Thursday, June 14, 2012

Flash Video! Gloryhole Nancy Reveals 2 New Video Clips!

Doc here... I want you to ask yourself one question: Who's your buddy?  The answer is The Good Doctor.

Why is this?  Well, I have not one, but two video clips of the lovely Gloryhole Nancy doing her thing at the gloryhole.

As always, a huge thank you to Nancy and her guy, T for the clips.  Nancy is the stuff dreams are made of... And if you want to reach out to them (if you are in the Detroit area), you can e-mail them HERE.  Nancy is always looking for well hung gentlemen to entertain.



Buenas dias Doc! 

We were just going over the ton of footage we have collected over the last couple of years and wanted to send these clips in to you and the faithful followers.  Nothing too fancy, just Nancy doing what she does best. Actually, you can probably consider these bloopers as Nancy never invited them back as they both lied about their cock size (HAHA). 

Take care Doc and we'll of course keep in touch. We'll be in Indiana today for business so we might be shooting up to Kalamazoo on our way back. If we're correct we think there is a bookstore there (or Battlecreek maybe?) Time to consult Doc's  database....:)

T & N