Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Flash Report: Jon @ Fantasy World in Las Vegas on 1/6/11

Doc here with another first time contributor to The Journal, Jon.  Jon was out in Vegas this past week and was kind enough to share this Flash Report with us.  Fantasy World is located on Boulder Highway, heading out on the road to the middle of the desert. This place is no frills, but the 3 times I have been there have seen couples action twice.  And it looks like Jon stumbled into some as well.

But don't take my word for it...Here is Jon's report:

Hi Doc,

After finding empty theaters at Deja Vu and Adult Superstore on Tropicana, I went to Adult Emporium on Boulder Highway on Thursday 1/6.

The theater is 2 rooms, 1 straight, 1 gay, each just with plastic garden seats in an empty black room. Most of the chairs are lined up on the back wall. It's a weird setup. There were about 12 guys sitting around the place, about half of them with their cocks out, playing with themselves.

There was 1 couple when I went inside, sitting next to each other at the back. They were an older couple, around 50, looked like Vegas old-timers. She had dyed blonde hair, tight sweat pants on & semi-attractive. He looked like a biker & had his hands in his jeans stroking.

She beckoned the closest guy over to her & started jerking his cock. Her husband had his hands in her pants & the guy shot his load within 2 mins. One by one, she sucked or jerked about 5 guys in the next 30 mins, each one cumming all over her face & chest.

Another couple came in for 2 minutes. They sat down, were surrounded by at least 8 guys & left pretty quickly.
Doc here again... Nicely done, Jon!  It's been forever since we had a decent Vegas report, and now we can't say that anymore.  Thank you sir!

Were you out in Vegas during CES or AEE this past week?  Have a report you'd like to submit?  Just e-mail The Good Doctor at It's easy... Just ask Jon!