Saturday, May 19, 2012

Flash Report! Professor 7x6 Hits The Valley Of The Sun

Doc here with the latest from our good friend, Professor 7x6.  The Good Professor is a wise man, but on this latest trip, he was not a lucky man.

Here is Professor 7x6 and the latest from Arizona, and Missouri...



I've nothing redeeming to report.  My Wichita trip fell through, but Phoenix set up well with a full Sunday to prowl.  However, Sunday evening was spoken for with a craigs list hookup so i can't say if    things improved Sunday night in Phoenix.  I noticed later on the Yahoo site that Old Marine Corps Guy had reported hot and heavy action at Personal Preference in Mesa just the day before.  Just like comedy, it's all about timing.

Several come and goes to the Adult Cinema # 2 on Holly Street, and a road trip to Mesa to Personal Preference were devoid of vagina sightings Sunday afternoon.  The Wednesday afternoon/evening report is the same.  Move along, nothing to see here :(.

I have a quasi-report on Vegas Video near Joplin MO.  I lucked into a sighting of  a hot Jane Fonda type with an older guy on a Wednesday noon driveby.  I didn't even see her at first in the darkness, then saw this slender form bobbing in his lap.  I knelt down and felt the boobs, and still wasn't sure if this was a TG or what.  They were perfect B-cups and if they were fake, they were damn good ones. 

She climbed in his lap facing him and I reached under to a sweet honey hole and had some fun for a minute or two before they took a break.  She put on a pair of Daisy Dukes and a skimpy top and went out for a smoke break.   I couldn't stay and play, but they said he aid they would be back the next week.  When I checked it the next week, he was alone and I learned she was on the clock, and he comes in with different ones.  I have no issue with clock-watchers, but to the Professor, if it isn't done for the fun/thrill/excitement, then it isn't the real deal.

Based on Craig's List postings, and the occasional scout report, they do get some couples play there on weekend nights.  It is too close to home for the Prof to frequent, but if I get a real report, I'll duly submit it to the Doctor.

I don't know when the next upload will be.  No travel scheduled.

Prof 7x6


Thanks again to Professor 7x6 for his take on Arizona's and Missouri's scene in this thing of ours.  Timing is everything, and sometimes it's good, but when it's bad, it's brutal.

Hang in there Prof...


Flash Report! Szabo Visits The Lido Adult Theater in Dallas

Doc here with a first time reporter, Szabo, and his report on one of The Good Doctor's favorite adult theaters, The Lido in Dallas, TX.

The Lido is possibly the cleanest adult theaters in the country. With a ton of off-street parking in it's huge lot, huge ABS downstairs, and an 80+ seat smaller theater downstairs.  However, the real fun is upstairs at The Lido.

16 large private rooms, two lounge areas with flat screen TVs, and a large 100+ seat main theater.

In any case, here is Szabo and his report from The Lido in Dallas.


Lido Theater Review Dallas 05/10/2012

Being from San Diego, I was in Dallas for business last week. Checked out the theater reviews and saw that the Lido in Dallas had the potential to be hopping on a Thursday night. Quick Google search showed it to be about 2 miles from the hotel where I was staying. Ok I guess I will walk to the theater.

Found the parking lot packed with cars, which you just don’t see in the San Diego theaters. Went inside and paid my money. Checked out the downstairs theater and there were only a couple of guys in there. Went upstairs and got buzzed through the door. I was met by a bunch of guys that were cruising the hall way and hanging out in the door ways of the viewing rooms. Rooms were very large with a huge flat couches. Could get 15 people in there. Bunch of people in and out of the rooms and at the end of the hall way was the theater.

The Lido
Dallas, TX c. 2010
I went in and sat down, glancing around to check out the scene. A very large fem black guy sat down next to me looking like he wanted some action. Not my type. Went to the front of the room and a not so attractive CD sat down and starting playing with his dildo stretching himself for some later action.

I got up and stood by the back wall to observe some more. A young couple came in and she stripped down and started blowing her man, and he was allowing others to grab some ass. She finally sat on his lap and a few minutes of bouncing later they got dressed and left. Several more couples came in and one very well dressed and attractive black couple sat in the front row with the woman pulling her dress up so her husband could play with her.

