Sunday, September 10, 2017

A Secret Room 2125: Pimps n' Hoes Party Report at 15th Ave. in 3 Parts - The Grand Finale! Chapter 3 - Ginger Squirts

Doc here with the grand finale of a 3-Part series on Ginger Squirts and her evening at 15th Ave.'s Secret Room 2125: Pimps n Hoes Party. In Parts 1 and 2, we heard from the male contingent: Anaconda and MasterT. Now it's Ginger's turn.

This report is rated "F" for Fan-Fucking-Tastic!  Take it away, Ginger!


Dear Doc:

This is truly an honor to have not only met the real Anaconda, but to be able to have the opportunity to co-write my Fantasy #4 with him, using his perspective, my Master’s perspective of the events as they unfolded on Saturday, September 2, 2017 night at 2125 Secret Room Pimp’s N Hoes Party at 15th Avenue Adult Theatre. 

No matter how many times I think about that night, and it's been a full week, I still cannot believe that all of this took place, yet it really did. The people whom I’ve become acquaintances and some friends with that are associated with 15th Avenue and who are Lizardo Journal Blog contributors, as some of the best people in this lifestyle, and they never disappoint. Here is a first-hand accounting of my night at the party with the real Anaconda.

Gingers Fantasy #4 ‘Encounter with the Real Anaconda’

It all stated in August when we made a visit to 15th Avenue on a non-party night. It was a Friday and if you read my Fantast #3 a KONGa line, then you will understand what I am referencing. I was under the impression I had met the real Anaconda (@msexualhealer) that night. Come to find out, it was not him, but rather, an extremely HUGE gentleman by the name of KONG. (Hi sweetheart!) So I had to justify all the assumptions I had written about him on Twitter and correct an error that had surfaced. I contacted Anaconda and after much conversation, was able to find a night when he would be in town, and when I was free to meet him. 
Ginger Squirts

Unbeknownst to me, Master Thom had been talking to him privately at the same time arranging a visit and plotting what they were going to do to me that night. What you may have already read from both of them in their own short stories of the events of the evening encounter, my story is a little bit more detailed, a little more graphic, and a lot me telling than they may have led on to have you believe. If you’ve ready by style of writing, you know I’m a tell-all-kind-of-girl. I always say too much and I don’t know when to stop! I think you’ll appreciate that “fault” this time around!

The evening was packed with so many stories that spin off in their own direction, the only way I could figure out how to organize myself is to just feed it to you in small chunks. You will notice the subtitles above each paragraph. I hope this guides you thru my night a bit more easily. Here we go.

The Arrival
Good intentions were to put our arrival time around 8 p.m., but as we hit the highway, the rain came out of nowhere, and it slowed down our travels over an hour. Then we hit the Chicagoland traffic again, as we do each time we go to 15th Avenue, and it pushed us back even further. All the time, I was in contact with Anaconda. He announced his plane was late departing and arriving. Then he had difficulty finding that transportation to his hotel, etc. I was relieved because we were having our own travel issues. He said he’d arrive after 9 p.m. I said that was fine. We were thinking about the same as well. 

As we pulled into the parking lot, we found the last parking spot, as if it was waiting for us. We gathered our gear and headed to the party door. By that time, the rain had stopped, and I was so very grateful for that. You see, I had on a $100 dress, literally, a dress patterned with $100 bills. It was a mini dress that fell just a dash below the upper part of my thighs. The shortest I’ve worn to date. I had on shoes that had diamonds all over, and I wore a $100 boa around my neck. 
Ginger's $100 Dress

The rain would have definitely ruined by outfit. We stepped inside the door and I stood to the back as Master stood at the counter getting ready to pay our entrance fee. As the couple in front of us stepped to the side and around the corner, that when I made my presence known. 

A few guys who came in after us were nodding their heads with approval of my outfit. One gentleman said that I always push it up a level each time I am there in my outfits. I thanked him and then Doc acknowledged me. He came from around the counter and gave me a big hug and welcomed me to the party. He said that Anaconda had arrived and if I was ready, he was available to walk us over to him. And that is what we did. With Doc in the lead, I followed him with a pounding heart, in anticipation of meeting the real Anaconda!

The Encounter
As Doc turned to me and said, “This is Anaconda” and stepped aside, the tall and handsome Anaconda appeared. I was so pleasantly surprised. He was just as I had pictured him, and I knew instantly, that this night was going to be one for the records!
We hugged and then I pulled him off to the small hallway in the corner and presented him with his birthday gift. He thanked me, and Master said we needed to find a table to sit and get to know each other. 

It was already well past 9:30 p.m. and Master knew there was much to be accomplished in the small window of time left of the party. I stepped away to use the bathroom, then quickly reappeared and we headed for a small table in front of the stage. I sat down next to Mr. Anaconda, and I placed my right leg over his lap and offered him complete access to my body! Without hesitation, he began to feel my leg and work his way up to my eager pussy. It was beginning to become soaked just from sitting that close to him. I ran my hand over his back and down to his leg, over to his crotch and smiled inside. Yes, no doubt, a great night ahead for all of us! 
Ginger Dollars

We exchanged small talk, smiles, laughter, and then got into some great sexual dialogue. We sipped our drinks, and Doc announced that the Sexiest Outfit Contest was about to begin. I was contestant #10. Lots of girls were in the contest. I danced just for my Master and Mr. Anaconda, all the time, gesturing to them and flirting. I had a very good time up on stage. I love to be up there entertaining. After the contest finished, I returned to my chair, took another sip of my Corona, and then Master Thom announced it was time to begin.

The Stage
Here is the part where Master Thom and Anaconda had conversed behind my back and had this all prearranged! Master led me to the stage, and I scooted back on it. Mr. A helped me move a bit more backwards. When Master was finally happy with my position on stage, to my surprise, he pulled me forward and lifted my dress way over my hips and over my tits. 

Exposed and vulnerable to both Master and Mr. Anaconda, Master spread open my legs fully exposing my pussy to everyone that had moved in closer to the stage for the show! Master dove his tongue into my already soaked pussy, and Mr. Anaconda pulled his huge cock from his pants and fed it directly into my eager, open mouth and I swallowed it. I worked my lips and tongue all over his cock, as if memorizing each inch of him. And there were a LOT of inches to memorize! Both used me as they willed. I just obeyed them. Mr. Anaconda played with my tits, sucking and rubbing them, and then when Master stepped back to watch, he fingered me, directly rubbing my g-spot, and brought me to an earth shattering orgasm. I arched my back and let out a loud moan and then I squirted. I heard Mr. A voice his pleasure at what had just happened. 
Ginger's Sassy Shoes

The others around the stage were in awe of the squirting. Master turned me around on the stage so that I could position myself for Mr. A to fuck me, but it was very hard as I was much lower than him, and it was just an awkward position. After all, I had had been waiting for this moment, and I was not about to let this not take place properly. Master sensed the problems we were about to encounter, and quickly said, “Let’s get to a better place for fucking her.” Mr. A got up, I got off the stage, and we headed towards the back of the room where there are 2 small private rooms.

The Play Room
As we approached the rooms, both doors were closed and a few men were standing in front of them. I thought to myself, “Oh no, not a waiting line. Not tonight!” And then to our surprise, the door to the first room opened (coincidentally the same room I had been in at the last party where I left my juices all over the walls and floor and table!) As we moved forward to quickly claim it, a few of the men tried to follow us inside. Master stopped them immediately and then closed the door on us. 
Ginger Squirts

Master wasted no time getting me onto the long table….The men stripped me of my clothing, and I immediately went back down on Anaconda and we were ready for the main event. I was soaking wet, but my pussy accepted his huge cock so willingly all the way to the base. He had me on all fours, which I admit; I’m not used to being in that position. It was wonderful! He was able to stroke my g-spot with his cock, and that, of course, set off more Ginger juice spraying all over him, the floor, anything that it made contact with. 

He pulled out and then put his cock in my mouth. It was at that point that Master asked if he was ready to cum, and that he had permission to shoot anywhere that he wanted to. He asked me where, and I said my mouth. He came, very strongly, in my mouth for a long time and I squirted all over the floor, screaming so very loudly, I thought someone would open the door to see if I was in distress! I joined his juices. It was an absolute mess in that room. Being the gentleman that he was, he offered to get some towels or something to clean it all up with.

The Departure
We got dressed, and left the room. We stopped, and he mentioned he wanted to go into the theater. Master Thom said that we had to go, and I wanted to stay. We said our good byes, hugged and said we definitely wanted to see each other the next time he was in town. We agreed that even at the spur of the moment, we would make ourselves free if he was going to be passing thru Chicago, that we’d meet at 15th and make yet another hot night of it.

As I was leaving, I said good bye to our host, Doc, and he mentioned that Kong was outside in the parking lot. He said that Kong read my Fantasy #3, the KONGa Line, and said that no one ever wrote about him. I had to see Kong. I asked Doc to take me to him. Out the door we went, and Kong was standing facing the door, and when I saw him, I dropped my bag and threw my arms around him like a long lost friend whom I hadn't seen in years. I spoke briefly about the story I wrote and he thanked me for writing it. We promised we’d see each other again soon…

The Ride Home
Still during the ride home, Master and I discussed the details of the evening, which kept me VERY horny. As we drove, I placed my legs up on the dashboard, pulled up my dress, and pulled off my panties, and Masters fingers found a warm, cozy place between my slick lips. Now I was pretty confident I had nothing left to give up. 

Remember I wrote in Fantasy #3 to never let your pussy get the better of you? To always keep it guessing and always push it beyond its limits? I did that, and boy was I wrong thinking I was emptied out. Masters hand to the clit, and with very little movement, he extracted Ginger juice which flew all over the inside of the windshield. What a glorious mess! I'll admit, I'm usually done when we leave Docs parties, but something was VERY different about the night. And I was about to discover what ‘it’ was, and this is going to be BIG news, friends. Keep reading! Master kept his fingers inside me all the way home.

