Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Thanksgiving Treat! Cinema L'Amour: The Documentary Film - Parts 1 and 2

Doc here with a little 2-part something something to say thanks to you, the good readers of The Journal of Adult Theaters.  Earlier today, I published a terrific Flash Report from senior Journal scribe, JaxBchBum.  He had visited Cinema L'Amour in Montreal, and sent in his finding to the news desk here at The Journal. 

Cinema L'Amour is an adult theater that is a throwback to the classic adult theaters of the 70's and 80's, before one by one, they almost all disappeared.  This is not the case with Cinema L'Amour.

I present to you, via YouTube, a two-part short documentary on the Cinema L'Amour.  This film is excellent, and the best 15 minutes you'll spend all weekend (before or after eating yourself into a stupor).


Doc here again... My favorite part of this documentary is the comment by the film critic that pornography had extended the life of many old movie theaters, that otherwise would have closed many years earlier.  I never thought about this thing of ours in that way, but I do now.

Have a great Thanksgiving everybody!


Flash Report! JaxBchBum @ Cinema L'Amour in Monteal, Quebec

Doc here with a fantastic Flash Report from north of the border (no, not Minnesota) by senior Journal scribe JaxBchBum.  Our favorite surf bum has traveled to Montreal, and to the Cinema L'Amour (address and other info located on the Dr. Emilio Adult Theater Database HERE). 

So while you are prepping your bird for Thanksgiving, take a gander at this excellent 5-Star report...



Hope your Turkey Day preparations are well underway for a big feast.  Wanted to pass along a quick Flash Report from a recent visit up to Canada.  Timing is everything and since I was going to be in Montreal in mid-November, how fortuitous it was to see the 11/6 report from Peter on Cinema L'Amour

Having a free afternoon, I decided to make the walk up Rue St. Laurent from down near the Sports Arena where I was staying.  Turned out to be a much longer walk than I thought and generally uphill, but finally arrived about 2pm on a Tuesday.  Like my weekday visits to adult theatres in the U.S., didn't expect much in the ways of couples but wanted to check out the theatre for future trips when the time of a visit might be more conducive to couples.

Cinema L'Amour
4015 St. Laurent, Montreal

A generally safe area with a lots of auto and pedestrian traffic although there are blocks where a number of the shops are vacant and their windows/walls covered by graffiti and gang markings.

Entered the theatre and a nice clean lobby area with some DVDs on some racks and the cashier's counter.  At the time of my visit there was a man and a woman at the counter.  Thought the admission was $9.50 but later when checking my change only got $9.50 in change so maybe the admission price was $10.50 and the figure I saw on the register was my change. 

It had been a sunny and mild day in Montreal so some adjustment to entering the theatre and its low light.  Stood at the back for a few minutes to regain some vision.  You enter the theatre through a set of double doors and there are 3 sets of doors across the back.  There is a hallway running across the back of the theatre and then a center aisle and two side aisles.  A huge theatre as Peter reported.  I tried to take a seat about halfway down but kept hitting some sort of barrier like a rope that I couldn't quite make out in the low light.  Later I observe that indeed they have a rope/wire stretched across about 6 rows of seats on each side of the theatre which apparently is the designated couples section.

Sat down and began watching the movie and surveying the activity in the theatre.  There must have been about 25- 30 men in the theatre with about half of them seated and the other half actively cruising up and down the aisles.  Generally an older crowd as expected.  Interestingly, down at the front of theatre on each side aisle there is a recessed counter where one can stand (although watching the screen from that angle might be impossible).  This seemed to be the standup BJ area that afforded some level of privacy. Past these counters are hallways that lead to exits behind the theatre.

Cinema L'Amour
The balcony that is open only to couples for a $35 VIP room fee extends about 3/4 the way down the theatre so I am not sure anyone could see any activity unless you were standing right at the front of the theatre and they were at the front of the balcony.  Anyway,about an hour into my visit, I hear the clump, clump, clump of shoes in the balcony above and then some talking.  Seems a couple had come into the theatre and the female cashier was trying to upsell them on the VIP section, but they evidently declined as a few minutes later she escorted them down into the main theatre and to the first row of the designated couples section. 

They were a young couple - early to mid-20s.  Although dressed in jeans, tennis shoes and a pull-over blouse, she conveyed that kind of "WTF" attitude and I thought there might be some action.  Sadly, all that they did was him play with her breasts under her blouse and she was rubbing his crotch through his jeans but nothing was shown and they left after about 45 minutes.

Was sitting there again and noticed what I thought was a lady (carrying a purse/bag and had a female hair style) come and sit in the same row as me but across the center aisle.  After a bit of looking, I was able to confirm that she was wearing a skirt which she would hike up mid-thigh, but that is all I could see.  She seemed to be attracting a fair number of guys who would sit in the aisle in front looking back.  Finally one guy got a bit too aggressive and moved to sit next to her, so she picked up her bag and moved across the aisle to the row I was on about 4 seats away. 

Turned out the lady was a cross-dresser and not a very attractive one at that.  "She" was wearing a skirt with garter stocking.  Didn't want any part of that scene and it was getting time to leave so I headed back to the hotel.  On the way out, went down to the restroom and have to throw out another compliment here.  Have to climb down a steep tiled stairwell to get there, but nice and clean facilities unlike most adult theatre restrooms.

Walking back I passed another adult theatre establishment called Cinema 6, although the entrance way looked very sketchy.  A place where a daylight reconnaissance might be in order on a future visit.

Happy Thanksgiving and hope to give you a report on Theatre X  in Florida next week.



Doc here again... Thanks to JaxBchBum for his usual excellent reporting, this time from the home of Dudley Do-Right, Tess Trueheart, Velvet Skye, and many beavers.  Later this evening, and extending through Thursday, will be a special Thanksgiving treat for you, the good readers of The Journal.

It's a little something extra about the Cinema L'Amour... And very cool.

Stay tuned...


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The current trend in the most popular websites is a white background for articles with black text.  An example would be, Bill Simmons sports website (powered by ESPN).   Very clean layout.  Almost sterile.

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