Thursday, September 8, 2016

Flash Report! GK Arbee Has The Best Fantasyland Vacation Ever in Tampa (w/Cameos by Naughty Alysha and Jenny Jizz - with PICS!)

Doc here, a man who some say went by the name Cheesey E in the early days of rap, with an amazing Flash Report by senior Journal scribe GK Arbee.

GK had what some experts have said was possibly the best vacation ever this past July in Tampa, FL. Why, you may ask?

Well, he spent most of it at the awesome Fantasyland 1 & 2 in Tampa, FL, that's why!  His timing was note prefect, and he left his mark on several ladies at Tampa's #1 adult theater.

His grand finale was leaving his last mark on the legendary Naughty Alysha and Jenny Jizz, and there isn't a soul on this site that wouldn't give their right nut to be GK Arbee on this weekend.

This is a good one folks, and look for the pic of GK Arbee with Naughty Alysha!

Here we go!


Dear Good Dr. Lizardo,

As you know, I just had a chance to spend 2 days at the Fantasyland Tampa Adult Theater... I am formally submitting my report....

Well, I finally got to go back to the Fantasyland Adult Theater in Tampa back in February 2016, and per my report from then, I had a "beyond fantastic" time.

Now I've visited several theaters in Texas, Louisiana, and Mississippi since my visit to Tampa.. and well... NOTHING COMPARES... So I decided I really need to make another trip whenever I can make things work out.... so... just so happens my work sent me down to Biloxi, MS, Mobile, AL and then over to Tampa,FL!!

The logistics it took to get me a couple of "alone time" days in Florida was a miracle in itself, but I managed to work it out. So, that all being said.. On with the report !!!


I found myself with a couple of free days starting Friday, July 1st and Saturday the 2nd with all the time I wanted to spend at Fantasyland 1 and Fantasyland 2. Things got off to a bit of a late start as traffic had me arriving very late Friday night. I pulled into the parking lot at FL1 at about 11pm Friday, July 1st. Stopped and had a friendly chat with the totally awesome staff... just bought my theater ticket and decided that I'd spend maybe 3-4 hours in the theater.

Fantasyland 1
Tampa, FL
Once again, as soon as I walked in the theater, things were crazy insane!! The moment I walked in, there were at least 7 couples having sex in the open theater, all the private rooms were full and everyone was having fun. 

Within 5 minutes of arriving and my eyes adjusting to the darkness... I had beautiful (older but super sexy) thin woman grab me in the back of my arm, pulled me into the "Fishbowl" room and told me she wanted me to pound her pussy. Who was I to argue with her.. She was wearing a long white men's dress shirt and nothing else... I slapped on a condom and mounted her missionary style and pounded her until I filled the condom.... 10 seconds after I was done, she yells "NEXT".....

Needless to say, that happened in the first 15 minutes after I arrived and I was tired from the 9 hour drive from Alabama, and I'm hoping and praying that I can "go a second time" tonight. I need recovery time...

I go back to the lobby and buy 2 bottles of water, and drink them quickly. Then I go back inside and try to find a place where I can just relax and recharge.. IT was amazing just sitting down and looking around.. I didn't have to watch the movie, it was like I was in a real life 3-D sex movie... People all around me were having sex...

I just sat and watched for about an hour or so.. things started to slow down a little bit. About 2am a gorgeous woman walked in dressed to play, her husband had her attached to a chain around her neck. He proclaims that she wants every man in the theater to cover her with cum. She gets naked, kneels down on a cushion she brought with her and starts begging for cock. I was 2nd in line!! 

The guy in front of me was having real trouble with his erection or performance anxiety or something, so she kicks him out of line. I step up and get one of the best BJ's I've had in years. She tells me to make sure I cum on her face and lips but not "in her mouth".. After I covered this beautiful young lady, her husband told her to make sure she "got it all" and licked my fingers and to get every drop! 

Needless to say, I was pretty exhausted after this. It was nearly 3am and I had to go find my hotel and get checked in.


I was up and showered before noon on Saturday. I thought I'd go check out FL2 just a few blocks away from FL1. I went in and chatted with the nice man named George behind the counter. He told me I could buy full admittance to FL2 and when I got over to FL1, for 10 dollars get admission to both theaters for 12 hours.

I asked George if anything was going on and he told me that several couples were already playing in the theater. I made my way into the big theater area of FL2, and they have 4 private rooms and also have a "fishbowl" room.

All 4 rooms were occupied by couples. I sat on one of the couches and started watching porn. Within 5 minutes a couple came in and tried to get in one of the rooms... I told them that they were all occupied, but I told them that the fishbowl was open. She gave me the "come with us" finger and said to join them in the fishbowl. 

She was a late 40s blonde, she looked nice, was a small bbw. She was kind of "bitchy" and demanding, but in the right way. She was telling me what to do to her... She told me that she wanted to start her day with a big orgasm and told me to eat her out. I asked her hubby and he said "You'd better do what she says"!!! I climbed between her thick thighs and proceeded to give her a huge orgasm. I know that I did because her hip bones cracked, she nearly tore my head off at the neck she came so hard. As soon as she came, she wanted to lick her juices off of my face. 

