Sunday, September 4, 2016

Couple’s Flash Report! 2hotinvegas Visits the Only Co-Ed Bathhouse in the US (with PICS!)

Doc here, a man who some say holds an orange belt in meatballs, with a brand new Couple's Flash Report from  2hotinvegas.

In this report they hit the only co-ed bath house in the US - Steve's Bathouse in Reno, NV.  In this report filled with twists and turns, you'll get an inside look at what is going on at Steve's. 

So kids, fasten your seatbelts. Please welcome back 2hotinvegas!


Hey Doc, this is definitely a different twist on things, but we’re sure your fans will find it interesting…….we hope.

We live and party in Las Vegas, but travel in our motor home throughout the country, and when circumstances permit, we like to visit new venues for this “thing of ours.” Recently, we traveled to the Reno area for a week in and around beautiful Lake Tahoe, one of the prettiest places in the US. It sits astride California and Nevada, surrounded by snow-capped mountains with world-class ski resorts such as Heavenly and Squaw Valley, site of the 1960 Winter Olympics. Nearby is Virginia City, the famous gold and silver mining town, often referred to in the TV series, “Bonanza”.

Wifey Getting Ready...
But enough of the great scenery and outdoor activities because it’s time for indoor sports. We researched the adult activities in Reno and decided to visit two places. First, on Friday evening, we went to Poker-Knights (, a local swing club. We won’t bore you with all the details, but suffice it to say that it’s a really nice facility and we hooked up and played with another hot couple that night.

Now, the male half of this couple is Bi and has visited a number of bathhouses around the country as a single and always had lots of fun, very similar to the kind of fun found at the traditional ABS/adult theater. However, the local Reno bathhouse, called Steve’s Bathhouse (, has been operating since 1962 and is the only bathhouse for hundreds of miles around. Steve’s recently initiated “Coed Sunday”, wherein women are allowed in from 12 noon Sunday to 6 am Monday. 

Now, wifey really loves to play with Bi guys and loves to watch the guys play with each other, and has always been curious about what goes on in a bathhouse. In my experience, only about half the guys who go to a bathhouse are gay, while the rest are Bi, with maybe half the Bi guys being married and going, of course, without their wives (or their wives even knowing). Anyway, we had heard about “Coed Sunday” at Steve’s, so we decided to go and try it out.

Steve's Bath House, Reno, NV
We arrived at Steve’s at about 2 PM Sunday afternoon. It’s a two story building in a fairly nice part of Reno, just a few blocks west of downtown. We checked in at the door, paid the very reasonable fee for a locker and went inside. Wifey was a little nervous, as she didn’t know what to expect — would she be accosted by a bunch of gay guys running around, or what? 
We went upstairs to the locker area, stripped naked, deposited our clothes in the locker, and with towels in hand took a walking tour of the place.  The upstairs had a number of rooms (we had opted for just a locker), glory hole booths, a sling room (sex swing), and a maze.  There were several guys walking around wearing only towels (the usual dress in a bathhouse).  

Adult Theater Room @ Steve's
We headed downstairs where we found a nice group shower, restroom, steam room, sauna, and TV area with refreshments.  Again, there were several guys walking around this area as well.  Most of the guys hardly seemed surprised to see a naked woman and they were very friendly and nice to us.  At the rear of the first floor, steps led down to a door which opened to a nice private patio area where several guys were sunbathing nude.  

Back inside and around the corner, we discovered the adult movie room.  It was setup differently than most, in that it had several flat screen TVs mounted up high on the walls so one could view them from almost any location in the room.  The room had bench seating with railings around each of the several areas..  There were maybe six guys in the theater, so we took a seat and starting playing.  Immediately, several of the guys walked over to the railing where we were sitting, all stroking their hard cocks.  

The railing sort of served as a glory hole, as you could hold onto it while sucking.  Wifey and I grabbed the first cock and started sucking him as the others looked on.  The guys in the room were most appreciative of our show and they ignored the video and were concentrated on watching us while stroking.  We sucked several cocks and then wifey and I did one of our favorite things — we both sucked the same cock simultaneously, with our mouths on either side of this gorgeous big cock, sliding it up and down between our two mouths.  The poor guy was in hog heaven and he couldn’t hold it any longer and shot a huge load into our waiting mouths.  We lapped up every drop from his quivering cock, then wifey and I kissed with the cum dripping down our chins.

After that, we decided to go outside so wifey could grab a smoke.  There were two other guys outside on the patio sunbathing nude.  Wifey stretched out on a chaise lounge totally nude and I sat in a chair beside her.  One of the guys approached us and introduced himself and seemed to be very friendly and nice.  

Patio Fun @ Steve's
He asked me if it was OK to touch wifey and I said, ask her not me LoL.  He did and wifey responded sure, go ahead.  He knelt down and began to give her head between her legs.  I walked over to wifey and she sucked my cock while getting head from the other guy.  This got wifey going and she soon writhed in pleasure as she reached several orgasms and got very wet.  

The other guy who was sunbathing nude was stroking his huge cock and watching us with a smile.  I motioned to wifey to take a look at his huge cock and she smiled wishing he would let her suck it, but he didn’t, so we concluded that perhaps he was pure gay and not into Bi play.

We decided to go back inside to the theater, where it seemed the majority of guys were hanging out. This time wifey got down on all fours on one of the benches and I starting fucking her doggie style in front of 5 or 6 other guys. Again, this brought them all next to us with their hard cocks stroking and hoping for a turn. I was so turned on by the whole scene — in a bathhouse with wifey and guys all around watching, that I blew my load into wifey’s pussy. We then got up and went into the shower to get cleaned up where we were joined by a couple of other guys, all naked taking a group shower with us — pretty cool!

Although we could have stayed longer, we decided to head back to the RV park and call it a day. We had hoped to see other couples at Steve’s, but we were the only couple there that Sunday afternoon. We understand that more couples show up in the evening, so next time, we’ll try that out. All in all, we found Steve’s to be a really nice, clean facility with great play spaces and the guys were very respectful of wifey. We never once felt out of place. Aside from being a bathhouse, Steve’s was really no different from the type of play facility at 15th Ave in Chicago or Fantasyland in Tampa, except of course, Steve’s has showers, a steam room, and a sauna (ed. note: 15th Ave. has showers and a steam room). The guys we found there were very nice and also typical of the kind of guys you would find at any ABS Adult Theater and maybe even a little nicer.

Well, that’s it Doc, for our tale of our adventure with a twist. We can’t wait to go back to Steve’s for another visit real soon!



Doc here again... Many thanks once again to 2hotinvegas for another great report!  Keep them coming!