Sunday, November 4, 2012

Bulletin! Deja Vu in Ontario, CA is now CLOSED!

Doc here with bad news from this thing of ours...

Senior reporter Dark Knight sent me a note Saturday regarding the closing of Deja Vu in Ontario, CA.  DejaVu was the closest active adult theaters to the LA area. Due to pressure from the local zoning authorities and a 10 year legal battle, they were able to force Deja Vu to close on October 31st.

Here is the press release from Deja Vu:

Deja Vu Closing After 28 Years

Not a Very Merry Christmas as San Bernadino County Puts Censorship Before Jobs.
As of midnight October 31st, 2012 and 28 years of operation, Eyefull Adult Complex (Déjà Vu Showgirls and Love Boutique) will be closing and more than 100+ employees and entertainers will be out of work just in time for the holiday season. We can't point the finger at the ailing economy, but to a few county commissioners who have decided to change the the zoning of the property which the business sets on.

The landmark club located at 5282 W. Mission Blvd in Ontario, CA since 1984, Eyefull Inc. hasn't been a beacon of high crime or lowered property values as many adult business critics claim; they've bought presents and raised money for the Inland Empire Foster Kids Association, providing Christmas gifts for 150 foster children and donating over $4,000 just last year alone! So thanks to these Grinches of San Bernadino County, these now out of work folks will be hoping to receive charity this year instead of being the ones giving it.

Not only does the situation affect the former employees, entertainers and their families, but will also negatively impact another 50 people working for suppliers, as well as lost tax revenues for the city and county. At a time when governments at all levels should be working to keep people employed, the commissioners of San Bernadino have decided to put censorship and politics ahead of jobs… shame on you!

SOURCE Deja Vu Ontario, California


Doc here again... Well residents of SoCal, it looks like if you want to visit an adult theater, then you will be skipping down to San Diego. 

Thanks to Dark Knight for the head's up on this breaking news.