As soon as she finished doing that, she told her husband to fuck her, and for me to go away, but not too far. Her husband pounded her for a while, and by now a small crowd was outside the fishbowl. She was picking different guys to come in and fuck her. She totally ignored me for the next 45 minutes. I stood outside the fishbowl and enjoyed the show. When she was sufficiently tired, she told the guys to get out of her room, including her husband. Her husband told me to go sit down on a couch and to "be ready" to cum. 

Seemed a little weird, but I went on one of the couches, sat down and started stroking myself. She told her husband that it was time to leave, but then he grabbed her forcefully, to where I was sitting and told her to make me cum. She gave me a rough hand job and even rougher blowjob.. I stood up, and finished myself off all over her face. She took my cock in her mouth and buried me balls deep while I was cumming. I was so sensitive... thought I was gonna die.. she would not let go. Her husband made her swallow every drop as she wiped my splooge off her face into her mouth.. Damn, that was a hot 1st hour spent at FL2.

OK, I have to admit, that this reporter is an old man, diabetic and somewhat overweight, and after having sex with 3 different women in a little over 13 hours I felt just about wiped out. I decided to leave FL2 and go grab some really decent food to replenish and re-hydrate myself. I was also hot and sweaty and the smell of sex was all over me, so I went back to my room and had a fresh shower and change of clothes. I took an hour nap so I would be fresh and clean for another fun night at FL1.

Jenny Jizz & Naughty Alysha
(photo via GK Arbee)

So, as some of you might realize from my last report, on my first visit to FL1 I got to be with Naughty Alysha and Jenny Jizz in a gloryhole, and thought there is NO WAY, this could happen twice. Not a chance.

Well, I went back to FL1 about 7:45pm... things were kind of slow. I got on my phone and read that GUESS WHAT!!! Alysha and Jennie were coming back to the theater tonight!!!!!!! WOO FREAKIN' HOO!!! I've hit the lottery again!

Their messages said that they would be there very very late. I was going to simply relax, watch the movies and get as horny as I possibly could.

So much for my plans...

About 10 pm a beautiful tall statuesque woman with long black hair came in and took a seat on a couch and within a few moments was surrounded by guys... She made her intentions known that she wanted as much cum in her belly as possible. She was beautiful and so sexy HOTT!!. Needless to say, I donated some of my "baby batter" to the cause!!! 

She took so many loads and she then wanted sex. This woman had the coolest pair of Jeans I've ever seen in my life.. When she stood up, she took off a big piece of her jeans that were held on by Velcro. With her standing up and leaning over a couch, gave perfect access to both holes. She was taking guys one after the other.. Was so hot. I think she was taking cream pies.. not my thing... but damn, what a hot scene to watch.

By this time, I was thinking , I've got NOTHING left for Alysha and Jennie Jizz. Finally, about 12:30am, they roll in... decide it's not busy enough and they also have another couple to meet over at FL2. SO, I jump in the vehicle, and follow the masses over to FL2. 

Naughty Alysha & GK Arbee
(Photo via GK Arbee)
Turns out the couple they were supposed to meet had already left because they were late. Alysha got on the phone and called them, and finally the hot couple came back and met up with Jennie Jizz and her husband Cumartist in one of the private rooms.

Alysha wasn't doing anything at this point. and her husband Adam was out using the restroom. Alysha remembered me from our February visit together, I told her that visit helped me take something off my "sexual bucket list". She said... but that was through a hole. How about I give you a blowjob face to face!!! Well..... HELL YES!!!

I told her that I had already came 4 times in 24 hours and I'll do my best. Let me tell you, looking down and watching the beautiful , sexy porn star Naughty Alysha suck your cock is an incredible feeling.

She stroked me, looked me in the eyes, spit on it... talked so dirty... and within minutes, I blew everything I had left in me on her face and mouth. .. She used my towel and bottle of water and cleaned off her face. By this time her husband Adam came back and told her that she should have let him film it. I was ok it was not on film.

Jenny Jizz (and Naughty Alysha's Hand!)
Photo via GK Arbee

I asked Alysha for two more things before I left... I asked for a big kiss , and of course a couple of pics with her on my phone.. She obliged on both! The hottest thing that happened to me in my 2 days in Tampa was that hot erotic kiss...

By this time, all I could do is basically crawl out of there, but Alysha and Jennie went back to FL1, and I followed.

They took up residence in the very first private room and had 2-3 guys at a time come in. I wish I was 18 again. I was shot, out, empty, and nearly passed out from so much sex. I had ZERO left. 

I have just had the sexual vacation of a lifetime and had a very long drive the next day. I went to the washroom, washed my face and hands, left a great big tip in the jar for the clerks at FL1 and said my goodbyes and hit the road.

Totally exhausted and 100% fucked out!!!

What a vacation!!!

Truth be told, I could have also stayed all day Sunday. But was just too tired.....

Hope you enjoy my report Good Dr.

~GK Arbee~


Doc here again... Many, many thanks to GK Arbee for another 5-Star report.  I also want to congratulate him on the best vacation ever by a senior reporter here at The Journal.  You have set the bar very high, sir.

Looking forward to your next report, GK!