Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Box Score Part 1: It's a Panty Raid Party at 15th Ave. Adult Theater in Chicago on 9/24/16

Doc here, a man who some say once spent three days on a unicycle (in one place), with the Box Score from this past Saturday's terrific Panty Raid Party at 15th Ave. Adult Theater in Chicago.

The buzz leading into the event was good, as were the RSVPs on SLS.  The Good Doctor received over a dozen e-mails in the last 24 hours asking about the sexy panties contest alone. A good sign.

In this, Part 1, The Good Doctor will give you the numbers.  In Part 2, a rundown of the Sexy Panties/Short Dress Contest with contestants and wieners winners. 

M/F Couples: 68
Single Females: 2
Trans-Girls: 15
Single Guys: Dozens and Dozens

Stay tuned for Part 2, and all the sexy details on the Sexy Panties/Short Dress Contest!


Saturday, September 24, 2016

UPDATED Saturday at 1pm: The Next HUGE 15th Ave. Adult Theater Party in Chicago! Panty Raid Party TONIGHT September 24th 2016 at 8pm! Hosted by Doc!

Updated Saturday 9/24 at 1pm:  Doc here once again... The Panty Raid party is so close you can smell the...er...never mind. You get the idea.

It came to our attention that may be some confusion out there about our BYOB policy for the HUGE monthly parties I host at 15th Ave.

To be clear:

The Panty Raid Party and all other monthly parties The Good Doctor hosts are BYOB. 


RSVP's are piling up, StuntSlut Simone is chomping at the bit to do her best glazed doughnut imitation, and we cannot wait to host!

The contest this month is for sexiest panties...Ladies, see The Good Doctor to enter the contest and get your number!  We have three great prizes for the winners Saturday night, and will start around 10pm.

Join us for Chicagoland's best value in lifestyle events!  15th Ave. Adult Theater is located at 2125 N. 15th Ave in Melrose Park, IL. 

Questions? E-mail me at emiliolizardo1@gmail.com .



Doc here, with an important update on this Saturday's HUGE Panty Raid Party at 15th Ave. Adult Theater in Chicago.

This is going to be a crazy one, folks!  Across Chicagoland and beyond, I am getting reports of girlfriends, wives, and single girls shopping feverishly for brand new sexy panties. A unconfirmed report had a carton of sexy underthings being airdropped via drone somewhere over Schaumburg is under Journal investigation.

First, the swag bags for Saturday's Panty Raid Party are complete courtesy of Bob & Natalie at 15th Avenue.  Here is a sneak peak at them:

Remember kids, only the first 50 M/F Couples get one of these bad boys with their paid admission to the event. Each bag contains $50 retail value of goodies inside. 

Secondly, RSVPs are coming in hot and heavy for the event. One of the legendary ladies of this thing of ours, my good friend StuntSlut Simone will be coming in for the event (along with Mr. S at her side). And we all know how much she loves The Good Doctor's parties, and her expert impression of a glazed doughnut just might be in play.

StuntSlut Simone

Here is your check list for the Panty Raid Party:
  • Event is BYOB
  • Couples and Single Females get preferred parking in our secure and discreet rear lot (as space allows).
  • Tours: The Good Doctor will be giving tours for first time couples and single females starting at 7:45pm and running until 9pm. Just ask for Doc at the front desk
  • ABSOLUTELY NO CELL PHONE USE ANYWHERE OTHER THAN THE RETAIL STORE AND OUTSIDE THE FACILITY. If you are caught using the phone inside the restricted area, you may be asked to leave with no refund. 
  • We have added additional security for this event and moving forward to ensure single guys are acting respectful throughout the facility. Don't be that guy that gets ejected after ignoring this important rule. 
Next update on Friday.  Questions?  Please e-mail me at emiliolizardo1@gmail.com . 


Couple's Flash Report! Kay-See at the Back to School Party at 15th Ave. Adult Theater in Chicago on 8/20/16

Doc here, a man who some say has two sandwiches named after him at the Carnegie Deli, with a terrific first-time report from a very sexy young lady I met last month at 15th Avenue' Adult Theater's Back to School Party, Kay-See.

Towards the end of the evening, I ran into Kay-See and her very nice boyfriend just outside the spa area at 15th Ave. We had a very nice chat, which ended with she and I agreeing that she would submit a report to your old friend in the white suit and aviators. 