The Garage
We pulled into the garage and decided to leave everything in the car and seek with it the next day. As I unhooked my seatbelt, an urge came over me, and with a flat handed stroke across my pussy lips, I exploded into a wave of orgasms that projectile my cum all over the dash board and soaked the cloth passenger seat. All I could let escape my from my mouth was this sentence: "Jesus Master! What is happening to me tonight?" (In retrospect, I believe my encounter with KONG and with MR. ANACONDA had a lot to do with my experience. It was always in there. I just needed the right men to bring it out in me. Good job to my Kong and Anaconda combination. Forever grateful for pushing me forward into the next level of my sexual life!)

The Bedroom
So, you can imagine that I just wanted to crawl into bed at this point. I didn’t even care about how soaked I was. That my juices had ran down my legs and I was about to smear it all over my sheets. I just wanted sleep. But that was not foreseeable. As I turned to get into bed, I fell right into Master’s arms, and the look in his eyes, that look of uncontrollable passion and lust for me, well, there was nowhere to run or hide from that. I just gave in, gave up, and melted into his arms. 

He took full advantage of the situation, and pushed me onto my knees in the middle of the bed, and he took his hard cock and drove it deep into my pussy. With each thrust, he pushed me further and further towards the wall. I had no energy left to hold myself up. Master reached around and grabbed me by the waist and pulled me to the edge of the bed, then grabbed my face and directed it up to his. He said, “Lover, get on your knees and suck my cock. You are a filthy little slut slave, and you are about to find out what it’s really like to not be treated with a soft touch.” 

With that, he steadied my head and thrusted his hips forward until his cock hit the back of my throat and I made that awful, wonderful, gagging sound. I started to spray on the floor. Master did not pull back and I continued to gag, as tears flowed out of my eyes. Satisfied I had enough, he withdrew, and grabbed my right leg and extended it up on the bed. I was doing the splits over the bed, leaving my cunt wide open to his hands, and he shoved his fingers directly up onto my g-spot and grabbed my neck with his other hand and choked me. 

If you know anything about me, that hand around the neck at the right moment puts me into another universe, and my body completely gives away. Here it is folks, the part you’ve been waiting for. Never, and I repeat, NEVER had I experienced something so forceful in my life before. When his hand hit my neck, and my mind took me off to that other place… in conjunction with the fact my body had already taken such a beautiful fuck beating all night, I could not respond back to him. Rather, I just ‘gave in’ like I’ve never given in before, and I emptied myself onto my bedroom floor, so much so, that I truly thought I was pissing on the floor an entire bladder full of fluid. 

No, that was not what was happening, because after I finally stopped splashing the floor and the Ginger juice finally came to a rest near the door frame from across the room, Master scooped up some of the juice and cupped his hand and fed it to me. He made me drink it, taste it, and friends, it was not pee. It was all ME. All my own juices. We stood in awe of the sight of the floor and we began to laugh. Master said, “My God, Ginger. Look what you have done. You finally surrendered to your Master. I’ve been waiting for this moment for a very long time. How do you feel?” And all I could say was, “So is that what it’s truly like to give myself completely to you?” And Master smiled, and said, “Yes, little one. It is.” 

With that, I carefully slid my way across the room, into the hallway and over to the bathroom to grab all the towels I had underneath the cabinet and carried them back to my bedroom and threw them on the floor to begin soaking up the mess so that it did not penetrate into the wood floor!

Living Room
….but my story does not end in the bedroom. I threw on a new pair of panties and a t-shirt and went into the kitchen to see Master drinking a cup of coffee at 4 a.m. I asked wasn’t that going to keep him up, and he said probably not. He sat down on the couch and turned on the tv. I laid next to him, hoping to drift off to sleep. Instead, I had a need come over me. A need of appreciation and affection. “Something” changed in me that night. I crossed over to another part of my relationship with Master. I was so very comfortable there. 

And so I did what came very naturally to me. I knelt on the floor, and very carefully took Master’s cock out of his pants. I so very tenderly, slowly, and lovingly began to worship his cock. I gently ran my fingers over the base up to the tip and back down. I caressed it as if it was precious gold, as if I had never held, seen or tasted anything like that before. It was such a surreal stretch of time for me. It lasted at least 15 minutes. I did not raise my head the entire time. 

I simply kept my eyes on his cock, and showed him such understanding and devotion. I thought I was dreaming thru the series of minutes with him, but I did not have the need to stop. I wanted to stay in that position forever. And then it ended, and I looked up at Master Thom, and he was glazed over with love for me, and he asked me if I knew what I just performed on him. I said I did not, and he said it was cock worship, and that I had justified myself to him as his submissive.

With that, we fell asleep in each other arms.

For all my fellow Doms/Subs out there, I hope you’ve already experienced what I just did with my Master. And for those who have not, I wish you the breakthrough moment in your relationship. It was simply amazing…



Doc here again... Many thanks to Ginger Squirts for as action-packed a report as one could ask for. And congrats to MasterT and Anaconda for making Ginger's night and morning one to remember. 

It was an honor hosting all three of them deep inside The Secret Room 2125: Pimps n Hoes Party on Saturday 9/2/17.