About then an older couple came in, probably in their late 60’s to maybe 70 and sat down. She was only about 5’3 and her husband was 6’3 and he had some handicap that made it hard to walk. I sat down 2 chairs away from the husband and he gave me the eye. He asked me why the hell I was sitting next to them and to get lost.

I told him that I was from California and heard that this was the place to be for some fun and I all I wanted to do was talk and ask them about Dallas.

This was a smart move, as after a few minutes of conversation he motioned me to move over to the other side next to his wife. She was very sweet and I wondered why the hell they were there unless he was unable to satisfy her.

So the husband unbuttons her blouse to reveal some pretty nice breasts. Her skin was magnificent, not at all wrinkly, just soft and warm. He motions at me to suck on them which I was glad to do. By then we have a crowd around us watching the action and a few hands fondling her breasts also. Since she was wearing only a thin blouse and a jeans skirt, access was very good.  After 10 minutes of this I see his hand between her legs, which were shaved smooth and the skin was like butter. I could tell he was finger banging her and pulled his finger out and licked it with a big smile. He then motioned me to go for the honey pot.

I softly and slowly rubbed on her ultra-smooth legs and worked my way north to the pot of gold. She was not shaved, but her pussy hair was very soft and thin. She lifted her ass up and slid her shirt around her waist revealing her mound glistening in the glow of the ambient light from the movie that was playing.. I ran my fingers in between her thighs and easily found the source of her moistness. Her clit was engorged, and as I lightly ran my fingers over it, she moaned loudly. I spent considerable time massaging her legs and lips, but purposely avoiding her clit. By this time she was unable to sit still and her hips were bucking like crazy. She grabbed my hand and thrust it onto her clit.

I looked at her husband who was really enjoying this, and he motioned to me to lick her pussy. I was glad to oblige. She spread her little legs as wide as they would go and grabbed me by the back of the head and pushed my head as hard as she could into her pussy. She was incredibly tight and I had a hard time getting my finger inside.  Was only a minute or so before she had an incredible orgasm. This one flowed into the next one and then into another one. There had to be 15 people standing all around stroking themselves enjoying the show.

Her hubby asked me if I wanted to fuck her. "Of course", I replied.

She stood up and pulled down her skirt and buttoned her blouse and exited the theater with me in tow. Her hubby found an unoccupied viewing room and we closed the door. Stuck $5 in the machine and she undressed again in full light. She was really about 70 and very hot! I could not believe it I was going to fuck my grandmother. She was so sexy and had really taken care of herself. She was sitting down on the couch and looking directly at my cock dripping with precum. My shorts were soaking wet. She looked like she wanted to suck it, but didn’t. Her husband asked me if I had a condom to which I replied I did not, but would go downstairs and buy one. Threw my clothes back on and ran down, got a condom and some lube.

Up stairs her husband greeted me at the door as he was standing watch. She was lying on her back with her legs spread awaiting my arrival. I decided to try another oral orgasm and went down on her again. After all the moment was slightly dampened by the delay to get the condom. It did not take too much licking to send her over the edge again writhing about on the couch.

I quickly put the condom on and she sat up with a slightly glazed look staring at my cock covered in its thin sheath. She placed her hand on it stroking me slowly, but seemed concerned. I am not that big, but she was tiny. I asked her if she wanted me to use the lube to which she replied “please”. Our fucking unfortunately did not last long (my fault) as I spent the previous hour and a half working on her and getting pretty worked up myself. She came 2 more times during our session.

It feels pretty weird to fuck a total stranger who I don’t even know her name and then say “Thank you”. I walked outside and noticed the clock. Crap it was 1:30 am and I had an hour walk back to the hotel and had to at the morning meeting at 7:30am.

I better sleep fast. I know my next trip to Dallas will include a Thursday night at the Lido.


Doc here again... Thanks for an outstanding first time report on The Lido, Szabo!  Thursday nights @ The Lido are the best time for single guys to visit?  Why?  Because on Friday or Saturday nights, single guys are not allowed upstairs unless you want to purchased a VIP ticket for ...wait for it... $150!  Thus, Thursday nights are so popular for single guys looking for couples at The Lido.

The Good Doctor still needs your adult theater reports... Please send them along to me at I will edit, format, and drip in a pic or two, and you get the byline!



(BTW, comments are open for this report!)