Thursday, May 9, 2013

Flash Report! The Oral Reporter at Talk of the Town in Niagara Falls, NY

Doc here with a terrific Flash Report from senior reporter The Oral Reporter.  He visited by old stomping grounds, Talk of the Town in Niagara Falls, NY this past Monday, and luck was on his side.
This is a golden example of how being patient will yield positive results in an adult theater.  Read on and you'll see how...
Hi Doc,
Oral Reporter here, with a short story from your old stomping grounds, Talk of the Town in Niagara Falls, NY.
I flew in to Buffalo on Monday evening around 5 PM, got my rental car and headed to Talk of the Town (TOTT). The lot was very empty of course it was only 6 PM and a Monday on top of that.  I sat in my car for a little while with no one coming or going thru the parking lot.  I thought well I have to eat some time, so I went back on Hwy 62 for a bite to eat at Denny's (I like their pot roast).  Finished dinner and headed back to TOTT. 
The lot was still pretty empty, and there was one 18 wheeler with a load of logs, and two other cars.  I stayed in the car for another hour or so, when a pick-up truck came in the lot with a couple in it.  They made a swing through the lot and then pulled in the lot not too far from me.  I glanced over and gave them a little wave, I had my windows open, but they were a little far away to carry on a conversation.  In about 15 minutes or so they drove off, I thought well there goes probably the only couple I will see on a Monday night.  I stayed in the car and about 30 minutes later the couple in the pick-up truck came back.  This was a promising site.  They parked and got out of the pick up, went in side and I followed.
Talk of the Town
Niagara Falls, NY
When I got in, I did not see them in the ABS portion of the store, so they only had three places they could be, the arcade, the main theater, or the new (Red Garter) gay theater.  I thought well rather than buy a theater ticket yet, I would check out the Arcade.  As I was entering the arcade area the husband is walking out.  I did not see her, so I started checking the booths.  Nearly to the back I found her sitting in a booth feeding in some quarters and watching the movies.  The door was open, so I asked if she would like some company, she said yes and in I went. 
She was about 5'4 or 5'5 short brunette styled hair with hair spray on it holding it's shape.  She wore glasses and had a slender body.  I would guess her age at low to mid 50s + or-.  She was a good looking lady and reminded me of a librarian or a school teacher.  Her voice was soft and sweet.  He was quite a bit taller, I would guess 6'-2 or so.  also a slender build.  I entered the booth, and got my little soldier out pretty fast.  She started to stroke me while the movie was playing.  She had a very long skirt on and a top that was easy to get open and play with her small but nice breasts.  I sucked on one of her nipples while she stroked me and I raised her skirt, began rubbing her pussy she had panties on so it was not as easy as it could have been if she was not wearing any panties. (hint to the ladies out there, leave the panties at home if possible). 
By now her husband was back, as well as the 18 wheel driver. They were standing out side of the booth watching.  I don't mind being watched and I think the little soldier likes being watched.  I asked her if she would like her pussy licked, she said not right now, and then she told me she had to get rid of her husband.  This prompted her to get up re-adjust her clothes and head out.  I was not sure if she was coming back or not.  I got my pants back up, and as I was heading outside, they were driving away.  I thought to myself, well if they don't come back at least I got some attention. 
I sat in the car again for about 30 minutes, hoping she was going to drop him off at home and she would come back by herself, when all  of a sudden in comes the truck again, with both of them.  They get out of the truck and go back into the store. I was a little closer to them this time and saw the two of them go into the main theater.  So it was time to pay the admission and go in to the theater.  The clerk tried to sell me a ticket for both theaters, but I said I only wanted the main theatre.  It's still 10 bucks, I think the option for both theaters is $15 bucks.  I'm not interested in the gay and bi movies in the smaller theater so I said thanks but no thanks. 
As I turned to go in the theater, out comes the husband alone.  I entered the theater and she was standing in the back of the theater behind the wall.  I went behind the wall with her, standing next to her, I told her I was very glad she came back and then started playing with her tits again. I asked her what she was looking for, and she said a little harmless fun and I said that is what I'm looking for also. 
By this time I had my little bit bigger soldier out of my pants again.  She said lets go down in the front row, so we headed to the front row of seats. Her husband came back in and she told him she was going to the seats,  and I was right behind her.  This theater has 7 seats in each row, 2 together, then 3 together, and again 2 together.  We sat in the middle section.  I started to suck on one of her nipples again while she stroked my soldier.   I reminded her that when ever she wanted to have me lick her pussy, I would be very eager to do it for her.  Her husband was now sitting in the same row but in the 2 seat part.  She told me I could go down on her when I was ready.
Being The Oral Reporter and loving to eat pussy, she did not have to tell me twice.  She raised her long skirt and she had managed to get rid of her panties.  She scooted to the edge of the seat, I handed her my glasses to hold for me and I dove in,  I was the first for the night so I knew I would not be working my way through any other guys juices.  She was already a little wet, and I did my best to get her even more wet and aroused. 
After about 10 minutes, I inserted one finger while I was licking her and sucking on her clit.  My finger was looking for her G-spot, with the moaning she was doing I may have found it.  Another 10 minutes of my tongue and my finger she was coming, and then she slowly pushed my head back from her pussy.  Of course I had to ask if she enjoyed it and with a smile she said "Yes." 
I have always lived by the motto of you have to give a little head to get a little head.  I stood up in front of her, with my pants down and the soldier hoping to get  sucked on.  She stroked me and then started licking my balls (I love getting my balls licked) I told her how good that felt.  After a few minutes of enjoying that  she pulls out a condom and places it over the head of my cock, then proceeds to un-roll it with her lips, while taking my cock in her soft mouth.  Once it was on she started giving me a wonderful blow job.  (I of course love it even more without a condom, but she is a safe lady).  After she sucked for a while and it was a fantastic blow job (with her husband watching) I asked if I could come on her tits, she said no, and kept sucking me.  I then decided to take things in my own hands and started pumping her up a load while she played with my balls. ( there were two other guys in the theater, but neither of them came down to the front to watch or get in line).  I was about to cum and I told her it was time, she took my cock back in her mouth (with the condom on) and I finished in her mouth of course the condom caught all the cum. 
I sat down next to her, as I had been standing right in front of her with the screen lighting up what was happening, and still no other guys came down.  I asked her if she had heard of the Dr. Emilio Lizardo web site, she said no. I told her I write stories for this web site and it's devoted to the XXX theaters all over the country, and the people, guys, girls, and couples who play in them.  I told her I would be writing a story about tonight's fun and she said in a voice loud enough for her husband to hear, "I'm going to get a story written about me".  I told her I do not use any names, she did not offer any initials or anything to describe her and him.  I wrote down the web site and told her to check it out in a few days to see their story.  I thought writing it down was the best way, trying to remember Dr. Emilio Lizardo is a lot to expect.  They got up and left the theater, but I found them back in the arcade. 
Monday was a pretty dead night but at least she did not have to fight off a crowd of guys.  They stayed there for some time and then came back into the theater, again standing behind the wall, where another guy was but he did not seem interested either.  She is a lovely looking lady, I think I have seen them there before, just not sure when it was.  I don't know if she serviced any other guys, as I had to start my drive to Canada for work the next day.  I know if I'm at the TOTT again and I see the same pick-up truck I will head right in and offer my tongue for her pleasure.  For a Monday night it was a real success.  I have had pretty good luck at TOTT over the years that I have been visiting the Buffalo/ Niagara Falls area.
I'll be back there sometime next week, so we will see what walks in next week. I'm off to Louisville, KY tomorrow so maybe I'll try one of the theaters there.
I do love this thing of ours, it may be pot luck (or pot roast), but it's the anticipation of who will come in and want to play.
Until next time, this is The Oral Reporter, signing out.
Doc here again... It's good to see that a blast from my past is still yielding some good times for couples.  Many thanks to The Oral Reporter for another fine job.

