuck her to completion also doggie styled like TBS before him - but he having seen my mess, kept his condom on and came inside of her. The other 4 guys, her mate not included were waiting for their turn when she announced that she was done. I guess 1 Big Shield was about all that the Doc had prescribed for her.

Well Doc, I have a plane to catch back to parts unknown....So until next time, may the Big Shield be with her, whomever she may be.


Doc here again... Many thanks to senior reporter The Big Shield for the first of many reports from the field on this tour.  Keep your eye out for The Big Shield's Tour cruiser above.