Being a woman of her word, her report hit my e-mail box Friday night.  And it's all sorts of awesome!

Please welcome to The Journal, first time reporter Kay-See!


Good Evening Doc,

I was at the Back to School event in August last month....

As we approached the drive to the theatre, I was already nervous seeing all of the vehicles. I had no idea what I was getting myself into. 

Walking up the alley to the door, I was a little leery because there was a skunk that I had to avoid. After driving an hour to get to the theatre I would not have been thrilled to be sprayed by this damn creature. 

Anyways, to the main point of this email, my experiences! 

First, when I walked in the contest was going on with the girls on stage. Can’t beat seeing a bunch of sexy girls on stage dancing/stripping for you. I finally got some liquid courage in me and I felt more relaxed. My boyfriend and I did have a few people approach us. There was one gentleman in particular who was very helpful and seemed like he was a regular of the theatre. As we were talking out of the corner of my eye I see this jacked older man walk in naked. He approached an older woman and began kissing her. He bent her over and lifted up her skirt and started to pound her pussy right in front of me. Then another man approached and she started sucking his dick. It was very arousing. 

Another woman was just having a guy use a whip and lash her breasts and puss. It looked inviting. After watching these shows, we decided to check out the other parts of the theatre. 

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Updated 9/20/16! Box Score Breaking News! A New Record for The Art Cinema! 116 Couples at Back to School!

Doc here with breaking news from The Art Cinema's Back to School Party that was held Saturday night, September 17th in Hartford.

Holy shit!

115 Couples visited the mighty Art Cinema for Back to School, breaking the old record of 111 set at last year's Back to School Party.  See a trend?

I could not be any happier for Ernie, The Art Cinema's owner who worked so hard making this a record breaking night! 

I wish I could have been there to witness history in the making!

That being said... I will need reports on the evening at The Art. Please send them along to me at emiliolizardo1@gmail.com , with Back to School Report as the subject.  

Box Score: Back to School Party @ The Art

116 Couples
11 Single Females
12 Trans Girls
Dozens Upon Dozens of Single Guys

Congrats again to Ernie from The Art Cinema for a night for the ages!

See you at Ghoul's Night Out on October 29th, 2016 at 7pm!


Monday, September 19, 2016

Couple's Flash Report: The Right To The Point Couple Hits a Bullseye at 15th Ave. Adult Theater in Chicago on 8/29/16

Doc here, a man who some say is unlicensed in 45 states (and is pending in 5), with a great report from regular contributors to The Journal, The Right to the Point Couple.

In this report, they hit 15th Ave. Adult Theater in Chicago was a late night visit, and surprises abound.

Take it away, kids!


Hey Doc,

Right to the Point Couple here.

Well Monday August 29th around 11pm, the wife and I decided to make a last minute stop into 15th Ave. As we were feeling as bit freaky, so we parked in the lot, which was pretty full for a Monday night (it was free for couples) so in we went . 

So this time the wife said no sitting in couple section, as she wanted to go straight to the room behind the screen. As she wishes!

So we get back there and she takes her clothes off except for her bra, and I start to finger her already wet pussy. By this time the usual suspects are all gathering around. 

Saturday, September 17, 2016

Just Released! The 15th Ave. Adult Theater Halloween 2016 Video!

Doc here, laying low here in The Valley, near the small women's liberal arts college.  

Halloween is right around the corner, and at 15th Ave. Adult Theater in Chicago, their Nightmare on 15th Avenue Party is the biggest of the year!  Last year's party drew 106 couples, and is their all-time record. 

Your old friend in the white suit and aviators will be on hand to host and MC three big costume contests: Sexiest, Funniest, and Best Couples or Group Costume.  Great prizes for the winners!

Sat tuned for updates on Nightmare on 15th Ave, Saturday October 22nd, 2016 at 15th Ave. in Chicago.


The Art Cinema's Back to School Party on Saturday September 17th, 2016 at 7pm

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Couple's Flash Report! Koral's Gangbang & Bukkake on 9/7/16 in Portland, OR (w/8 Exclusive New Pics!)

Doc here, a man who some say once stood in line at Voodoo Doughnuts for over two weeks in order to get the right maple log, with one Hell of a Couple's Flash Report from my friends Koral and her hubby, Sam.

In the Mount Rushmore of Portland's legendary ladies of it's adult theater scene, you'll see the cum-covered face of the gorgeous Koral.   You see, Koral is a REALLY BAD GIRL.

