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Round 5: Top 3 Adult Theater Women - Old Marine Corps Guy on "Suzie Slut"

Doc here with Round 5 of the Top 3 Adult Theater Women.  This entry is from frequent collaborator Old Marine Corps Guy.  OMCG moderates a terrific Yahoo Group, "Arizona Adult Theater Spots" (, and is a veteran of "this thing of our's", as well as our country's. His reports are no-nonsense, and full of good info and insight.  OMCG also brought us the famous "Jamie Gillis Story" a few weeks back, and is part of our poll on the right hand side of the blog as best recent story.  It's an instant classic.

Now to the topic at hand...The Top 3 Adult Theater Women. OMCG has his entry, and it's a doozie.  So without further ado, currently hailing from Arizona, and standing somewhere near the 5th tee, is Old Marine Corps Guy:

You asked for my submission for my, “Top 3 Adult Theater Women”, so here it is:

I’ll call her, “Suzie Seat Slut”. She was around the San Francisco area back in the late 70’s and early 80’s. She was a short Hispanic lady in her late 30’s or early 40’s, with a pleasant face, and a killer body.

She (Alicia), and her husband (Bill), would come to the “Two Reel” theater on Jones St. at about 2000 hours (that’s 8:00PM for your civilians ;D ) on Fridays and stay until about 2000 hours on Sunday. She would wear nothing but (what my mother would have called) a “housedress”. They would never leave the entire time. They would bring a lunchbox of food with them and once all that food was gone they would have all their meals delivered to them at the theater.

There were 2 small (about 40-50 seats each) theaters with pass through privileges and they would go back and forth to each and try to break her “record” each weekend that they were there. She was proud of the fact that on one 48 hour period she (I remember this because it still amazes me) fucked and/or sucked off 143 men!! And they did this EVERY weekend!!
Thank OMCG for your nomination of "Suzie".  48 hours straight in a porn theater?  Sounds like a 80's version of "Survivor". 

There is still time to get in your nomination for Top 3 Adult Theater Women.  E-mail The Good Doctor at



Round 4: Top 3 Adult Theater Women - Dr. Luv Presents Mrs. Partridge

Doc here again resuming our virtual beauty pagent for Top 3 Adult Theater Women.  Dr. Luv is back (see his awesome first report here with another top shelf report for his nominee for a Top 3.

From one Doctor to another, thank you Dr. Luv for your entry.

Dr. Luv, circa 2009

As someone who has spent the last 30 years scouring the continent experiencing “this thing of ours”, I have had the pleasure to witness some amazing lasses in the throes of public sex. I would like to submit, for your edification, someone I met a long time ago that made quite an impression upon me:

Mrs. Partridge at the Playhouse Theatre in Tampa Florida – 1995

Mrs. Partridge (she vaguely resembled a young Shirley Jones the actress in 60’s sitcom the Partridge Family) was anything but active when I entered the straight theatre at the Playhouse that late afternoon. As this was the dirtiest and sleaziest of the theatres in Tampa – and in some ways the least couples friendly (couples take away the business from the hookers working there) I was surprised to see what appeared to be a newbie couple there at all. Usually only the seasoned performers come there to get their freak on.

The Playhouse is a very dark room with an inferior projector, so it takes one a few minutes before your eyes adjust. Mr and Mrs. Partridge were fully clothed staring intently at the washed-out screen and did not look like players. She was short – cute, thin, small tits with reddish blonde hair and in her late thirties...and she looked very, very nervous. Mr. Partridge was about ten years older, florid faced, pot belly and sporting a comb-over of ridiculous proportions.

Frankly, they did not look promising. Having a thing for watching newbie wives in this environment, I sat two rows behind them and waited. Other members of the Fraternity of Sleaze didn’t think much of them either and after a while they were left completely alone (there are two screens in the Playhouse – one straight, one gay with people walking between them...there must have been action in the gay theatre, for we were left relatively alone for some time).

And then things seemed to change She looked more relaxed and he started by massaging her crotch area and she started squirming like a polecat (at which point I moved directly behind them). She kept whispering that “I’m not sure...people will look”. Followed by “oh my god, I can’t believe we’re doing this” and a lot of giggling from her. Next thing you know her head is in his lap and she is giving a very noisy blowjob to what seemed like a very tiny cock.

At this point (there was still no one else around aside from me) I stood up to wave the flag. She saw me slowly stroking myself and motioned to her husband. He said: “this is what we talked about” at which point she turned around in her seat, said “hello” and engulfed my cock with a very hot mouth.

I have never seen a woman more enthusiastic (if not exactly expert) in the cock sucking department. Meanwhile, the Mr. had her panties off and was frigging her pussy at high speed. As expected, it didn’t take long for the other members of the Fraternity of Sleaze to reappear and start crowding in, meat-sticks unsheathed. She went from my cock to the guy on my right, then the guy on my left and back to me. Meanwhile another dude had hopped over the row of seats and in a flash had his hand on Mrs. Partridge’s pussy...which seemed to shock the Mr. but he did nothing except take his own hand away.

Faster that you can say gadzooks, the new guy had his pants down, his cock out and without a word of introduction, had stuck a sizable one-eyed yogurt slinger into Mrs. Partridge. She looked at her dazed husband and said “we never talked about this” all the while meeting the thrust of the new guy with a womanly grunt. At about the same time, the guy on my left put a small bottle of poppers under her nose and said “sniff this” which she dutifully complied and then took her head off my cock and started wailing like a banshee for the guy behind her to “fuck her like the slut that I am”. The crowd gave each other a knowing look.

The husband was kneeling on the grimy floor with his pants down watching me with my cock in his Spousal Units mouth and another man fucking her, looking like a kid on Christmas morning. I couldn’t take the excitement any longer and blew my load into her throat which she gobbled down like a champ. Without a word I stepped back and a black guy took my place....all I heard her say was “oh my god, I’m going to have sex with a Negro”. Everyone laughed at that (except Mr. Partridge) and I proceeded to watch her fuck and suck all comers black and white for the next 45 minutes while she seemed to have one long continuous orgasm. She was a woman possessed.

I left soon after to go back to my hotel, have a shower, dinner and went shopping. I started thinking about Mrs. Partridge and what I had missed by leaving before she was finished and headed back to the Playhouse theatre. Two and a half hours after I had left she was still there kneeling on the couch in the back row sucking off an Hispanic guy while an old guy with long greasy grey hair fucked her pussy from behind.

Until 11 o’clock that night, Mrs. Partridge fucked any guy who wanted it with a passion and fury I had never seen then or since. Her husband looked upset by this time as he told me this was the first time they had done anything like this and he wondered what he had created. I wondered to.

Mrs. Partridge was not the most beautiful woman I have seen perform at an adult theatre, but for a first-timer, she was the most riveting, out-of-control theatre slut in my memory and wherever she is today, she deserves your consideration for inclusion on this list.

Dr. Luv
The Playhouse in Tampa is the darkest, seediest adult theater whose doors I have ever entered.  Once upon a time, it was the base theater at Drew Field, a US Army Air Corps base during WWII.  Back in 1995, it was one of the busiest adut theaters in the country, in a city filled with adult theaters.  Today, it is a different story (for another time and place).

There is still time to drop in a last-minute Top 3 Adult Theater Woman submission!  I got so back logged after my last business trip, that it will take a few days to get caught up.  Send your Top 3 nominee to  Use Dr. Luv's format above, and you'll be golden.



OK, Where Were We?

Doc here after a several day business trip to the heart of Texas and back.  Seminars, conferences, and a trip to The Lido Theater were on The Good Doctor's agenda.

Upon returning back to my office here in The Valley (next to the small women's college), I discovered a ton of messages, Top 3 reports, and an offer to refinance my mortgage.

Over the next day I will try and get caught up on the reports for you, the good readers of The Journal.  Of course, that will be in between sips of large tropical drinks housed in oversized pineapples.  It's hot here in The Valley, and The Good Doctor needs his medicine.

Stay tuned throughout the day.