Couple's Flash Report! Sam & Koral's Gloryhole Adventure @ Paradise Video in Portland (w/12 PICS!!!)

Doc here with one of those reports that will stick with you for days to follow.

The extremely sexy and naughty Koral, along with her guy, Sam, have provided what I think is their best Couple's Flash Report ever. They visited Portland's Paradise Video on a spur of the moment, and walked out with a great report and spectacular pics of the actual visit (every pic is the real Koral from that night). 

Here we go!

A Midweek GloryHole Adventure

Koral and I have always joked that it's a good thing we live a few hours from the city of kink (Portland). We can only imagine how often we would find ourselves "looking for trouble" if trouble was right outside the front door. Be it cruising Craigslist, hooking up more often with the swingers we already know, going to the swingers clubs because Koral wants to "dance", heading out to a porn shop, having drinks as we tip the strippers, or being bored at home so we decide to get out the camera and do some dogging- gloryholing-flashing-sex with strangers-roleplaying (the video-camera bucket-list goes on and on), and let's not forget the adult theaters. Even if we weren't planning on going to the theater, Brentstheatertails Flag system would be calling us in every time a red flag was shown (red flag=couples in the theater).
With that being said, we try to visit Portland twice a month or so. It's sometimes a little more, sometimes less. And only on the weekends unless we're Xmas shopping or dropping someone off at the airport (we rarely miss a chance to be perverted, "When in Rome"). We have noticed that our desire and drive for sexual adventures will come in waves. A momentum that ebbs, then flows. After 10 years of being happily in the lifestyle, we're pleased and satisfied with the some-what predictable momentum of our kink.

 That is, predictable until yesterday, Wednesday 5-2-13. It was yesterday I was writing a story for the readers of Dr. Emilio Lizardo's Journal of Adult Theaters blog detailing the Cum Slut Wife adventure my wife Koral had the weekend before while visiting Portland (PDXXX) for the night. We enjoyed a much needed night of debauchery, the first in months, and wanted to share with the tribe (The Tribe Of "This Thing Of Ours") all the steamy details...and some photos to boot(still shots from the video I took).

