Thursday, October 10, 2013

Special Announcement! The New Website for 15th Ave Adult Theater & Spa in Chicago Has Officially Launched!

Doc here with a big announcement from 15th Ave Adult Theater & Spa in Chicago.

Over the past month, I have teased that I had been working on Top Secret Project 1-5-A-T. Well, it's time to take the wraps off this project, and officially announce it to this thing of ours.

Here is the official announcement from Bob, the owner of 15th Ave:

Today I am pleased to announce the launch of our brand new website:

We decided to work closely with Doc from The Journal of Adult Theaters to create a best in class website, showcasing our entire adult emporium. Inside the website you will find professional quality photos of our adult theater, party room, spa, and retail store.

Other features of the new website include a profile of our terrific party room, a Google map to our location, facility features, and much more..

We will also post our monthly events and specials on the new website, including our upcoming Halloween Party on Saturday October 26th at 7:30PM.

Our new website is also Smartphone compatible, so you can check out the latest at 15th Ave while you are on the go.

Please check out the new website today at . You will like what you see!

Thank you,


Doc here again... For the last month, I have been meeting with the management team at 15th Ave to design the top adult theater website on the net. We wanted to showcase this awesome facility, including the theater, spa, party room, arcade, sauna, and more. I personally shot more than 100 images of the facility to use for the site.

We also wanted to have one location to feature the weekly and monthly specials, along with 15th's special events. There is a lot going on at 15th Ave Adult Theater & Spa, and now you know when they are all happening.

Congrats to Bob and the Team at 15th Ave!  It was a pleasure working with them on this exciting project!