"How bad is she?", you might ask The Good Doctor.  Well kids, gather round and I'll shed some light on how bad she was in the not too distant past.

Two words: Gokkun Party

Per Wikipedia:
Gokkun (ゴックン) is a Japanese term for sexual activity in which a person consumes the semen of one or more men,[1] usually from some kind of container. Commonly used containers in this genre include cups, large beakers, bowls, baking pans, and wine or cocktail glasses. The vast majority of these scenarios involve the semen of multiple men. Pornographic films with gokkun scenes have had up to 200 men participating.
"Gokkun" can also refer to the sexual act of swallowing semen after performing fellatio or participating in a bukkake. The word "gokkun" is onomatopoetic, and translates roughly as the English word "gulp", the sound made by swallowing.

Yes, Koral had a Gokkun Party. And she was wearing a Girl Scout uniform at the time.

Got that image in your head(s), kids?  Good... Now fasten your seat belts for the latest naughty adventure from Koral & Sam, and some exxxclusive new pics (click the thumbnails to ENLARGE)

Take it away!



My name is Sam, and my wonderful wife is Koral. Some of you folks may already know about her. To the poeple who don't know, I will sum it up in three words: "Cum Slut Wife". And I love it! This past Wednesday September 7th 2016, Koral lived up to that description wonderfully. She was the center of attention for a bukkake. 

Monday, September 12, 2016

International Couple's Flash Report! The Mysterious Maya Hits The Night of Laterns in Buenos Aires (w/ NEW PICS!!!)

Doc here, a man who some say worked as a hands model for Jergens lotion back in the late 80's, with a pretty amazing International Couple's Flash Report from my good friend & senior reporter The Mysterious Maya.

Maya has been submitting reports to your old friend in the white suit and aviators since 2011, and she parties hardcore! Sometimes she can be in a seedy adult theater in Biloxi, MS. Next she could be on an ocean liner, seducing the ship's crew. That is Maya in a nutshell... Mysterious, horny, and always looking for more.

In this brand new report, she travels to Buenos Aires with her hubby, and ventures to an adult club where she soon becomes the main attraction.

Along with this report are 8 brand new pics of Maya that you should not miss.

Pop open a Fresca (Hi Gemini!) and enjoy the latest from my good friend, The Mysterious Maya!


Hello Dear Doc,

You know we travel overseas, and visit places where this thing of ours is played out one way or another. The city of Buenos Aires is a favorite. And there's a couple of things to tell you about.

The Mysterious Maya
One is a visit to a club on a Wednesday evening to an event called “Night of Lanterns”. It's a club that is kept very dark, and they give each guest a small disposable flashlight. It's open to everybody with an emphasis on bi-transvestites, which we were not aware of.

Large dance floor downstairs. I was wearing a black bra and a show all miniskirt while I danced by myself to the beat. Shared dancing with some stunning TV's and soon noticed that guys where shinning their lights on our crotches to try to see if any of us was actually a girl. Seems that was a way to try make the discovery, but even then not easy as some of the t-gurls have done a very good job tucking it in.
So what is a girl to do in such an awkward situation, Doc?

Hubby sat me on a chair and lifted spread my legs and asked me to play with myself. That good some attention, beams of light trying to make sure. Next step was taking off my panties and spread my legs for inspection once more before going back to my dancing.

Fifteen minutes later walked up a grand staircase to where the playpens are, go into the main one followed by a few suitors who seemed to prefer to try and mount a real pussy. One of them showed a promising tool so hubby asks him if he wants to do me, and puts me doggy-style to be penetrated.

For the next not quite two hours I was surrounded by horny cocks who used me for their pleasure. Sometimes a little sucking and then into my pussy to cum, one after another, no rest whatsoever. A few did give me their loads orally, as I will give head without a condom.

What else can a girl ask for?


Sunday, September 11, 2016

Field Report! The Strand Theater in Kansas City, MO by Bucky Duckman

Doc here, a man who some say developed a cannoli flavored hot BBQ Sauce called "Razo a Caldo", with a Field Report on the little reported on Strand Theater in Kansas City, MO.

Bucky Duckman (who has published some great stuff himself, like this excellent one over at Literotica) has submitted this update on what is going on at The Strand.

Please welcome to The Journal Mr. Bucky Duckman.  Take it away, sir. 



