Sunday, September 10, 2017

A Secret Room 2125: Pimps n' Hoes Party Report at 15th Ave. in 3 Parts - Chapter 2 - MasterT w/PICS

Doc here with Part 2 of a Secret Room 2125: Pimps n' Hoes Party at 15th Ave. Report. In this part, we welcome back MasterT to The Journal, and he provides a peak behind the curtains of a great night with his sub Ginger Squirts and their guest Anaconda. 

Take it away, sir!



As Anaconda and Ginger Squirts has written their accounting of the evening, this is my contribution to the events of the evening. I hope the readers of the Journal enjoy this stimulating story. I know I did, again!


Friday August, 29th, 2017

The Continuing Adventures of Ginger Squirts and MasterT.

On or recent visit to 15th Avenue Adult Theater, we enjoyed the Pimps N Hoes Party.

Ginger was of course ‘cumpletly’ decked out in he finest whore outfit, her red wig and skin tight dress that left little to the imagination. l have to use all my will power to keep from fucking her where she stands. Being a Dom to a woman like Ginger is a challenge and a pleasure. Tonight we had a clear goal we had set out to give an unforgettable experience to Mr. Anaconda. I was going to give Mr. A special access to my Ginger. She would be tasked to offer him exclusive use of her sex. An unusual event, as I do enjoy offering her service to several horny men and women!
Ginger Squirts
Tonight however was special. We would be celebrating Mr. A's birthday by having her publicly fucked right on the stage. I’m getting ahead of myself. Let’s go back a bit. Ginger had been in touch with Anaconda for several days and was looking forward to meeting this legend of a fuck stud. What she didn’t know was that I had contacted him with my own ideas. He graciously agreed to be a part of the nights plan. 

As we arrived at the party, I instructed sub Ginger to hold nothing back. She complied by walking straight up and wrapping her arms around him and passionately offering kisses. We found a table and chatted. Ginger sat close to him allowing hands to wander. He felt her legs which I was sure she kept open. I wanted him to know with out doubt what was offered. Ginger’s hand was teasing with his lap. I leaned over to her, whispering in her ear.” I hope your stroking his cock” to which she replied she was not because I had not given permission. I corrected that misunderstanding and her smile told me Mr. A would also be smiling.
Ginger Squirts
I had decided that I would cut the chatting and move things to the next level as Soon as the dance contest concluded. As soon as Ginger got back to our table, I told Anaconda that I intended to hear things up. I led Ginger back to the stage, sitting her on the edge and pushing her back. Laying on the stage I opened her legs fully exposing her cunt to everyone. I wasted no time diving into her already soaked pussy. I signaled to Mr. A to join in. 

He wasted no time jumping on stage where he freed his bulging cock and feeding it to a very cock hungry Ginger. We all enjoyed this very public display of the beautiful submissive letting herself be used. I ate and fingered her to several nice squirts while Mr. A aggressively fucked her sexy lip sticked mouth. I spun her around on stage offering her wet pussy for fucking but it became clear that the stage was not the best place to get a good grip for the king of fuck we all wanted. With that I said let’s getting better place.

One of the private rooms had just opened up and we took advantage of it. Several men who had been watching the action tried to move into the room but that didn’t fit the plans I had for my sub. We wasted no time getting Ginger on the fucking table.
Ginger Squirts
Ginger earned her name as she sucked and fucked us. Screaming and gushing cum endlessly. I can only imagine what the people outside the door must have thought. And felt a bit guilty for the mess of cum that covered the walls and floor. While most of the cum was the result of Ginger’s squirting. I have to say Anaconda made a healthy contribution. After fucking her raw he stripped off his rubber and finished in Ginger’s ready mouth to over flowing. The massive load dripping from her lips on to her chest and legs.

Leaving the room it was time for us to say our goodbyes (Ginger was not ready to leave). What a girl. In the parking lot we ran into Kong. Had I been thinking more clearly I would have had Ginger drop to her knees right there and have her ‘welcum’ him properly. Sorry Kong, maybe next time.

Ginger was exhausted but we were not done yet. I had the pleasure of working her pussy through almost continuous cum shots all the way home, stopping only after entering the garage, but only till we got into the house. Even then we continued pleasuring each other well into the wee hours of morning.

We are already planning our visit to Couple’s Choice BDSM party next Friday 9/8. I can’t wait to use my beautiful submissive Ginger Squirts.



Doc here...Thanks to MasterT for a terrific accounting from his POV on a big night for Ginger Squirts and their guest, Anaconda. Well done, sir. 

Part 3 from Ginger herself is next, and it's a page turner.