Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Flash Report! Captain EO at Deja Vu in Ontario, CA

Doc here with yet another great Flash Report from Captain EO.

Here we go!


Hey Doc,

It's been a while, just wanted to say thanks for the recommendation on 15th Ave when I was visiting Chi-Town. Unfortunately, when I went, a couple was just leaving and there was 0 action there the Sunday afternoon I visited, so it wasn't worth providing a review for. But it's an awesome place and next time I'm in Chicago, I will be making another stop there. On to other matters, and by that I mean another trip to Deja Vu in Ontario that is worth mentioning.

I answered a CL ad for a woman looking to have some booth fun at the booths at Deja Vu with hubby there to watch. We kept trying for Thurs, Fri, and Sat nights, but our schedules just didn't sync up. Finally, one night it did (I honestly don't remember which night, but it was Friday or Saturday). While I was waiting for her arrival, I bought admission to theater and kicked it there for a bit. She was running late, so I had plenty of time.

Deja Vu, Ontario, CA
While wandering the floor of the actual sex shop, two couples came in, shopping, but also talking about going to the theater. The couples were loud enough that a few guys picked up on what they were talking about and stuck around. The couples made eye contact with several of us, and it looked promising.

The first couple went in, and a few guys followed. They didn't even last two minutes before she wanted to leave. The other couple went in moments later and did a repeat performance of the same thing. They took off their wristbands and jetted together. I'm not sure what they were expecting, but it wasn't that. My guess is they are taking small steps to get into this thing of ours, and from a woman's point of view, there is plenty to be nervous about, even though DJO is safe and a nice theater. None of the guys crowded them or even got close,. Regardless, that was the high point of the theater.

The Lady I was waiting on finally texted me that she arrived and we met in a booth. As soon as I locked the door, she was on her knees servicing my already hard cock. She eventually moved up to sitting on a chair and playing with her pussy, while bringing me closer to exploding. I told her I was close and she then asked me to cum on her bush, which brought me right to the edge. She sat back on the chair, spread her legs and I leaned forward, exploding on her bush and stomach. She then fingered herself, while I recovered, and let me watch her cum, which was so hot it nearly got me going again. I asked if I could fuck her after I spent a few more minutes recovering and she said yes.

I left for a moment to catch my breath and use the restroom and when I came back, we moved to DJO's single big booth. Apparently, the hubby was waiting in another booth the entire time, which was nice, and again reinforces that couples that have been doing this awhile are clearly in control (she didn't make her presence too known, only one other guy tried to make a move and she politely declined). In the big booth, we did a repeat performance of our first time in the smaller booth, but this time she pulled out a condom and I fucked her in a few different positions, thanks to the chair and roominess of the booth. I had to take off my belt cause it was clanging so loud and we couldn't stop laughing about it. I was close to exploding and she pulled off the condom, demanding I cum on her bush again, to which I did. She again fingered herself to climax, got up, and went to the booth with her hubby. I left and thus completed the text book definition of a CL Casual Encounter.

Deja Vu seems to be slowly catching on. Though this was a pre-arranged game, the couples that were checking the place out is always a good sign, even if they don't stick around. More people are interested in this thing of ours and I hope the hot weather in IE right now doesn't discourage couples and ladies from checking out a diamond in the rough.

--Capt EO

Doc here again... Sorry to hear 15th Avenue didn't work out for you, but try, try again.  The place can be off the hook most weekend nights, and I hope you experience it sometime soon.

Keep up the great work, sir!