Great job with your blog! I can help with an update for the Strand Theater in Kansas City, Mo.

I've never seen a couple or woman during any of my visits. Downstairs they do have a couple video booths without doors. However, the booths have a walk-around, so action in the booth isn't visible from the hallway. As I remember, there are only four video booths. I've never seen any action in the booths. Additionally, there are no gloryholes.

Strand Theatre
Kansas City, MO

The big draw would be the large, old school movie theater with a large stage and runway. There is a large seating area in the center that's maybe twenty seats wide. Two aisles on either side with additional seating along each wall. Those extra seating areas are probably five or six seats wide. A bit of caution, some of the seats are in a state of disrepair, so you might want to make sure the seat works before setting your ass down!

Most of my visits have been during the day. You're parking along the street, but there is plenty of parking available. Most of the visitors I've seen have been middle aged business types. Mixed crowd. 

I'm sure women are welcome here and I think it would be a great place for some couple play. In fact, I would encourage any adventurous couples to visit and give it a try.

Flash Report! An Epic Labor Day Gloryhole Session at Secrets in Des Moines, WA by Rick in Seattle

Doc here, a man who some say can fling a fish while executing a Triple Lindy, with a cool Flash report from first time contributor, Rick in Seattle.

Rick got a head's up (no pun intended) about a gloryhole session at Secret's in Des Moines, WA on Labor Day, and rolled the dice on a visit. 

His choice was wise.

Please welcome Rick in Seattle to The Journal of Adult Theaters . Take it away, sir.


Hey Doc, 

Rick up in Seattle here. Just sharing a epic glory hole session at Secrets in Des Moines Wa.  
I heard through the grapevine that a couple would be hosting at Secrets Anonymous room glory hole on Labor Day. Being in the area that night I stopped by and glad I did! 

Des Moines, WA
There was a line of guys waiting their turn. Her partner, opened the door and did the pre-screening of guys. We were let in one at a time, given the rules and all was good. When my turn came , I came up to the glory hole and could see some nice breasts and a naked woman. Also to my surprise 2 other women were on the other side watching and talking nasty to me as she was sucking my cock. We were told that they would be taking pics for their private use. It added to the excitement that my cock was having pics taken as it was through the hole.

Our guest of honor gave a incredible blow job, and when I was about to cum, the other ladies encouraging me to shoot my load (which I did). She let me shoot as she sucked me more. 

Thursday, September 8, 2016

Flash Report! GK Arbee Has The Best Fantasyland Vacation Ever in Tampa (w/Cameos by Naughty Alysha and Jenny Jizz - with PICS!)

Doc here, a man who some say went by the name Cheesey E in the early days of rap, with an amazing Flash Report by senior Journal scribe GK Arbee.

GK had what some experts have said was possibly the best vacation ever this past July in Tampa, FL. Why, you may ask?

Well, he spent most of it at the awesome Fantasyland 1 & 2 in Tampa, FL, that's why!  His timing was note prefect, and he left his mark on several ladies at Tampa's #1 adult theater.

His grand finale was leaving his last mark on the legendary Naughty Alysha and Jenny Jizz, and there isn't a soul on this site that wouldn't give their right nut to be GK Arbee on this weekend.

This is a good one folks, and look for the pic of GK Arbee with Naughty Alysha!

Here we go!


Dear Good Dr. Lizardo,

As you know, I just had a chance to spend 2 days at the Fantasyland Tampa Adult Theater... I am formally submitting my report....

Well, I finally got to go back to the Fantasyland Adult Theater in Tampa back in February 2016, and per my report from then, I had a "beyond fantastic" time.

Now I've visited several theaters in Texas, Louisiana, and Mississippi since my visit to Tampa.. and well... NOTHING COMPARES... So I decided I really need to make another trip whenever I can make things work out.... so... just so happens my work sent me down to Biloxi, MS, Mobile, AL and then over to Tampa,FL!!

The logistics it took to get me a couple of "alone time" days in Florida was a miracle in itself, but I managed to work it out. So, that all being said.. On with the report !!!


I found myself with a couple of free days starting Friday, July 1st and Saturday the 2nd with all the time I wanted to spend at Fantasyland 1 and Fantasyland 2. Things got off to a bit of a late start as traffic had me arriving very late Friday night. I pulled into the parking lot at FL1 at about 11pm Friday, July 1st. Stopped and had a friendly chat with the totally awesome staff... just bought my theater ticket and decided that I'd spend maybe 3-4 hours in the theater.