After writing the story I read it to Koral, not realizing that as I read it, I had my cock in my hand. What a turn on it was for us remembering it all and by the end of the story my cock was in her least until we were naked. That's the best thing about our sexual freedom....though our sex is always great, there's something to be said about the animalistic fucking we have after an adventure.
Then it was time to watch the video and find a few still shots to include with the story, so together we watched. We looking at it frame by frame, wanting to find the stills that would be best. WOW, what a turn on that was. As our desires to be kinky grew, we talked about what sexual things we wanted to do the next time played.  We couldn't help but discuss that if we lived in the city we would go out tonight and Koral remarked on how horny she was feeling. By the time we finished picking out the still shots and sent them and the story off to the DOC, we both decided that "TONIGHT WE SHOULD PLAY. WHY NOT? YOU ONLY LIVE ONCE. LETS GO GET CRAZY ON A WEDNESDAY NIGHT".
Unlike a weekend, we can't be out for long. We like to put the kids to bed and wake them up in the morning (Yes they are old enough to stay home alone). That's a long drive for a few hours of Slutdom I reminded my wife. If we do this, it has to be worth it. What should we do, what should we do? A Wednesday with no plans in the making. We will be getting there around midnight and we want to leave by 2am. Truck stop sex with the truckers, or dogging with, to unpredictable. It looks like it's going to be a gloryhole adventure....we decided that breaking her gloryhole record (22 loads) was the ticket.

I placed an ad on Craigslist titled "Cum Slut Wife At the porn store tonight" detailing the time and the place (Paradise Video at Midnight).  Excited to play, Koral dolled herself up and I charged the batteries on the video recorder. "I can't believe we're doing this on a weeknight" we both kept saying to one another...followed with "but it's going to be sooo much fun". After the kids went to bed....we were out.  

We arrived at midnight and the parking lot was jammed full. Looks like our Craigslisting worked. We entered the store and did our customary walk around as a bunch of guys secretly watched Koral wondering if she was the Cum Slut Wife they had read about. We overheard one of the clerks comment on how weird it was how so many guys had all just arrived in the matter of minutes and at this hour. We smiled at each other and began to make our way to the arcade, horny guys in tow. We went to the only room that has two gloryholes that lead to two different rooms. As Koral prepared herself I got out the video camera and fed the video machine.  The men in the adjacent rooms waited patiently for her signal to play (two fingers at the hole) as the crowd of guys were chatting it up in the hallway.

I took a seat in the chair and told Koral to begin with my cock. She got on her knees and began to suck me and got me hard, I then told her to pick a hole. She went to one of the holes (no reason in particular) and placed two fingers in it. A cock swiftly poked through and the game was afoot.

Let the show begin. As she sucked on him I videoed the action, then Koral reached out and pulled my cock closer to her. I obliged. She began to suck me, then him, then me on and so forth.....slowly bring our cocks closer together, shortening her mouths distance of travel. Eventually she had both cocks side by side, stroking the shafts with her hands and licking the heads with her tongue. Then she pressed them closer together and put her mouth around them both and took them in deep as she could as she moaned with enjoyment. She continued sucking us both, sometime together....sometimes back and forth, for five minutes or so. Eventually the strangers cock exploded and Koral shot his sperm onto her lips and licked it off his cock head with her tongue.
She then turned to the other hole on the adjacent wall and place two cummy fingers into it. Another cock appeared and she grabbed a hold of the shaft and took him into her cum drenched mouth. She sucked him deep, and as she made her way back to the head I could see the white sauce of the first man nut coating the new cock. She then spit the remaining cum onto the head and quickly licked it back up as she sucked him deep into her mouth again. This continued for many minutes, until finally the second cock had release its reward. Koral yummed and moaned the whole time....I loved it.  With a mouth full of cum (two loads now) she again swapped holes and was in heaven as she continued to give sloppy head. She was spitting white nut onto the cock and slurping it up as she sucked him. She was also slurping the cum that was running down her hand, never spilling a drop. When she didn't have a cock in her mouth, she was vigorously stroking and commenting on how she is a Cum Slut and how much she wants their loads.  The Slut talk worked and another load was released.

Back and forth she went, from hole to hole until eventually the rooms beside us were empty.  Koral took a seat on the floor and we watched some of the porn videos together. After a short break it was my turn to nut, so I gave her a few dollars and told her to go to the room next door and suck me through the hole. It didn't take long for me to cum. As we got dressed I told her how many guys she drained. It didn't break her record, but 13 shots of sperm on a Wednesday night was a good show. We left the store and the parking lot was empty.

That's my girl........a true Cum Slut Wife.

Koral's Gallery (click on the thumbnails to ENLARGE)



Doc here again... Um, wow! Many, many thanks go out to the lovely Koral and the very generous Sam for allowing a peak inside their evening a debauchery at Paradise Video in Portland. Terrific report, and the pics were outstanding.  Keep up the great work guys!

Maybe The Good Doctor needs to relocate my practice to the Pacific Northwest instead of heading East as planned...

Koral and Sam would LOVE to hear your comments!  The comments section is OPEN for this report...