Monday, September 6, 2010

Field Report: Cinema 309 in Wilkes-Barre, PA by EJ

Cinema 309
910 Wilkes-Barre Township Blvd, Wilkes-Barre, PA

Doc here with the 2nd field report from intrepid reporter, EJ.  This week, EJ's journey takes him to Wilkes-Barrie, PA to visit Cinema 309.

I have had Cinema 309 on my radar for many years now, since the first time I saw it while on a business trip to eastern PA in 2000.  I never had the chance to stop in and check the place out, but EJ has.  Take it away, EJ!
EJ here with my second field report on Doc's journal from Cinema 309 in Wilkes-Barre Pa.

First the theater is located near 910 Wilkes-Barre Blvd which is the Wal Mart parking lot. On the north corner of the lot is their very large sign pointing west on Casey Ave. Theater is right behind Wal Mart with plenty of parking even for tractor trailer rigs.

I walked into the theater where they have a nice selection of DVDs and a special room with toys, erotic wear, etc. I paid the ten dollar admission fee and entered the very large and super clean theater. It was huge inside with regular theater seating for about 125 and they were showing straight movies on the very large screen with a great quality picture.

There were around a dozen guys there and I talked with one local patron who stated that the theater is mostly patronized by bi/gay males with an occasional couple and cd's. Saw some male / male action going on in the hour I was there but that was all. Would be a great place for single females and couples to visit and I hope some might read this and give Cinema 309 a try. Used the super clean restroom and headed down the highway to Cupids in Kutztown which I will report on next. All in all a great, super clean , reasonable priced theater to visit.

Thanks for the report EJ!  Very informative, and worth checking out if you are in eastern PA or traveling through the area.
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