Fantasyland 1
Tampa, FL
Once again, as soon as I walked in the theater, things were crazy insane!! The moment I walked in, there were at least 7 couples having sex in the open theater, all the private rooms were full and everyone was having fun. 

Within 5 minutes of arriving and my eyes adjusting to the darkness... I had beautiful (older but super sexy) thin woman grab me in the back of my arm, pulled me into the "Fishbowl" room and told me she wanted me to pound her pussy. Who was I to argue with her.. She was wearing a long white men's dress shirt and nothing else... I slapped on a condom and mounted her missionary style and pounded her until I filled the condom.... 10 seconds after I was done, she yells "NEXT".....

Needless to say, that happened in the first 15 minutes after I arrived and I was tired from the 9 hour drive from Alabama, and I'm hoping and praying that I can "go a second time" tonight. I need recovery time...

Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Flash Report! The Volunteer Surfs In On #OperationAfternoonWave at 15th Ave. Adult Theater in Chicago with Khal & Khaleesi!

Doc here, a man who some say is still a volunteer at the American Meatball Museum, located in a small warehouse near Bend, Oregon.

#OperationAfternoonWave was a seminal event for senior reporters Khal & Khaleesi, as they took aver 15th Ave. Adult Theater in Chicago for an afternoon of debauchery.

Luckily for us, first time caller/long time listener The Volunteer was there with his notebook in hand, and has filed this report.

Here we go!


Hi Doc-

I've been monitoring Doc's Journal for months, curiously reading and patiently waiting. As a Chicagoan, I knew that at some point, I'd have the opportunity to participate in a meet-and-greet with one of his followers at the fabled 15th Avenue Adult Emporium.

Early Thursday, I checked Doc's Twitter account and saw a storm was brewing. With a name like #OperationAfternoonWave I had a suspicion as to what this could be, and took a few minutes to review other Twitter feeds to confirm. Once Doc put out the word that 2PM would be the time, I started prepping. The excitement for the Mother of All Squirter's appearance was tough to contain (and wouldn't need to be for long).

I arrived a few minutes after the call to arms, having never been to 15th Avenue before. It was easy to find, and I was pleased to see the parking lot was not as packed as I'd anticipated. I entered the building, paid admission, and headed into the theater.

I'd arrived at just the right moment. A crowd of 10-15 had surrounded the Couples Section as Khal was bringing Khalessi to climax. Within 5 minutes of arriving, the waterworks began and the "tide" rolled in at least three times. I have never been eyewitness to a tsunami, but this was the next best thing. Once Khalessi had recoiled, Khal cleaned up the wreckage. For those that didn't attend, this task required at least three full towels to even start to repair the damage!

Sunday, September 4, 2016

Couple’s Flash Report! 2hotinvegas Visits the Only Co-Ed Bathhouse in the US (with PICS!)

Doc here, a man who some say holds an orange belt in meatballs, with a brand new Couple's Flash Report from  2hotinvegas.

In this report they hit the only co-ed bath house in the US - Steve's Bathouse in Reno, NV.  In this report filled with twists and turns, you'll get an inside look at what is going on at Steve's. 

So kids, fasten your seatbelts. Please welcome back 2hotinvegas!


Hey Doc, this is definitely a different twist on things, but we’re sure your fans will find it interesting…….we hope.

We live and party in Las Vegas, but travel in our motor home throughout the country, and when circumstances permit, we like to visit new venues for this “thing of ours.” Recently, we traveled to the Reno area for a week in and around beautiful Lake Tahoe, one of the prettiest places in the US. It sits astride California and Nevada, surrounded by snow-capped mountains with world-class ski resorts such as Heavenly and Squaw Valley, site of the 1960 Winter Olympics. Nearby is Virginia City, the famous gold and silver mining town, often referred to in the TV series, “Bonanza”.

Wifey Getting Ready...
But enough of the great scenery and outdoor activities because it’s time for indoor sports. We researched the adult activities in Reno and decided to visit two places. First, on Friday evening, we went to Poker-Knights (http://www.pokher-knights.com), a local swing club. We won’t bore you with all the details, but suffice it to say that it’s a really nice facility and we hooked up and played with another hot couple that night.

