Monday, January 30, 2017

Flash Report! Hugh Mungus Circles the Wagons at Personal Preference in Mesa, AZ

Doc here, a man who some say was once affectionately known as "Neptune's Trident" to the bocce community.  

Good readers of The Journal, you are in for a wonderful Monday treat!  Hugh Mungus returns with his second report, and it's another doozy of great intel, funny narrative, and some creative boning all in one serving size. 

In this report, Hugh Mungus returns to Personal Preference in Mesa, AZ.  As a veteran of many conflicts within the foxhole at PP, he has some solid insight into this adult theater/abs that should not be missed. 

Take it away, Hugh Mungus!


The cactus outside Personal Preference (PP) was more twisted than the belief Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump actually care about us. I sat in a bug-baked jalopy, gazing through the greasy windshield at the neon porn theater sign. Inside the licentious locale, a pocketful of spent condoms, and six minutes of sweat on the hardwood floor, were the sole reminders I'd even been there.

Although the Moon wasn't quite full, it was brighter than bleached teeth, and illuminated the desert around me. A mile to my right, the scant lights of this burg just stopped. They didn't flicker out; they simply ended where asphalt ceased, and gritty desolation began.

I was on the fringes of nowhere. In a macrocosmic sense, I reminded myself, every human on Earth is on the outer reaches of nothing, as we hurtle through space, far-removed from the more populated portions of this galaxy.