Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Field Report! Erotic Zone Review #2 from Slimer

Doc here with a information and clever counter-point review of Erotic Zone in Hartford from Slimer.

Take it away, swabby.


Greetings Doc,

All due respect to the Captain, my experience with Erotic Zone has been more positive.  

While the new 'theaters' are very small they are no less private than the sectioned off areas at Berlin News.  There is plenty of room behind and in front of the couches, allowing for some fun positions, and I've had some hot scenes there involving 5-6 people without it getting too crowded.  If you're looking for more privacy, the last booth on the right when you walk in is a large 'buddy' booth with plenty of room for three, maybe four.  As far as in/out privileges, you can pay $15 for a pass that lets you cum and go as often as you like.   

I have to admit that couples activity seems a bit sparser.  It's true that the Art Cinema is probably the most couples friendly haunt in the area.  But, for gentlemen like myself for whom the presence of a woman is more of an exciting bonus than a prerequisite, Erotic Zone provides a little more bang for my buck.  If that gets me locked in the brig for mutineering, then I accept my fate.  

Wishing you all the rum, sodomy and the lash that your hearts desire,


Doc here again... Many thanks to Slimer for the counter-point review.  Well done sir, and we look forward to more reports from the brig, next to the steerage, near the small sailors culinary institute.