Now, the male half of this couple is Bi and has visited a number of bathhouses around the country as a single and always had lots of fun, very similar to the kind of fun found at the traditional ABS/adult theater. However, the local Reno bathhouse, called Steve’s Bathhouse (http://www.stevesreno.com/index.html), has been operating since 1962 and is the only bathhouse for hundreds of miles around. Steve’s recently initiated “Coed Sunday”, wherein women are allowed in from 12 noon Sunday to 6 am Monday. 

Couples Flash Report! Khal & Khaleesi (The Mother of All Squirters) Drench 15th Ave. Adult Theater in Chicago on Saturday 8/27/16 with 14 PICS!

Doc here, a man who some say just keeps repeating "Johnny Winter is coming, Johnny Winter is coming!", with a whopper of a Couples Flash Report from my good friends, Khal & Khaleesi (AKA The Mother of All Squirters).

Last Saturday the alarm sirens rang throughout Chicago's western suburbs, as a #SaturdayTsunami was headed right for 15th Avenue Adult Emporium.  And riding the crest of this tsunami was the gorgeous Khaleesi, along with her squire, the dapper Khal. At when the timing was at it's most critical, The Good Doctor lit The Lizardo Lantern to signal their impending arrival at 15th Ave.  

This one is a good one folks, so pop open a Fresca (Hi Gemini!) and settle in for a report for the ages.  Oh, how about 14 brand new wet and sticky pics of Khaleesi for some eye candy (all images Copyright 2016 by MotherofSquirt)?  


Here we go!


Hello again Doc! 

Lucky, Lucky Khal, here. You all know by now this Report means we've been to Melrose Park again to visit 15th Avenue Adult Emporium - the theater where the real show is always in the seats or in the back room or pretty much anywhere other than on the actual screen.

This visit was our FIFTH! Even now, days later, I'm still as surprised as I am happy - and I'm VERY VERY happy - to be writing about a fifth visit. After thinking for so long that we'd never ever go together, then finally going for the first time, and then going back again four more times now, it's starting to feel a little like we're getting to be a "known" couple, rather than just an occasional visitors. And I like that a lot.

Our last visit, about a month ago, was a Thursday afternoon visit and we had originally planned to go back the very next night. Well, we didn't end up going back for that second visit, but it definitely wasn't because the afternoon visit had gone badly.

That visit was AMAZING! Khaleesi squirted everywhere, putting on a fountain show that sprayed off the back of the seat in front of her and up into the air, fanning out so that even her most curious admirers were backing up to keep from being showered. And that was just the beginning!

Saturday, September 3, 2016

Visit Announcement! Pinkie & Dave TONIGHT at Fantasyland 1 in Tampa, FL (w/9 PICS)

Doc here, a man who some say raced top fuel dragsters in the early 70's under the name Ned Nitrogen, with another timely Visit Announcement for a top-tier adult theater for TONIGHT.

Gracing Fantasyland 1 this evening will be Pinkie & Dave, an experienced lifestyle couple look for some R&R at The Good Doctor's favorite adult theater in Tampa, FL.

Dave was kind enough to share with The Good Doctor what they are looking for tonight:

We are going to be @ FantasyLand 1 on this Saturday around 9 p.m. Looking for as many guys as possible to cum in her little wet BBW pussy. We ask guys be respectful and not pushy as this is a huge turn off. We also ask for clean and STD free guys to play!

Here are a few pics of the lovely Pinkie at play:

Visit Announcement! Mr.&Mrs. C at Video Liquidators in Buffalo, NY TONIGHT at 8pm w/PICS!

Doc here, a man who some say has made visits to Anderson's in Buffalo and has been known to consume more beef on weck than is recommended, with a great Visit Announcement for my WNY friends.

This evening, 9/3/16, Journal contributors Mr. & Mrs. C will be visiting my old stomping grounds of Buffalo, NY and will be visiting one and possibly two adult theaters. 

First up will be Video Liquidators on Elmwood Ave. in Buffalo (address in the adult theater database). The largest of WNY's adult theaters, VL has two large theaters to enjoy an adult feature or two.  Mr. & Mrs. C plan to arrive around 8pm ET tonight, so look for The Lizardo Lantern to shine above Buffalo's skies. 

And then, depending on how things go at Video Liquidators, Mr. & Mrs. C may venture north to Niagara Falls and to Talk of the Town Video (address again in the adult theater database HERE) .

Mr. & Mrs. C have been kind enough to share two very hot pics of  Mrs. C with you, the good readers of The Journal: