Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Special Report! Holly Godarkly's The Journey: Chronicles of a Woman’s Initiation into the World of “This Thing of Ours” - Part 1 (w/PICS)

Doc here, a man who some say discovered radio signal that bombarded a small town in Pennsylvania, a radio wave that set into motion events across the nation... Consistent reports of people in trances. 

This has been an excellent week for reports submitted to your old friend in the white suit and aviators. There are several top shelf pieces in the editing que that will be hitting The Journal in the next few days, and they are page turners. 

However, with that being said, I would like to introduce you to someone just dipping her toes into this thing of ours. In this series of reports, the lovely Holly Godarkly will take you on a three-part journey into sexual discovery, trust, & exploration.  And taking her on this journey, an able knight.

This exploration is still in progress...And this is Part 1 of Holly Godarkly's Journey.  Grab a Fresca (Hi Gemini!) and enjoy this report.  I did.


The Journey: Chronicles of a Woman’s Initiation into the World of “This Thing of Ours”

Part 1: Being Rescued – The Knight Appears

Work – day in, day out. It’s all I have. I tell myself to keep my mind busy – it will keep me from thinking. I try to focus my time and effort on keeping as busy as I can. I learn to channel all of my stress, frustrations and energies into work. I try to convince myself that it will keep me sane. Right! All work, no play. For decades…and how did I turn into such a bitch?

Holly Godarkly
And then Pandora’s Box is opened – nothing that was planned. But a very pleasant surprise that changes my entire demeanor. I have gone without sex for so long – not that is was anything to speak of when I did have it. And now I find myself in a unique situation where a man touches where he shouldn’t, during a massage, and I don’t say anything. He gets bolder and then suddenly he is between my legs and he is tasting me. I have never had this done before. And I stay silent – I do not stop him. I let him continue – for 20 minutes. I thoroughly enjoy the experience. And I have this smile on my face that I can’t seem to wipe off. 2 hours later, my girlfriend notices – she is very aware that something has changed! Something drastic! And something that she has believed was well overdue.

I feel different. I feel happy. The bitchiness that was my norm is gone. I decide that I need to live a little before it is too late for me. So I look on CL…but I am not comfortable and do not like the site. I did not put an ad up, but I answered a lot of ads. Just did not seem to work out very well.

I discover a different site, SLS, and decide to take control of my situation and place an ad. I am not looking for a relationship – but I need to find something. You see, I am walking around aroused all of the time now. This constant state of arousal is distracting. And if I could find a little play here and there, maybe that would help me.

The ad I placed is very specific. I take a hard look at myself and try to determine what really does turn me on. I think about my fantasies, and I decide to list those things that would excite me. I place a couple of pictures up – boob shots since that is my only asset. I wonder if anyone would be interested…if anyone will respond.

This is the profile I submitted: