Saturday, December 3, 2011

Flash Report! grouch0 Reports From CVE On 11/24-25/11

Doc here with more disappointing news coming from CVE in Gastonia, NC from first time contributor, grouch0. The report speaks for itself on the sorry state of affairs at CVE.  I will have a detailed follow-up report from senior correspondants Alex and Lauen shortly about CVE.

Stay tuned.

Here we go...


Hello Doc,

Both nights I entered the theater area in mid-evening, 8-ish perhaps. Both times there were 10-20 guys cruising from the arcade to the theater and back out. I saw little self-entertainment. The video was typical sequence of plotless young girl/not-so-young guy encounters. Only one is shown per day, and it didn't get changed by my return visit the next evening.

Gastonia, NC c. 2009
Thursday evening there was a late-20s/early 30s couples in the left rear of the theater with the lady closer to the center aisle, often an invitation. A small crowd was obviously observing but maintaining a respectful distance. After 15-20 minutes the guy put his hand in her crotch. After about five minutes of this they got up and went to the smoking room and sat and talked to a few other patrons for a while. I never saw them return to the theater.

Friday night I had been in the theater for about 20 minutes when a fit-looking older (upper 50s?) couple came in and sat down in front of me. The woman took a seat away from the aisle and the guy shielded her. A few observers moved into seats around them, leaving a respectful gap. After 5-10 minutes it was clear he was fingering her crotch and she was enthusiastically responding. After another 5-10 minutes they got up and entered a booth in the arcade. Some time later they re-entered the theater and took a seat near the front on the left. A thick crowd of observers formed and the one-way pleasurable activity resumed. The partially standing crowd must have attracted the wrong kind of attention because a representative of theater management appeared and escorted them and an enthusiastic helper out of the theater.

So... facilities are pretty good, seemed clean, price seems steep ($15/person, no discount for couples), only one video plays over and over again, crowd was respectful, management doesn't want too much activity.



Doc here again... Thanks to grouch0 for a nice report about a not-so-nice situation @ CVE.  If you look through the archives here @ The Journal, you will see the downward progression of events leading to the above. 

The long-term viability of CVE is in serious question.