Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Flash Report! Brent from Portland's "Thanks for the Mammarys" @ The Paris Theatre

Doc here with another great report from the poet laureate of this thing of ours, Brent in Portland.

Monday was a day at The Paris Theatre in Portlandia where single ladies came, saw, and conquered the USO Show on MLK Day.  And luckily for us, Brent has the skinny on what happened.

Take it away, sir!


Ah yes. All the ladies that came to The Paris, Monday were singing a version of Bob "Double D" Hope's " Thanks For The Mammarys."

I heard the first girl that came to The Paris, around noon on MLK Monday drew a pretty good crowd. O Richard wrote about her in a previous post (at Brent's Theater Tails Yahoo Group). She was very active for a couple of hours.

Paris Theatre
Portland, OR
The second girl was a blond woman with glasses and a nice set of tits. All around she was very shapely. After getting naked and masturbating in The Paris couples section, she invited a few guys in to eat her pussy and suck on her tits. I saw at least 4 Paris Pals do this. I did not see her suck, fuck or jack anybody off, but that could have happened while I was away.

The third lady came in, got naked, let a few guys play with her on one of the couches, jacked a few guys off, then, at the suggestion of a pleasantly persuasive fellow, went down to The Arena where a small crowd ( 4 or 5 Hose Twirlers) whacked off on her ample breasts. I left in the middle to check my phone and make a few calls.

I returned around 11pm when I saw a red flag on my LG . The man was a Dom and his BBW semi Bridget Nielsen tattooed blond sub was doing whatever he told her to do. The single lady was still there, along with one of the guys she had played with earlier. They watched this new couple play. She was sucking his dick. He invited the single lady to play with her. The single lady gently stroked her back for a while then started playing with the tattooed blond's pussy while she sucked her master's penis. This went on for a while and, just when the lights came up indicating that the theater was closing soon, the dominant led his lady naked into The Annex where he proceeded to fuck her doggy style while she sucked off a young George Michael type who had been watching them play.

 All in all it was a pretty good Monday for positive theater sex at The Paris. I think the ladies, who all came to play, were not disappointed by their experience and will definitely come again.

 By the way, I'm still hoping to read the beautiful Hawaiian Eyeful's report of her Sunday morning visit to The Paris, either here, Dr. Emilio Lizardo's site or both places. I'm curious to know what it's like at 10:30 am on a Sunday. Is the crowd wearing it's Sunday best? Is the Sunday paper strewn all about. Are the results of the previous night's theater orgy in the sports section?


Doc here again... A huge thank you to Brent for another classic report from the epicenter of the adult theater scene, Portland, OR.  Please make sure you check out Brent's Yahoo Group HERE if you are not a member for the latest from The Rose City and abroad.