Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Flash Report! Jackson Murphy On the Pegasus Adult Theater in Raleigh, NC

Doc here with a report from the Pegasus Adult Theater and ABS in Raleigh, NC. 

First time reporter Jackson Murphy sent in this report... Nicely done, sir!

Here we go...


Hey Doc,

I wanted to send you a quick update about some great action I encountered on January 29th at Pegasus in Raleigh NC.

I was out drinking with the guys and we all split up around 10pm to head back to our respective hotels. Anyway, I was in the area, bored, horny and wanting to bust a good nut so I headed to Pegasus to see if there were any females around. I paid my entrance fee (it's $8 now btw) and walked in to not a whole lot of anything. There were a few guys in the booths and lingering so I decided to hit a booth with a gh in the hopes that a woman would show up and join me.

After a few missed attempts of the male patrons, I decided to walk around the theater area for a few and again nothing. I decided at this point I was just going to twist the ol' carrot and head home for the night when I heard a few booths over talk about how Monday is the best night and "we can try again then if you want."

The reply can from a very sweet sounding lady saying that they could wait for a while and see what happens. At this point my dick was still hanging out of my pants when I opened the door and switched rooms. A few of the gay guys said and made bj motions with their hands but I paid no attention and headed in the room.

Once in I turned on some straight porn and took off my pants and started jacking it, not long after a pair of nicely manicured fingers reached through and motioned for me. I took a peek to make sure and I saw a man and woman, as the man had his pants down and she was stroking his cock. She had huge tits and looked fantastic!

I stuck my cock through the gh and she started rubbing it then next thing I know a condom is being passed through, I hear the man say "dude take it!!" So I suite up and she started giving me the most exquisite bj I have ever had (I'm a gh first timer lol). I let her go to town then blew a huge load in my condom!!! After that I cleaned up and thanked them and also mentioned what hotel I was in in case they wanted some extra fun.

With my nut gone thanks to a beautiful lady I headed out for a good nights sleep.

Jackson Murphy


Doc here again... Many thanks to Jackson Murphy and this report!


Field Report! Professor 7x6 and the Wichita, KS Scene

Doc here with our old friend, Professor 7x6, and his take on the Wichita, KS adult theater scene.

Take it away, Prof...



If you are wondering why some of us cub reporters are on mute, it is because a lame field report on nothing is kind of hard to submit for publication next to some of the awesome reports that have been put up lately.  It will take something like Miley Cyrus and Beyonce pulling a train to compete with the awesome ladies that make your blog.

But, for the sake of completeness, we all need to know where to avoid.   The Professor made the rounds in Wichita, Kansas last Friday night and had high hopes of a nice Latina encounter of the poontang kind.  I timed my trip to catch after work and evening crowds and made the rounds between Vegas Video and The Circle Cinema.  I had pinned my hopes on Vegas because of known police activity at the Circle.

Vegas Video is spacious and has two theaters and a cavernous arcade area.  The boys were doing their trolling in the arcade, it was something like a catacomb, the deeper you get into it, the darker, and the more trolls. 

The price was cheap enough at 7 bucks, but still the trolls haunted the arcade instead of the theater.  The theaters are both sizable, especially the "straight" one, with probably a 16 foot screen and a dozen rows of seats.  However, it stank of stale piss, which seemed unusual with no carpet and being so large.  Maximum population for the evening was two, counting myself and Gollum.

The Circle Cinema has one thing going for it; it is a really cool old theater.  It looks like a planetarium inside with the circular seating.  It had from 3 to 6 Middle Earthers in it throughout the evening.  It is only 8 bucks, and sadly, the Professor got the senior rate of 4 bucks for being over 55.  And he didn't even ask.  The clerk was plenty pleasant, but the specter of law enforcement is a real buzz kill.  The highlight was a couple of ladies who went into the arcade and a scary tall one flashed me her A-cups from her tube top.  Prof loves his bitty titties.  And why can't tube tops come back?

The takeaway:  Do not make Wichita or Joplin, MO a destination stop.  We apparently have zero real crime and the Minister of Vice and Virtue are watching.  I mention Joplin because our douchebag police actually set up a 1960's type dragnet sting by placing ads on Craig's list and arresting Johns.  They have been entrapping the working girls for a few months, and now they are living out their wet dream by pretending to be hookers.  Fucking amazing ...

Doc, this isn't even a good space filler.  I feel like Sarah Palin wasting viewer's time on Fox News for 15 bucks a word.  But here it is, anyway, no refunds will be granted. 

I will be making a drive-by of the Kansas City scene next week.  No news will mean no report.



Doc here again... Thanks again to Professor 7x6 and his take on what is a limping along scene in Wichita.  The Circle Cinema looks very cool, but if the scene is lame there, how cool can it be?