Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Visit Announcement! UL & D in Myrtle Beach This Thursday through Sunday

Doc here with a visit announcement from my good friends UL & D. They will be in Myrtle Beach Thursday through Sunday, and they are looking for some ABS fun.

Here we go!


We will be arriving in Myrtle Beach Thursday October 3rd staying through Sunday.

Although this area does not have an adult theater they do have a number of adult book stores that we love.  Our favorite is the Airport Video.

 We plan to play at this location twice this weekend.  The first visit will be Thursday evening rather early and the second will be Saturday evening.

Doc feel free to publish this email address and any couples that plan to attend.  Our e-mail is understress89@gmail.com . As usual this will be a bareback event & D will be taking as many loads as possible.

Thank you,
UL & D


Doc here again... If you like what you see and have read, then reach out to this hot couple, and report back to me with your reports! Doctor's orders!


Couple's Flash Report! Mr. Bubble & Babygirl @ Secrets in Oakland, CA (w/PIC)

Doc here, a man some say was part of the first Klendathu drop on that angry bug planet, with a tremendous Couple's Flash Report from Mr. Bubble.

You see, Mr. Bubble and his Thai girlfriend hit Secrets Adult Theater in Oakland, and have quite the story to tell.  Also included is a exclusive pic of Babygirl (well, at least a yummy part of her).

This is a good one folks. Please fasten your seatbelts for takeoff.


Hello my Good Doctor,I have sent one other trip report in and finally have another adventure to share with you and your good readers. I love your web page and I've even had a chance to chat with several nice people attached to your board. Only the people of your board would understand my desire to vacation in Portland someday soon!...at the Paris Theater of course!

Thanks to your Journal, I have been able to introduce my g
/f to this thing of ours, as she is a smoking hot little Thai girl that loves to dress up naughty for me. She has no hang ups sexually to speak of; she loves to suck cock and she gets very turned on watching a man stroke. She is a no holes bared kind of girl too, with all the qualities that make her a natural for this thing of ours! We have never been to a swing party before and in retrospect that might have been a good place to start. Walking into a theater with a hot little sex vixen on my arm was certainly stepping into the deep end for both of us!

Oakland, CA
We visited our only Bay Area theater, Secrets in Oakland (ed. note: Address is in the database). I promise I'll have lots of pictures the next time only one to share this time. It was a sensory overload for the both of us this time and I couldn't manage the scene and the camera at the same time! I have a much better appreciation for the men that escort their lady's to theater, as I quickly became a bouncer and didn't have a whole lot of time to be a lover.
We started out OK, settled into our seats and enjoyed the XXX porn showing on the big screen. I was horny as hell and pulled out my excited cock that my Baby girl had been rubbing through my jeans.
She hungrily dropped down on her Daddy's throbbing cock and gave me a taste of her world glass cock sucking skills I have come to love. As she tried to wrestle the length of my shaft down her throat, I pulled up her skirt to show the men in the theater her bare ass and a peek of her wet pussy.
This acted as an invite for the men to move closer to the action and in no time we were circled by the 8 or so men in the theater. Her eyes darted around at the men stroking their cocks as they watched her suck my cock and she started to really moan loud and enjoy herself.
An older gentlemen moved behind her ass and started kissing and spreading her cheeks. He asked if we could taste her and before I could answer she pulled back against his face and he buried his tongue between her cheeks! He rimmed her ass and ate her pussy for 10 minutes! He had her rolling from one orgasm through another as she sucked me and stroked another greedy hard cock near her face.
The Real Mr. Bubble's Babygirl
The crowd of men was really pressing down around us and there was no way I could concentrate on my O with so many hard cocks dancing so close to my face! LOL! I had to zip up and take a management role and let her play.
She spotted a young white guy with an amazing tool in the next row and dove over the seats and engulfed him in her mouth. She made sure to leave her ass spread and exposed in case anyone wanted to dive in. Her young stud pulled her long thick black hair back and used the handful of hair to to thrust his cock in and out of her mouth. She was really enjoying herself, her moans filled the theater as her young boy grunted and dumped his seed down her throat. At least that's what I thought happened, as there was no evidence of his orgasm, her mouth never left his cock and she just kept on sucking him for all he was worth.
She had been holding onto another nice looking black shaft as she sucked off the first guy and she wasted no time in moving onto the next lucky cock. As she sucked on her chocolate cock as another porn star sized black cock moved behind her. He politely ask if he could fuck her. He held up his admission ticket, the gold wrapper of a XXL condom! He slide his condom over his giant mushroom head and started working his meaty cock into her soaking wet pussy. In no time he had worked up a good rhythm with the other brother fucking her face and she seemed to be having one giant long orgasm as they fucked her from both ends. It was amazing to watch, they both took their time and within a few seconds of each other they both came inside her.  

Most of the other men in the theater fondled as they shot several loads on her chest or ass. One guy eventually had us heading for the exit, as he kept trying to shove his bare cock into my Babygirl and wouldn't take no for answer. I didn't want our night to get violent, so we gathered our things and made our way out of the dark theater and out to the car.
I have never seen her in such a horny sex starved state before, she was still fingering her pussy as I drove for home. I never got to finish what we started back in the theater so I stopped along a dark patch of highway and we had the most amazing sex we have ever had on the hood of my car!

She is super excited for me to plan our next adventure and I am working on a business trip up north to Portland and of course our final distention will be the Paris Theater. I'll keep you posted with our travel plans and look forward to meeting the local talent and theater celebrities in the great North West sometime next month!
Mr. Bubble
Doc here again... Nothing makes The Good Doctor happier than playing a part in helping couples and females dip their toes into this thing of ours. In the case of Mr. Bubble and Babygirl, it looks like they are well on their way!  I am glad to be of service.
Thanks for the great report Mr. Bubble!  Loved the detail and perspective!  Keep the reports coming.