Sunday, September 10, 2017

New Feature! Dr. Lizardo's TV Club! "The Deuce" Premiers Tonight (9/10/17) on HBO

Doc here, a man who some say knows your reality is already half video hallucination. If you're not careful, it will become TOTAL hallucination. You'll have to learn to live in a very strange new world.

Welcome to the newest regular feature here at The Journal of Adult Theaters. The title is "Dr. Lizardo's TV Club", and in it, we will watch and then discuss episodes of a brand new series debuting on HBO Sunday night, September 10th, 2017.  That series is "The Deuce". 

"The Deuce" is the first mainstream series that tackles the adult theater and Golden Age porn scene as elements of it's dramatization. In future installments of "TV Club", we will get into the research done by it's stars to bring this/our scene authenticity. 

Let's start with the official trailer for "The Deuce", shall we?
Pretty interesting, right? The New York City of Scorsese's "Taxi Driver" and "Mean Streets", and Michael Winner's "Death Wish". This is not your Disney corporate theater district of the present. This was 1972, the birth of the porn industry and the genesis of the Golden Age of porn theaters & movies.  

One of the reasons I am so excited for "The Deuce" is the work behind the scenes by my good friends at "The Rialto Report", the go-to resource for insight on the Golden Age of adult film in New York City, as well as on the West Coast. Their fantastic podcasts featuring adult stars of the past are required listening for enthusiasts of this thing of ours. I don't miss a podcast, and you shouldn't either. Professionally produced as well as anything you might hear on NPR, with the major exception that the content is a tad juicier, with the occasional mention of anal sex. 

The Rialto Report's association with "The Deuce" was in the role as consultant, and no one knows that rich history better than Ashley West, April Hall, and the other terrific contributors to their site.  And I for one cannot wait to see their DNA in the details of series. Whatever credit they get in the show will not be enough in my opinion. 

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Where was The Deuce?  Well kids, The Duece refers to 42nd Street between 6th and 8th Avenues in New York City. Here is a diagram of the 18 adult and grindhouse theaters on The Deuce in the 70's & the 80's:
"The Deuce"
Now, you may be asking yourself, "I wonder if Doc ever ventured to The Deuce?"  The answer is yes and no.

A Secret Room 2125: Pimps n' Hoes Party Report at 15th Ave. in 3 Parts - The Grand Finale! Chapter 3 - Ginger Squirts

Doc here with the grand finale of a 3-Part series on Ginger Squirts and her evening at 15th Ave.'s Secret Room 2125: Pimps n Hoes Party. In Parts 1 and 2, we heard from the male contingent: Anaconda and MasterT. Now it's Ginger's turn.

This report is rated "F" for Fan-Fucking-Tastic!  Take it away, Ginger!


Dear Doc:

This is truly an honor to have not only met the real Anaconda, but to be able to have the opportunity to co-write my Fantasy #4 with him, using his perspective, my Master’s perspective of the events as they unfolded on Saturday, September 2, 2017 night at 2125 Secret Room Pimp’s N Hoes Party at 15th Avenue Adult Theatre. 

No matter how many times I think about that night, and it's been a full week, I still cannot believe that all of this took place, yet it really did. The people whom I’ve become acquaintances and some friends with that are associated with 15th Avenue and who are Lizardo Journal Blog contributors, as some of the best people in this lifestyle, and they never disappoint. Here is a first-hand accounting of my night at the party with the real Anaconda.

Gingers Fantasy #4 ‘Encounter with the Real Anaconda’

It all stated in August when we made a visit to 15th Avenue on a non-party night. It was a Friday and if you read my Fantast #3 a KONGa line, then you will understand what I am referencing. I was under the impression I had met the real Anaconda (@msexualhealer) that night. Come to find out, it was not him, but rather, an extremely HUGE gentleman by the name of KONG. (Hi sweetheart!) So I had to justify all the assumptions I had written about him on Twitter and correct an error that had surfaced. I contacted Anaconda and after much conversation, was able to find a night when he would be in town, and when I was free to meet him. 
Ginger Squirts

Unbeknownst to me, Master Thom had been talking to him privately at the same time arranging a visit and plotting what they were going to do to me that night. What you may have already read from both of them in their own short stories of the events of the evening encounter, my story is a little bit more detailed, a little more graphic, and a lot me telling than they may have led on to have you believe. If you’ve ready by style of writing, you know I’m a tell-all-kind-of-girl. I always say too much and I don’t know when to stop! I think you’ll appreciate that “fault” this time around!

The evening was packed with so many stories that spin off in their own direction, the only way I could figure out how to organize myself is to just feed it to you in small chunks. You will notice the subtitles above each paragraph. I hope this guides you thru my night a bit more easily. Here we go.

The Arrival
Good intentions were to put our arrival time around 8 p.m., but as we hit the highway, the rain came out of nowhere, and it slowed down our travels over an hour. Then we hit the Chicagoland traffic again, as we do each time we go to 15th Avenue, and it pushed us back even further. All the time, I was in contact with Anaconda. He announced his plane was late departing and arriving. Then he had difficulty finding that transportation to his hotel, etc. I was relieved because we were having our own travel issues. He said he’d arrive after 9 p.m. I said that was fine. We were thinking about the same as well. 

A Secret Room 2125: Pimps n' Hoes Party Report at 15th Ave. in 3 Parts - Chapter 2 - MasterT w/PICS

Doc here with Part 2 of a Secret Room 2125: Pimps n' Hoes Party at 15th Ave. Report. In this part, we welcome back MasterT to The Journal, and he provides a peak behind the curtains of a great night with his sub Ginger Squirts and their guest Anaconda. 

Take it away, sir!



As Anaconda and Ginger Squirts has written their accounting of the evening, this is my contribution to the events of the evening. I hope the readers of the Journal enjoy this stimulating story. I know I did, again!


Friday August, 29th, 2017

The Continuing Adventures of Ginger Squirts and MasterT.

On or recent visit to 15th Avenue Adult Theater, we enjoyed the Pimps N Hoes Party.

Ginger was of course ‘cumpletly’ decked out in he finest whore outfit, her red wig and skin tight dress that left little to the imagination. l have to use all my will power to keep from fucking her where she stands. Being a Dom to a woman like Ginger is a challenge and a pleasure. Tonight we had a clear goal we had set out to give an unforgettable experience to Mr. Anaconda. I was going to give Mr. A special access to my Ginger. She would be tasked to offer him exclusive use of her sex. An unusual event, as I do enjoy offering her service to several horny men and women!
Ginger Squirts
Tonight however was special. We would be celebrating Mr. A's birthday by having her publicly fucked right on the stage. I’m getting ahead of myself. Let’s go back a bit. Ginger had been in touch with Anaconda for several days and was looking forward to meeting this legend of a fuck stud. What she didn’t know was that I had contacted him with my own ideas. He graciously agreed to be a part of the nights plan. 

As we arrived at the party, I instructed sub Ginger to hold nothing back. She complied by walking straight up and wrapping her arms around him and passionately offering kisses. We found a table and chatted. Ginger sat close to him allowing hands to wander. He felt her legs which I was sure she kept open. I wanted him to know with out doubt what was offered. Ginger’s hand was teasing with his lap. I leaned over to her, whispering in her ear.” I hope your stroking his cock” to which she replied she was not because I had not given permission. I corrected that misunderstanding and her smile told me Mr. A would also be smiling.